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Discussion in 'Bickering' started by Unbeknown, Aug 18, 2021.

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  1. ghulam-e-raza

    ghulam-e-raza Well-Known Member

    You're right, people do need to understand that and not bring personal hatred into these things, but since when have Taajush Shari'ah and Muhaddith e Kabeer done this? If you're talking about other individuals then feel free to correct me.

    Well brother, what can I say....remember the thread/incident with AbdulMujtaba and the sheyr he posted? People were queuing up in telling him off for placing the "bait", but now is it okay for you to do it?

    Ok, in sha Allah, I am working on your request, but it is very hard for me to give a certain timeframe, especially at this stage. I have written my email address here so you are free to continuously ask me for updates. If you so wish, I can also provide you with Muhaddith e Kabeer's phone number if you want or require instant answers.

    I hope this resolves this saga for now and that we won't be seeing another thread in 24 hours with more bait.

  2. AashiqueeRasool

    AashiqueeRasool New Member

    I did not consider callings someone a Muballigh as an insult. You did. So then clearly calling someone without a title and respect is much worse and to use Movi is even worse and 'insulting'.

    Keep digging the hole deeper, sir. You are doing a grand job.

    This will be final post on this forum which has made a mockery of itself under the leadership of Abu Hasan.

    Nothing more needs to be said.

    Allah Hafiz.
  3. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    actually it was the sly comments on the non-DI Usayd ul Haq that started it all.

    just so you know, just because i worded my post softly, it doesn't mean it's an apology. so don't flatter yourself please.

    all i'm saying is that i behaved that way to show the disrespect of some people towards ulama they're not associated with and their double standards when it comes to the ulama they are associated with. btw, i insulted no shaykh.

    you strangely remind me of another friend i had on here.

    other than that, you win. peace.
  4. AashiqueeRasool

    AashiqueeRasool New Member

    Anybody with a bit of aql can tell that you were deliberately creating mischief, unless their name is Abu Hasan. Who in all honesty, was excited someone was directly or indirectly insulting Ulama. Two rights dont make a wrong. I think your excuses are lame, you have no arguments and no stance.

    If you are as confident regarding your feelings with Ameer DawateIslami, then rather creating mischief lets do something productive. Lets arrange a meeting in Dubai where Maulana Ilyas sahib lives with Huzoor Taajush Shariah or Huzoor Muhaddith e Kabeer? I guess this is impossible for keyboard warriors like yourself.

    Attariport or as a brother said Yasinport has definitely proved it is a platform which deletes threads on people like Faiz Rasool who is a pro minhaji and deo sympathiser buy encourages blatant insults to Huzoor Taajush Shariah and Huzoor Muhaddith e Kabeer.

    What any intelligent can tell through discussions. At least the criticism against Maulana Ilyas has had basis and substance whereas attacks on Huzoor Taajush Shariah or Huzoor Muhaddith e Kabeer hav been filled with nothing but your hate and Abu Hasans filth within.

    I could answered your points even provided evidence but I seriously do not think it is best use of time and nor do I feel you or Abu Hasan hav any intention of listening 'objectively'. And to be honest, Maulana Ilyas needs people to defend him and make excuses for him but Huzoor Taajush Shariah and Huzoor Muhaddith e Kabeer are those men who need no one to defend them, they are wali e Kamil. Shaykhayn of this era.

    Al-Hamdu Li-Allah, by the grace if Allah, you can contact these two great Shaykhayn and request clarification on any matter but question is, can the same be said for Maulana Ilyas. It is a fact most people cannot speak to him directly or ask a question to him directly. For your information, I have personally tried on numerous occasions, including by sending question for his purpose.

    Your above message validifies why I call you a mischief maker why I say, if you dont repent you will be destroyed in both worlds and why my heart curses a man who disrespects Allahs walis. Anyone Allah wages war against someone is worthy of curse.

    Allah Hafiz.
  5. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    in response to brother Noori's post on the other thread, i would like to finish this story by the following:

    * - nothing is personal, and neither should it be. one dear brother emailed me and said "I am very sorry if I hurt you personally. Wasn't my niyyat". there is nothing that hurt me personally and i too had no intentions to hurt anyone personally.

    * - i am not the admin or site owner and this is not my place, but i was rather shocked by the recent delinquent comments and double standards (maybe unknowingly) by some of the other brothers regarding other scholars of the Ahlus Sunnah whom they are not associated with. specifically - insinuations lacking any evidence at all that the martyred Usayd ul Haq was a sulah kulli or sulah kulli leaning, subtly hinting and then brushing it off with 'let it go' type of comments (why hint it if you want to let it fly?), language like "Muballigh Ilyas Qadri" and other insulting things said towards him, etc.

    * - people need to understand the difference between constructive criticism of any Sunni person or group (and this can and should be done for our betterment) and arrogance and/or vitriol and/or intra-Sunni politics

    * - yes i very deliberately started that Irfan o Maslak thread to get a reaction, and as expected, some people took the bait. i admit this completely. the language and the respectful titles used were very deliberate so that some members could see that it may be fun to dish it out but not so when you're on the other side. if you consider Yaseen Akhtar as a Sunni, why say things like "may Allah raise you with him" in a negative tone. if he is a Sunni, indeed may Allah raise me and you with him. if he is not, or if he is a fasiq, then show the others how so. (just as the qawwali thread was started and i was addressed, a reaction was sought on the basis of which other comments could have been made.)

    * - as Ghulam-e-Raza offered, i would like to publicly ask him (rather than by private email) to please get the answers from scholars on how Mawlana Yaseen Akhtar or his cited book are not Sunni or hurt Sunniyat. as brother Noori mentioned, please also advise the approximate time frame in which a reply can be sought.

    * - i can point out to the examples of double standards (perhaps unintentional) that were displayed BEFORE i started that Irfan-o-Maslak thread that led me to start it, but the aim is not to fight personally or run a court case, and bring out multiple quotes from multiple threads and state what was posted when and why. besides, it is sufficient that hopefully now we're all back posting on the same level playing field with a lot, if not all of the members, knowing that they cannot (knowingly or unknowingly) take everyone for a ride.

    * - people can think whatever they want and internet nicknames vindicating themselves doesn't mean much, nor do i care what anyone thinks of me, but i respect and support all Sunni shuyukh and organizations (despite specific issues on specific matters or furoo3i differences of opinions) for the benefit of Sunniyat. Sunniyat is a garden and a garden doesn't have flowers of just one color or type. all flowers of all colors are needed to make it pretty.

    i request that after Ghulam-e-Raza advises the estimated time to get a response, this thread be locked as well.


    any deobandi or tafdili or tahiri zindiq or sulah kulli reading this: i can fight with my brother, but against my cousin, i will join hands with my brother. i can fight with my cousin, but i will join hands with him against a guy from another family. i can fight with a guy from another family from my country, but against someone from an enemy country, i will join hands with this guy too.

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