attacking Imam Bukhari and rejecting sahih hadith

Discussion in 'Bickering' started by Abu Aleshba, Oct 1, 2011.

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    Hasnayn spits out the same nonsense that the Shia spit out against the Imam and his Sahih compilation. I remember some years ago when the Shias formally put up shop in S.A (that be through the Minhajis) some of my friends who are curious and still in university went to see what they were all about. The shia started with the same objections that the 'Shia Enquirer' spits out. I am all about patterns and I see this very clearly.
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    That tahir-riaz character has lost the plot it seems.

    I don't visit yanabi and don't like to get mangled in the idiocies of pendus, and just happened to see this thread and your links, and was genuinely disgusted by that kal ka launda, tahir riaz casting aspersions on the repute of scholars of Ahlus Sunnah, and comparing them to rushdie and their compilations to the satanic verses.

    In fact his rhetoric is no different than the anti-Islamic rhetoric of christian evangelical monkeys at jihadwatch and answeringislam and so on. I don't think he can even read those ahadith in Arabic, and he rattles his mouth off based on what he read in translations, notwithstanding the fact that his idiotic posts show a glaring unfamiliarity with BASIC 3aqaid on nubuwwah and BASIC points of seerah! He would do himself some good to read some basic 3aqaid pertaining to nubuwwah and a standard, celebrated book of the seerah.

    And he is also causing other people to tread on a dangerous and sensitive turf, regardless if they are with him or against him. It's no different than fools discussing the imkan-e-nazeer concept.

    If ever there was an 'Islamic academic' version of jerry springer, this jahil mutlaq moron would deserve to be on it! Just who does this pendu-trash think he is?!* Laa hawla wala quwwata illa billahil 3aliyyil 3azdheem.

    May Allah guide them or destroy tahir-riaz and his online & offline forum & cleanse the world of this ugly fitnah.

    I doubt if him and his masters are even genuinely innocently mistaken tafdilis. Given their associations with the padri tahir, it seems this thread runs a lot deeper into the ground!

    * I have consciously called him that with no remorse or reservations. Anyone who speaks ill of our elders deserves to be admonished much more severely.
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