Did Fatimah رضي اللہ عنھا even ask for Fadak?

Discussion in 'Hadith' started by sherkhan, Aug 27, 2020.

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    To this, I will add another point of disagreement. Did Sayyidah Fatima (radiAllahu anha) "sulk" after Sayyiduna abu Bakr's (radiAllahu anhu) verdict/clarification on fadak?

    Few speakers can be heard saying that Sayyidah was unhappy after the clarification. Mufti Tayyib Naqshbandi says that unhappiness (or not maintaining terms) is narrated only in 1 hadith and that could be the "waham" of raawi (narrator). Few scholars have refuted this notion outright saying that she gladly accepted the clarification and she had no reason to reject Sayyiduna abu Bakr's decision.


    What seems to be missing in all these conflicting opinions and recriminations is the hikmah behind Sayyidah's action/request (if any).
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    Also the mode of request needs to be addressed - directly or thru a delegate/representative?

    Request never occurred absolutely or just didn't occur in person?
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    Some people are claiming the request never even occurred.

    Is there genuine disagreement on this?

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