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    note in this video how the shaykh gets up and gives his seat to Shaykh Kurayyim (who opposed him later):

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    How bad was the situation for the Sunnis of Syria before the uprising?
    Was the uprising warranted?
    From the outside it seemed the Sunnis were not oppressed or stopped from practising.
    Syria was a destination for Sunni scholarship.
    Can anyone elaborate on the actual ground realities
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    Answering some of the slanders:

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    The Shaykh does dua against those who slandered him for ulterior motives saying they helped in misguiding people to their own destruction:

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    Concerning the Syrian events that took place since the beginning of 2011:
    Sheikh Al-Bouti -may Allah bless his soul- embraced the same stand he had during the events of Algeria, which lead to putting an end to these events at that time-. His explicit, clear and straightforward attitude towards the events distinguished him from the rest, an attitude that keptfar away from the method of incitement, and close to stopping any cause of bloodshed, all under the light of Shari’a evidence. He directed his exhortation towards both sides, which gave his enemies a chance to get at him by trying their best to stain his image, but Allah , Glorified and Exalted be He, granted him the proper status when he chose him a martyr in the evening of (Thursday 21/March/2013 AD - 10/Jumada Al-Awwal/1434 AH) with a passing craved for by every rational Muslim, in a gathering described by the Prophet -may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him-: “persons who assemble in thehouseamong thehouses of Allah (mosques) and recite thebookof Allah and they learn and teach the Qur'an (among themselves), there would descend upon them the tranquility, mercy would cover them, theangelswould surround them and Allah makes a mention of them in the presence of those near Him.” He was giving his lesson in Tafsir (Qur’an Exegesis) in the mihrab (prayer niche) of Al-Iman Mosque in Damascus with nearly fifty students of Islamic Shari’a -May Allah mercy their souls-. He earned the title ‘Shaheed Al-Mihrab (Martyr of the Mihrab)’ following the steps of the noble companion (of the Prophet –may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him-) Umar Ibn Al-Khattab -may Allah be pleased with him- and was buried next to Sultan Salah Al-deen Al-Ayoubi (Saladin).
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    Kaydani was responding to your earlier post where you wrote:

    Dr Booti has passed on and Allah is the Best of judges for his and our affairs. strangely enough i was neverprimarily against him for alleged pro-regime stances.

    they abetted my dislike for him, but the initial reason was some points of aqeeda and the ways of Sunnis that i personally don't see any use in discussing now.

    furthermore, i think the attack in which he lost his life was a carefully planned assassination by one of the sides, the regime or the rebels.
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    Members of the Bilderberg are a part of the opposition:

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    As for Joshua Landis, in this interview he doesn't consider the banishment of 800,000 Palestinians as ethnic cleansing:

    I am not surprised if people who think the invasion of Iraq benefited the people of Iraq will warm up to Joshua. Who knows, maybe even Bernard Levy?

    Sheikh Yaqoubi slandered Dr Booti in the worst way even after his death:

    http://m.youtube.com/?reload=7&rdm=1mlv9l58s#/watch?v=EQO7a2q252M Listen at 3 minutes 40 seconds.

    As for whether this is personal or based upon real views? Saeed Foudah has something to say about that:

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    Why did they lie about Dr Booti?

    . ونذكر العلامة الفقيد بكل الخير والثناء والإجلال، وسيبقى علما من أعلام الإسلام. ونحن رغم خلافنا معه في قضية الخروج وتأييد النظام ورغم ردنا عليه مرارا لم نكن نحمل له إلا الحب والإجلال.

    On BBC he condemned the sheikh after his death saying he done the most damage to Sunni Islam.

    @ Abu Aleshba: please answer this one question, why was the uprising justified in the first place? Is it because of oppression or because Bashar is a disbeliever? Which one?

    Shaykh Yaqoubi says he did not call for an uprising because of the regime being Alawite here from 25 minutes onwards:


    So which view do you go by? Whether it was against oppression or because Bashar is a disbeliever?

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    For exposition on cults see this thread:

    I will tackle particular cult frauds there. The only reason it was brought into this discussion is because Muhammad Yaqoubi wrote this about Dr Booti:


    Yaqoubi wrote:

    Yaqoubi said after the martyrdom of Booti that the latter was mujadid. Weeks later he told the BBC that Booti did the worse damage to Sunni Islam. He wrote:
    إنها خسارة كبيرة للمسلمين بفقد هذا العلامة الجليل الذي كان مجددا في الفكر والعقيدة عالما ربانيا دافع عن الإسلام ونصر مذهب أهل السنة عقودا طوالا على منابر دمشق وفي كلية الشريعة.

    My position has been the same and not associated with the cult war:

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    My position hasn't changed on the Syria issue and I doubt many others have changed their view.

    Anyway it's not a problem what one's position is as long as it's held sincerely. It would be problematic if people were seeking to score points or settle scores against someone or a group and using the Syrian crisis for their purpose. There has been some suspicion that this may be a possibility. Previous comments as well as the following only reinforce those suspicions.

    Allah Almighty Knows best.
  18. Abu Aleshba

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    Is there a source for saying he is a jew? I've not come across anything saying so after a brief search or on his blog. Previously another user (I believe Kattarsunni) made the same claim and I briefly searched at that time too. Is it an assumption simply going by his name?

    Anyway, Landis is regarded as and is frequently accused of tilting towards the regime. His choice of posts on his blog are said to reflect this. He is married to an Alawite who has relatives (of rank) in the Assad military. He also has his children to consider.

    Also he has been making the case to the Obama administration against intervention.

    By the way the article was not by Landis but posted on Syria Comment by Landis.
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    off topic, a lot of people say saddam hussein too, despite being a dictator, did a lot to protect the shrines of the Ahlul Bayt and Awliyaa and gave Sunnis total freedom to practice their ways, and even an upper hand over the shias, and even managed them pretty well.

    i dunno, maybe these dictators had identified some formula to hold on to power and it involved keeping Sunnis happy. nonetheless, the current anarchy is far worse. i was never pro-"liberation" for iraq altho i've heard confusing narratives and had confusing opinions regarding syria. many Sunni syrians i know, are themselves re-thinking and re-analyzing many of their stances on the revolution.
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