Mufti Monawwar with Shaykh Swadago

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    Islamic theology society lol
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    the ijazah given to HY. see attachment.

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  4. Brother Barry

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    you mentioned it was on the site for a long time, dose that mean its been removed now?... The problem in a situation such as that is that without the evidence words remain as conjecture.
  5. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    I think it's February 11 2014

    We're yet to see November 2014.
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  6. Sacred

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    And yet our scholars sith with them and it is deemed fine? why do we continue to be blind to what is happening?

    [​IMG] (This event was being promoted by Minhajis also)

    Is this not sulla kulliyat?
    This is my final picture taken from Jamia al karam

    I could go on and on....
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    You guys in the UK have a lots of Masajid, `Ulama, Muftis, public speakers, Pirs and institutions, but still you are in a BIG mess. And tbh I dont see any easy way for sorting the mess.
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    This picture was taken in Nov 2014

    When we say associated we mean he is always seen sharing platforms with them on events such as the gateway or taking pictures with themin Jamia al Karam when they visit and then posting them on his facebook for the world to see

    He clearly does not see anything wrong with Ninnowy

    There is no excuse of him accidentally sharing a platform with them...

    1) gateway is advanced months in advance
    2) gateway is a jamia al karam event
    3) he is posting the photos himself looking very happy with them

    then this is an example of an event when our scholar sits with them


    To me this does not make sense?

    Pirzada saab does not mind Abdul Hakim Murad or Ninnowy
    this was june 23rd 2014

    Can someone explain this situation of how we can we sit with such people?
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  9. Aqdas

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    how is he associated?
  10. Sacred

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    This is precisily what i was saying in the previous threads before this

    Surely we should just stop working with all dodgy characters all together and stick with those who are on the truth

    on one thread we are anhiliating a sell out sunni for sitting with the likes of Ninnowy
    then a few weeks later our scholars are sharing platforms with the sell outs
    to me that just done make sense and that is why the sulla kullis accuse us of intentionally picking and choosing who we want to start on and allowing others to survive..

    The example katarsunni gave

    Why does Asrar, Yaseen, Ijaz and others associate with Asim who is associated with Abdul Hakim and Ninowy?

    If A is clearly a sulla kulli
    can Ulamah on the Haq share platforms with them?

    for example nowadays lots of scholars do events with Asim and the reason is simple... so their events can get packed. Never do they speak against him nor do they ever show any hatred towards what he is doing (neither do the group around the scholar)
    Wheras they may be other sell outs who we totally speak against and reprimand

    Why is this? Can any of us answer this?

    Surely Haq would tell us to place Asim on the top of the list of people to get spoken against as he is considered one of the most popular speakers in the lands

    Sometimes to me it feels like their are other motives behind things
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  11. Brother Barry

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    is that still on his website ?
  12. Haqbahu

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    There was a ijazah given to HY by Shaykh Yaqubi of Aqeedah Tahawiyyah which was on his website ( for a long period. In this he praised him with these words.
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  13. Brother Barry

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    is there any links to video or audio of shaykh yaqoubi calling mark hanson a wali & general of imam mehdi Alayhim Salaam.

    I've seen this mentioned on a post or 2 on this forum but no actual link to a video... could someone shed some light on this please as someone who is unaware has asked for the proof so they can keep away I guess and inform others.
  14. Harris786

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    "we are not allowed to work with other sects, but we find that on several occasions in the past Sunni ulema have done as such. How do we reconcile?

    1. Mustafa Rida Khan giving a fatwa to sunni muslims to work with ahl e hadith, deos and shia to preserve the rights of muslims (fatawa mustafawiya)

    2. how do we explain the fatwa signed by Mustafa Rida Khan, Na'im Al-Din Muradabadi and Mufti Amjad Ali telling muslims to vote for All Muslim League Party - a party whose founder was a shia, its constitution was written by thanvis nephew shabir usmani
    and it included people like sir sayyid

    and other deobandis like mawlana jawhar

    3. how do we explain shah ahmad nurani saab working with deobandis in tahhafuz e khatm e nabuwwat

    the deo he worked with was yusuf ludianvi

    and shias also worked in this group

    4. mufti waqar al-din sitting for years with deobandis as part of the ruyat hilal commitee which was headed by imdad ullah thanvi?
    im saying - for a greater good (maslahah) scholars can and have worked with non-sunnis - and this is perfectly allowed in the Sharia.
    most of the above are Ala Hazrat khalifas

    The ulema say, working with non Sunnis is not allowed; this applies to gatherings in which love with each other etc is promoted - ala hazrats fatwa on mawaalaat refers to this. His fatwa was written about kuffaar and other sects.
    As for external factors, such as daroora and maslahah, a mufti can deem it permissible to work with non Sunnis in a given situation. Such as Sayyiduna Musafa Rida Khan permitting attending the conference with Shia, deos etc for the purpose of protecting the rights of Mislims in India.

    And as was the case of Huzur Mufti e Azam Waqar Al Din participating in the hilal committee which was headed by the deobandi Imdadullah thanvi.
    • And you find Mufti e Azam Mufti Abdul Qayyum Hazarvi Rahimahullah praising deobandi Taliban in his dars on sahih Bukhari. Again, he was a rizwi in Tariqa -for the maslahah he saw, he praised them. Allah have mercy on him."

      came across this could anybody shed some light towards it.... in sha Allah.
  15. Harris786

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    cD Munawar Ateeq al Ridawi will not clear his stance for everyone who thinks he will your living in kuKu land he is happier hand in hand with everyone - as the video of Sayyidi uniting Sunnis with Shias what are all the ulema waiting for ? If Tahir Jhangvi made such statements there would be piles of Fatawa written and published

    They should condemn it openly if they have a problem !
  16. Unbeknown

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    Let the following incident be the standard:

    Sometime after the independence the then government of India was about to enact certain laws which threatened the religious freedom of the Muslim community especially the Muslim Personal Law. The atmosphere was tense and it was felt that only concerted efforts on part of the entire community would force the government to change its stand. It was agreed that Rais-ul-Qalam Allamah Arshad would represent the ahlusunnah at the protest conference which was expected to be attended by hundreds of muslims including politicians and, of-course, maulvis from all sects. Allamah sahib agreed to share the stage with the deviants on the following terms:

    1. When I arrive, whosoever is at the microphone will have to leave it and allow me to speak.
    2. I will not wait to listen to any speaker. I will say what I wish to and immediately leave the venue.

    And on the day of the conference he did just that. But before speaking on the topic of the conference, pointing to the deobandis and najids seated behind him on the podium, he said:

    "These people sitting in the rear, we have had and still have serious disagreements with them on issues pertaining to our deen. Let not people think that we have made peace with them. I have come here today just because we have to make a common adversary agree to our terms."

    He came, he spoke, he left.

    Ulema need to distinguish between platforms that are merely a fad and hot-air-releasing parties and those where the absence of sunni representation is just not an option. Attend all platforms indiscriminately is counter intuitive and ineffective. One such organization in India, without naming names to avoid arousing sentiments, is a mix up of reps from all sects and claims to owe its existence to the need for joint action in the face of common threats. Yet, this organization is unregistered and does not carry any weight with the government. So how effective is that and then what purpose doe it serve other than confuse the people?

    When it became clear to the sunni ulema in the state of Maharashtra that the Ru'yat-e-Hilal Committee in Mumbai has been overrun by the members of wayward sects the sunnis on the board resigned and formed their own regional committees which have now, bi Hamdillah, become forces to reckon with and the sunni awam turns only to these committees for issues dealing with moon sighting. Although, at the time many had questioned the decision to resign from the board of a powerful central committee.


    If she praised their religious views or what are known as the shi'ar then the ruling on her is clear and it is incumbent upon every sunni, nay every muslim who knows this, to try his utmost to, at the very least, keep clear of her.

    Allah('azzawajal) knows best the intentions and circumstances of His slaves.
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  17. Unbeknown

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    sidi abu Hasan said:

    sitting with deviants or meeting someone or being photographed is nothing. also, we live in a different age. we have a number of constraints in our time; and as long as we make our stance clear - meeting or sitting with deviants or fussaq upon necessity does not make one a wahabi or a sulH kulli. even if one meets them without a valid sharayi need, out of common courtesy or peer pressure or relationships, the maximum extent of such an action is that it is Haram, as long as the person genuinely dislikes the heresy and acknowledges that it is heresy. thus, if you see asrar rashid sitting with a deviant or ijaz shami posing for a photo or mawlana qamruz zaman in conference with warsi/cameron, as long as they make it clear that their stand concerning sunni aqidah and their unequivocal opposition to heresy/zandaqah, they will remain sunnis.

    this is very dangerous unless the following points are borne in mind too!!

    but this does not mean, they can go to any conference and sit with whoever they like. the awam observes scholars and deems their actions to be evidence for their own acts.

    ulama should shoulder their responsibility. they should have the courage to state their beliefs in public. they should have the courage to distance themselves for a principle. isn't it shameful that disbelievers and atheists show such conviction in their beliefs, and those who are supposed to be heirs of prophets are scared to clarify their stand?
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  18. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    i hope and wish brother.

    as of now, i'm just a nobody no-name non-scholar non-student-of-knowledge arm-chair... 'critic' as abu hasan says.
  19. Wadood

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    Excellent post. Brother AbdalQadir ma sha Allah. Why don't you study the sciences and help the Sunni Awaam. A genuine scholar like you will be like an approaching iceberg for the Sunni Muslims of india

    please study Deeni sciences and become a scholar in your spare time.

    We in North America have a lot of spare time on our hands that just passes by.
  20. Unbeknown

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    a very important lesson which we have learned on this forum the hard way: in this day and age scholars should not promote or praise other scholars except with extreme caution unless they know them inside out.

    Two incidents I've heard:

    Once alaHazrat was sitting in the courtyard of his house with his father and the erudite scholar Mawlana Taj ul Fuhul (not sure if the title is correct) when a person approached them and requested Mawlana Naqi 'Ali' to permit him to deliver a speech in the local jama-masjid. Mawlana inquired a few things from him and gave him the permission. When he left alaHazrat ('alayhirrahmah) said that he had a feeling of unease about the fellow's creed. So he requested his father to call the person back and ask him a few more questions. Mawlana complied and the person was called back and when some questions relating to sunni creed were put to him it became apparent that the fellow was a deviant. Immediately, he was sent away and the two elders thanked alaHazrat for having prevented what could have become a major fitna.\

    On another occasion an arab came to a gathering where alaHazrat was also present. Now, it was customary for alaHazrat to stand up out of adab for arabs but this time, he said, he felt his heart burdened and his intuition was calling him to not stand up for the new comer, yet, feeling that it was a mischief of his nafs to prevent him from respecting an arab and incite kibr in his heart, he forced himself to stand up. After some conversation it became clear that the man was a staunch najdi. Sayyidi was furious and asked him to leave the gathering without further ado.
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