Mulana Haroon Sultan challenge Muftis to debate

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Surati, Jan 30, 2021.

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  1. Abdullah Ahmed

    Abdullah Ahmed Well-Known Member

    Not that its a serious point, but excipients ARE ingredients. Excipients are the inactive/nonmedicinal ingredients of a drug/vaccine which are only added as carriers or for stability/bulking. In contrast, the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient or API is that portion which has the actual pharmacological effect on the body.
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  2. SaadSohail

    SaadSohail Well-Known Member

    "if there is certainty that it will give benefit, not zann nor shak, and there is no certainty in the vaccines giving benefit."

    So bring every drug that you could find on the planet. And run trials on it. Every little drug you could find. It is MY CHALLENGE TO YOU.
    NO DRUG is associated with 100% POSITIVE RESULTS in ANY GIVEN SAMPLE.

    1) Don't USE INHALER when you have asthma just because .999% population DOES NOT respond to it. So the next time you find some one gasping for air during spring season (pollen allergy). Just stand there and DO NOT offer him any inhaler. *
    *Despite knowing this, that in majority of cases it has been SEEN that people do recover with it.
    And go into STATUS ASTHAMATICUS WITHOUT IT (a medical emergency).

    2) DON'T GIVE CLOT BUSTERS when somebody is having a heart attack. After all, NOT all people having a heart Attack have a positive response.
    *Despite knowing that the blockage in CORONARY ARTERIES does DISSOLVE with Clot busters and emergency management is associated with recovery in a significant number of cases.
    And those UNTREATED go on to develop:
    Dangerous Arrhythmias (irregular Heart beat such as ventricular fibrillation>>where the heart just flutters without pumping any blood leading to decreased oxygenation of vital organs such as the brain tissue (Decreased oxygenation is linked with ENHANCED necrosis (cellular death observed by destruction of neuronal cellular membrances (Neuronal= related to brain) and ultimately death.

    I could go on and on. But that would be besides the point.

    If it is said: You have just committed a false analogy fallacy. The analogy being X treatment being compared to VACCINATION.
    It will be said to him: That is a Red-herring. I just had to prove that there is NO CERTAINTY in the sense of what you are asking for with regards to any treatment MODALITY. And this includes any treatment or drug inclusive of vaccines.

    If it is said: You have just admitted there is no certainty therefore my point stands.
    It will be said to him: Just because there is NO 100% certainty when it comes to RESULTS DOES NOT mean there is NO CERTAINTY when it comes to the fact that QUITE A VAST MAJORITY do have a positive response with it and a NEGATIVE response without it. Your denial of certainty in this sense is a DENIAL OF REALITY in what has been seen to correlate in STUDIES or EXPERIMENTATION.
    It is a side-track that diverts us from reality.

    1.) There is NO 100% certainty that breaking TRAFFIC rules WILL lead to DEATH or HARM on a HIGH WAY
    even in the "NORMATIVE SENSE.
    2.) There's is NO 100% certainty that leaving your "NAUGHTY" child out alone in the room with a heater WILL LEAD to him catching FIRE
    "even in the NORMATIVE SENSE".
    3.) There's NO 100% certainty that leaving the HORSE UNTIED will lead to him FLEEING from the OWNER
    even in the NORMATIVE SENSE.
    4.) There's NO 100% CERTAINTY that keeping your car UNLOCKED with result in it being STOLEN in A CHOR BAZAAR even in the NORMATIVE SENSE.
    5.) There's NO 100% Certainty that taking a SELFIE for ticktock standing near a PASSING BY TRAIN will result in DEATH or INJURY even in the NORMATIVE SENSE.
    6.) There's NO 100% CERTAINTY THAT your CHILD WILL poke a finger in a SOCKET even in the normative sense.
    7.) There's NO 100% certainty that you will have an accident while driving RASH breaking ALL RULES on a slippery road DURING RAIN even in the NORMATIVE SENSE.
    8.) There's NO 100% certainty that Your child will fall off the TERRACE while playing on the EDGE OF IT even in the NORMATIVE SENSE.

    Since there is no certainty even in the normative sense (despite knowing that in "some" or "majority" cases in the examples I have listed above, there is risk of harm or injury) people do normally act according to the means. I cannot help but guess that you do that as well but since we are near the end of times, I could expect anything from anyone.

    What possesses you when it comes to diseases and treatment where there is FAR GREATER certainty ranging above 90% based on experience and research, than those examples I have listed above?

    For more details on contagion read this and this.

    It is an UTTER shame that someone calls himself a MUFTI and by calling himself just that, he deludes himself that he gets to say whatever he feels like.

    A real MUFTI can never write such a thing. He would do PROPER Research. He would base his judgement on research.


    I always GET compelled to to mention IMAM AL GHAZALI (rh) when I hear something like that.

    It rings true to me on so many levels.


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  3. Sunnisoldier

    Sunnisoldier Active Member

    He claims to have studied for the longest among all those his age and says he knows that others have not studied properly.
    He says you can ask the Muftis such as Mufti Yar who were at Sultan Bahu in Bham.
  4. Surati

    Surati Well-Known Member

    Just wondering...

    The mRNA is embedded in lipid nanoparticles, surely using a solvent would be the last thing one wants as it will damage the coating and therefore damage the mRNA. And in case of AstraZeneca it will damage the vector.

    Please have a read and please look at the list of excipients (not “ingredients”, this is not a cake):

    Lipids are soluble in alcohol is Biology 101. Why would you need a solvent in this case if this will destroy the lipid itself?

    And also no medication is a 100% and every drug has potential side effects, therefore by his logic one should not be taking any medication ever.

    people are dying from covid-19, wake up.
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  5. Khanah

    Khanah Well-Known Member

    Lol. This Facebook post explains everything then. Must just be some ignoramus who read an article on hanafi fiqh once and now he thinks he's a mufti, buffoon

    With respect to his challenge to Mufti Munawwar and others- no one should even honour him with a response because lions don't debate with dogs

    Ignore the imbecile and hopefully he won't gain any traction
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  6. Hamza_

    Hamza_ “Stumbling is not falling.”

    Haroon Sultans Facebook post,

    With regards a so called fatwa declaring permissible the vaccines we say the authors should complete their research with respect the ingredients of the vaccines and also complete their studies of the religion, not everyone who takes the title of mufti is really a mufti.

    Had they completed their research they would have found that the solvent is alcohol and alcohol, however it may be, is haram according to the fatwa within the Hanafi School.

    The definition of a lipid is that what is soluble in alcohol, not soluble in water thus there is certainty that the vaccines are haram.

    Further had they completed their study of the religion then they would have understood that medicine can not be used in absolute terms for indeed what is haram can only be used for medical reasons if there is certainty that it will give benefit, not zann nor shak, and there is no certainty in the vaccines giving benefit.

    The vaccines are therefore haram and anyone who believes them halal is a kafir and their nikah is finished.

    And the uneducated pr***s will obviously notice the word "disagreement" and will turn their faces away from the raising of that disagreement and it is that in reality there is no disagreement for they who allowed what is haram as medicine allowed it in the case of certainty that it gives benefit and they who disallowed what is haram as medicine disallowed it in the case of non certainty that it gives benefit and when we have non certainty with respect the vaccines, the vaccines are therefore haram.

    #UneducatedPr***s #QuasiMuftis #DodgyVaccines
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  7. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    How can they be kafirs when there is no ijma'a on this?
  8. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

  9. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    what is the problem with the vaccine?


    who is he?
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  10. Surati

    Surati Well-Known Member

    Just wondering whether people who are telling others not to take the vaccine are scientists or doctors?
  11. Sunnisoldier

    Sunnisoldier Active Member

    Maulana Haroon Sultan has offered to debate muftis such as mufti munawwar and others scholars who say the vaccine is permissible.

    MHS says that any1 who believes the vaccine is allowed like those who have signed mufti munawwar fatwa are Kafir and must have nikah done again.

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