Murids getting into states of wajd on meeting their shaykh [video]

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    Agreed. Brother Ibn Amin, are you also a Sayfi? I am a Saifi, alhamdulillah, and a proud follower of Maslak-e-`Ala Hadrat!
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    Saifi 'ulama speaking at Muhaddith-e-A'dham conference:

    All-Pakistan Mashaykh Conference - Minhaj-ul-Quran International - where more the 300 sunni shuyukh were present, a saifi 'alim leads the prayer:

    Tahaffuz-e-Pakistan Ulama-o-Mashaykh Convention - Minhaj al-Qur'an:

    Dr. Tahir al-Qadri's speech:
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    As-salamu 'alaykum

    Many great sunni 'ulama have good relations to the shuyukh of the saifi-tariqa, and do not see anything wrong in them.
    Here is a video from 'Allama Shah Turab al-Haq Qadri who was the main speaker a great saifi-function held last year.

    In this sunni 'ulama and mashaykh conference, the saifi-shaykh is among the main guests:

    Here in the yearly ijtima at Ta'limat al-Islamiyya, the saifi-shuyukh are among the main guests, and 'Allama Riyaz Husayn shah sahib asks a saifi shaykh to make the concluding du'a.

    In this great Sunni conference 2008 saifi'ulama are sitting on the stage:
    (on a stage where ppl like Mawlana Kokab Noorani is also sitting... and other like him who do not even allow to sit in the same room where bad 'aqida ppl are sitting). (picture 6, of one of the most prominent saifi shuyukh)

    Istikham-e-Pakistan seminar in Lahore aranged by sunni-scholars. Notice how many saifi shuyukh are sitting on the stage:

    People are quick to declare saifis for some corrupt sect, but notice the facts, that 'ulama accept them and do see them as sunnis not going against shari'a. If one personally like them or not, it is another thing, but to start writing false accusations is something else.

    Allah Hafiz
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    Jazakumu Llahu khayr.
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  7. Maktabat ul Madinah of Dawate Islami
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    Advice on Wajd by our Murshid and protector, Sayid Nuri Mia Barkaati (RadiAllahu Anhu)

    Sometimes in Sima the listener goes into a state of pure joy (Wajd). These states vary according to the spiritual conditions of an individual. Sometimes the listener cries or laughs or says, “Ah” or sometimes he remains silent. Wajd is the undisturbed expressions of happiness or sadness of the heart. Tawajud is when one engages in acts that may lead to true Wajd. This is also permissible as long as the intention is sincere because all actions depend on one’s intentions.

    It is compulsory for a Salik to honour and respect the illustrious Sufis when they experience this state of happiness. This is so because this Tajalli (Glow) is not that of the Salik, but of the Master of his Silsila. There is no harm if one imitates the elders in this state. If one’s state is sincere but he does not respect and honour the Masters, then one will be stripped of this Divinely Blessed privilege. This results in spiritual loss. However, respect is of paramount importance even though the Wajd may not be true. Only Allah the Almighty is aware of the conditions of the heart. One must not judge another’s Wajd, or condemn it. Suspicion and mistrust are Haram and even more severe in the Laws of Tariqah. Always exercise a good opinion of a Muslim.

    [Siraj al-Awarif fi al-Wasaya-wa al-Ma'arif - the fourth lustre (the 38th nur)]
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    I've tried to look for it on google, but with no succes. Where can it be purched or downloaded from? And could you please add some describing words too? I find it a bit odd that you refer to the risala without even telling how you find it.
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    Well, you can just go ask scholars at Jami'a Nizamiyya Rizwiyya in Lahore who know him personally. Afterwards, he did become a disciple of the saifi-tariqa. Many of his students (scholars) confirm this, including scholars I've met myself. And from a writing by Shaykh Munawwar Atiq on his blog, it can be seen that he even did use to give tawajju to his students on the saifi-way.

    Allah Hafiz
  11. Read the risaalah by Mufti Abu Bakr Siddiq on entitled Wajd o Dhamaal
  12. Shaykh Abd al Hakeem Sharf al Qadri rahimahullahu Ta'ala was not Saifi. His Shaykh who was the Khalifah of Shaykh al Islam Ala Hadrat Imam Ahmad Rida rahimahullahu Ta'ala had Ijaazah in the Naqhbandi tariqah and made him mureed of both the Qadri and Naqshbandi tariqahs
  13. thanks for the academic article kashf bha. it is v. interesting (but very amusing trying to see these orientalists try and place tassawuf in their intellectual framework. they have no idea...!)
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    that post was made over 2 years ago...
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    Initially there was a rumour about naqshbandi-saifi silsila in pakistan. Upon inveestigation ,many sunni scholars gave fatwa in support of saifi silsila.

    Scholars of saifi silsila gave in writing that they agree with hussmal harmayn of Ala Hazrat.
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    This is a bit shocking, Sunni scholars (and I have heard myself the ones in Karachi say the saifis are misguided) yet Moulana Sharf Qadri summa Naqshbandi became a disciple in their order?!?

    nj, don't leave the forum on the basis of disagreement. No one is a scholar here who can excommunicate you.
  18. i think sidi suleiman means that the obtaining of wajd and other mystical states is not the ultimate goal of the sufi path. that is marifat of Allah Ta´ala and becoming Fanafillah and Baqabillah so that one can say like Huzoor Ghawth al Azam, "I do not even eat a morsel until Allah tells me I can eat!" Annihilation is the Goal.
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    Excuse me? "It is not an end and not saught for"? Im not sure I understand.
  20. It is not an end and not saught for. The perfect Shaykh has passed all of these states. Correct me if I am wrong.


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