Murids getting into states of wajd on meeting their shaykh [video]

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  1. Sabri

    Sabri New Member

    As-salamu 'alaykum

    Could someone please explain what exactly wajd is? I do understand when and why it acures, but I don't understand the background of it; is it some kind of noor or something? I myself have experinced a high level of affection of certain naat, but never to the point where I'd comepletely lose control of myself like people in wajd do.

    The reason why I started to wonder this much about this subject is that I've heard of madrassas in Pakistan where the shaykh would make women go in wajd too, and one of the women once broke her neck while in wajd. About the same pleace I heard how kids would make those in wajd bump into each other etc. A girl from this madrassa even ask people to turn a naat off as she'd go into wajd otherwise.


    So I thought to myself how this could be something that would connect you and prophet Muhammad (salla Llahu 'alayhi wa sallam) while these people clealy don't understand the seriousness of it.. How can they attain this level of spirituality without any deeper understanding of tasawwuf?

    Jazakumu Llahu khayr.
  2. Ibn Amin

    Ibn Amin Active Member

    As-salamu 'alaykum

    First Shaykh al-Hadith (rahimahullah) was qadri. Afterwards he gave bay'a in the saifi silsila and became naqshbandi (too). This is why fx Allama Ghulam Rasul Saidi and other ulama mention Shaykh al-Hadith (Rahimahullah) as "Sharf Qadri thumma Naqshbandi".

    Allah Hafiz

    CHISHTI Well-Known Member

    ...."Shaykh al-Hadith 'Abd al-Hakim Sharaf Qadri (rahimahullah) was saifi" what's with the Qadiri at the end of Hazrat Sahibs name...shouldn't it be saifi naqshbandi?? Are you sure they were saifi brother?
  4. Ibn Amin

    Ibn Amin Active Member

    As-salamu 'alaykum

    Saifis are recognized by many of the greatest sunni 'ulama in Pakistan of the time. A book has been published with quotes from dozens of 'ulama about the Saifis, who are naqshbandis. I will put more info about this, insha Allah.

    Shaykh al-Hadith 'Abd al-Hakim Sharaf Qadri (rahimahullah) was saifi. Mufti Ghulam Farid Hazarwi and his brothers (all muftis) are very much attached to the saifis and (I think) all of them are murids there. Also a new fatwa from Shaykh Turab al-Haq Qadri is included in the book in the favor of the saifis.

    Allah Hafiz
  5. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator


    cool down ya akhi! tolerance, tolerance, tolerance-most of us are lacking this quality. though I personally feel that sidi abu Hassan was bit harsher to you and he could have criticized in a milder tone, but on the other hand you too have posted here several times which was unacceptable, disgusting, and rejectable.

    whatever sidi aH said was to correct you, perhaps he was piqued by your repetitive odd posts, or he chose a different tone to correct your point of view this time.

    but in all cases, brother, take it positive. if you think this forum is not beneficial to you, you certainly may decide to quit, otherwise hang around and try to contribute good and enjoy good, rest can be ignored.
  6. abu nibras

    abu nibras Staff Member

    sidi asif,

    inshaallah there is no reason for anyone to leave, if someone disagrees with you on something and you think that you are right then you have every right to believe so, if you are grounding your belief strongly on truth.

    as long as we learn from one another, from our mistakes and are sincere about it, these interactions should all be good.

    it is easier said than done, but one should look at criticisms objectively, the easiest way is to quit, we dont want to stop those who come with hidden agendas here on our forums, why would we want to see you go, you being one of us.

    was salam

    --abu nibras
  7. and who are you to judge? and i have a higher opinion of you brother than you evidently do of everyone else. hubris led to iblis' fall, remember?

    i am not so arrogant, brother, to think of myself as a gnostic. that is just your fevered imagination getting carried away as usual in its self-righteousness. please can you point to any of my posts ever--and i have been posting on sunni forums for years--where i have even hinted that i have some special spiritual station? and even if you meant it as a metaphoric statement and not literally, i am not so stupid as to think that reading a book of a sufi master will make me a gnostic! the same goes to fiqh too. reading a book by ala hazrat doesn't make you ala hazrat.

    but i value your friendship and i think perhaps it will be best for all if i was to leave the forum. i tried to find a button to remove my account but was unable to do so. maybe you can remove me, being an administrator? jazak Allahu khayran.

    Maybe i will come back again at some later time in my life if i am worthy enough.
    wa alaykum as-salam to everyone on here. please forgive me if i have ever said anything to offend you at any time.
    Nara e Ghawthia! Ya Ghawth al Azam!
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  8. y_r

    y_r Guest

    Brothers, I think we should observe Husn-e-Zan and not take action against respected Brother Wadood, as I personally don’t feel he intended his post(s) to be perceived the way they where, his posts are normally quite resourceful and knowledgeable.

    Could I ask why some people here have limited tolerance?
  9. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    i think it is fair to give wadood the benefit of doubt. he might not have made his careless comments if he knew that this information comes from shah sahib.

    in hindsight, it looks insulting, but i don't think he ever meant to do that. however, yes. he should not have shot off his mouth before making proper investigation.
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  10. Abu Fadl

    Abu Fadl Banned

    But brother, the comment was by Shah Sahib so to use words like that for his comments is disrespectful. When wadood stated the source of the site himself (no one referenced the site but him), he obviously visited it and seen who the comment was by.
  11. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    it is not fair either to accuse wadood of insulting our scholars. he 'assumed' it and obviously assumed it wrong. it does not mean he insulted shah sahib.

    i have used the word fallacy so many times now, that i am embarrassed using it one more time.
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  12. y_r

    y_r Guest

  13. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    come off it, asif. you say all kind of nonsense all the time. you are dragging legitimate criticism to where it is not applicable just to justify your actions. in other words, if anybody criticizes your nonsense, you suppose that they criticize EVERYTHING you say.

    please do not think that we are in las vegas or somewhere like that; or that the internet and youtube is our only source of islamic information.

    don't be so deluded that reading a [probably] flawed translation of shakh al-akbar makes you a gnostic and you can say what you like and chide people for being unable to comprehend the lofty points of tasawwuf.

    wadood, i have removed your comments before and i am warning you now. we had a spat with yanabi site long ago and it is behind us now. you don't have to keep at it all the time.
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  14. Abu Fadl

    Abu Fadl Banned

    Wadood i find it very insuting that you call Syed Turbal-ul-Haq Sahib of Karachi "chidish" or "silly yanabi comments". I was curious as to what you said as i thought you needed glasses because the brother's signature said y r host website, so i went to yanabi and found the comment, have respect for our scholars otherwise you should be banned:

    Verdict on Saifis by Jamat e Ahl e Sunnat
  15. Abu Fadl

    Abu Fadl Banned

    greater than the Shaikh (R.A.) himself? what a time of fitna we live in!
  16. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    It is perfectly possible for someone today to attain the maqam of awliya of the past. Shaykh 'Abd ar RaHman al-Shaghouri :ra: said something very important to this effect.

    I will start another thread on this topic of suluk and the states of the sufis, inshaAllah.
  17. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    Allah bless the shaykh and his murids and the Naqshbandi Saifi Tariqa. Please dont bring silly yanabi comments on these forums. Keep them on that childish site.
  18. y_r

    y_r Guest

    If I am right isn't this a Saifi Mehfil, in which case their Grand Sheikh said {or something to the same effect} that he was six times greater then Mahboob-e-Subhani, Ghaus-e-Samadani, Shabhaz-e-La Makani, Qutb-e-Rabbani Hazrat Abu Muhammad Muhiyiuddeen Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jeelani Hasani Husaini, Sarkar Ghaus-e-Azam (Radiyal Laahu Anhu Wa Ardaahu Ahha)?
  19. sherkhan

    sherkhan Veteran

    I have had an opportunity to be present at one Sunni Dawat-e-Islami Ijtema, where Qari Rizwan's rendition of Qaseeda Noor sent one of the audience into state of haal. It was amazing.

    I have also witnessed people in state of wajd during khanqahi qawwali. So I'm not surprised by what I saw on the video. Although the scale of effect on so many in the audience at the same time was really amazing.

    I am curious to know who the shaikh is. The video seems to have been shot in Pakistan.
  20. i dont think he is throwing anything physical. it seems to be something spiritual which causes the murids it touches to become ecstatic!

    no doubt some brothers on here will also find that a bida' too and offensive.

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