Murids getting into states of wajd on meeting their shaykh [video]

Discussion in 'Tasawwuf / Adab / Akhlaq' started by Noori, Mar 10, 2012.

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  1. calltoallah

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    amazing! i've never seen anything like this before. who is the shaykh and what is he throwing around; it seems to be having a strong effect on the people sitting around him.
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    subhan Allah. The Wahabi who posted this clip on youtube obviously did it to show the 'shirk' of Sunnis but all it does is prove sunni islam as being correct since as shah sahib says, 'ilm and kufr can be together in one person but walayat and kufr can never be combined in the same person'.

    since wahabray don't have such experiences themselves they deny it for others. a blind man's denying that the sun exists doesn't mean that the sun actually doesn't exist!

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