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  1. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    I hope anyone who is engaged, can opt to do nikah or walima on 10th Muharram to throttle the closet rawafid.

    Muhtar Holland's English translation of Ghawthe Aazam's Ghuniyat-ut-Talibeen

    on (somewhat hazy scan; starts pg 1049 of the reader)

    downloadable copy with better print -
    (Aashura topic on pg 285 of pdf file, 278 of book)

    it might sound wahabiistic, but its about time people stopped being bullied by closet rawafid pretending to be tanatan Sunnis, OR by Sunni molwis who for their own personal maslaha, give in to the bullying of the closet rawafid and Sayyid-pretenders

    this jahil concept of a gloomy Aashura doesn't exist in any Sunni culture worldwide and it's about time desi Sunnis went mainstream! the open rawafid do their matams, but the closet rawafid have pushed desi Sunnis for far too long (thanks to molwis with no leadership) to embrace this muted, gloomy, marking of the Aashura which isn't overt matam but isn't all that covert either!

    it kind of reminds me of past stories people told me of some of the devbandis who actually did celebrate Mawlid for political reasons etc. in india. they would participate in marches, public gatherings etc. alongside Sunnis only to irk the hindus, police, CRPF, etc. but would stay silent, keep their heads down and display no signs of any halal jubilation on their person.
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    Actually I am not sure if this can be deemed adab at all. Mourning or any semblance of mourning does not look like adab to me. Allah knows best. Even if it's adab, the fact that it comes from the shias and has the mark of shias written all over it, makes it, in my view, impermissible( of course, we should ask a mufti sahab about it). I would go further and argue that we should in fact encourage marriages in Muharram, not with the niyyah to dishonour or make fitnah, but with the intention of clarifying a fiqhi point and stopping our people from resembling the heretics. Just like some of our brothers have chosen to mention the fazaail of Hadrat Muwawiyah( radi Allahu anhu) even on the 10th of Muharram, to educate the masses and expose the hidden rafidis among sunnis.
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  4. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    it's all halal showbiz and showbiz nepotism in the celebrity molvi/peer industry and people cashing in the good name of their forefathers. that's what it is and that's what it should be unashamedly called - industry. deen is one never ending soap opera for all these molvis

    yes, if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck...

    this is my genuine concern in post # 39. who can give a guarantee that this is adab and not light/diet matam, or not surrendering to the bullying of the rawafid?

    let's restrict ourselves to the mention of Sahaba and Ahlul Bayt. mentioning people's own relatives is only an emotional trigger used by showbiz molvis to make their logically flawed argument more appealing

    where is the same aqeedat, ishq, adab for the days of martyrdom of Hazrat Umar, Usman, Ali, and Hasan radi Allahu 3anhum, along with so many other Shuhada?

    isn't this taking a leaf out of the rawafid's book? - their supposed love and respect for Imam Husain is greater than that for Imam Hasan

    to be fair, Kaukab saab alluded to it in a very implicit way by saying, 'why don't people ask for the remaining 10 months of the year'

    his father Shafi Okarvi sahib rahimahullah was a great scholar. he's earned a lot of fame and attention, including that from the media, on that basis.

    we awam are at fault too for promoting this sahibzada culture. we have a culture of emotionally blackmailing ourselves in the name of allegiances to families and projecting someone's father's or grandfather's good works onto him. in fact this even exists in politics. look at bilawal "bhutto".

    i have a Sayyid relative whose father was a pious wali and a shaykh, and this person is a peer sure, but what kind of peer? the lesser said the better. people just blindly love him despite open and known violations of the Shariah.

    people need to be reminded of ismail dehlvi. lately a lot of molvis from big name khanwada's are going bad!
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  5. shahnawazgm

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    Such examples cited by these so called "ulema" are highly flawed. The tragic event of karbala happened several centuries ago so they cannot equate it to getting married with the janaza of any of our relatives in front of us. Nobody is getting married with the janaza of Imam Hussain (ra) in front of us, so their reasoning does not make sense. And moreover if we decide not getting married on dates close to the dates when any of our relatives passed away then its highly likely you will never be able to marry!

    Kokab Noorani sahib is unfortunately one of those "ulema" who have become famous by media. And in today's world media makes one appear to be a bigger peer/alim than one actually is.

    When the question was posed to Ala Hazrat about marrying in muharram the answer was precise, no ifs no buts. And even during his time we had the shiahs with their matams in muharram.
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    My grandmother died in the year 2011. So if someone was to ask me if I would have gotten married in front of my grandmother's janaza, the answer is no. But, if events led to it, I wouldn't have minded marrying on the exact date of my grandmother's death the next year or many years down the line. This yearly show of adab, ishq and aqeedat of not marrying in Muharram seems like a shia thing, which although is not called mourning has the ingredients of it.
  7. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    Subhan Allah Kaukab saab almost said the same thing word for word as I mentioned my conversation with a mawlana (rahimahullah) in post #4. My family friend mawlana was from indian Hyderabad.

    So the argument is - adab, ishq, aqeedat don't permit it while fiqh does. Would someone get married if his mother's janaza is placed in front of him?

    1. As for the events at Karbala, they're no doubt very painful for any Muslim to hear about and indeed those great souls are greater than the entire ummah that comes after them, leave aside us individual sinners, but comparing the yearly remembrance a 1000 yrs later with the scenario of an immediate death and active mourning period in someone's family is not correct.

    2. Personally, this is not something i wanna fight tooth and nail for. I respect the ishq, haya, adab points he's talking about, he even mentioned the urf of the subcontinent somehow suggesting it is only specific to desis urf. My grouse is with the recent promotion of the tafdili and rafidi fitnah in the subcontinent in general and who can say with certainty if pushing this withholding from marriage thing is

    a) out of genuine adab or
    b) taking a lighter form of the rawafid's mourning due to their influence and sulh kulliyat or
    c) giving in to their fitnah and bullying as is apparent in modern pakistan

    3) his hubris was disgusting 'am i closer to Ala Hazrat or the guy who gave his reference'. It's very typical of the present day subcontinental celebrity molvi/peer who thinks of others as worthless peasants. it is well possible for some poor rickshaw-wala to know more than a peer or a maulana on some point

    4) i think he played safe by mentioning a very subtle and implicit defense of Owais Raza - 'why do people ask only for nikah and walima, what about other happy events' and 'why don't people ask for the remaining 10 months'? I will read too much into it favorably and think he's trying to say 'what about the days of martyrdom of other Khulafa and sahaba radi Allahu 3anhum'?
  8. غلام رسول

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    Allama Kokab Noorani explains his position on wedding ceremonies in Muharram:

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  9. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    the more i observe his behavior and speaking style, even the wiping the spit off of mouth, and how he always pushes the right buttons for publicity, the more i feel forced to repeat he's a future tahir. if someone notices carefully, he did a lot of self-promotion in that talk on "love of Ahle Bayt". it also very subtly pits the "yazeedi" Arabs vs iranians

    his talk is full of fallacies one after other
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  10. sherkhan

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    Hanif rafizi doubling down with latest antics:
  11. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    it's all inter-molvi politics and personal alliances. deen is 'ghar ki kheti'. these people have the magic pill - stripping things of their context. they can derive a jawaz or mamani3at for anything they please to suit any interests. they can easily prove or disprove anything they wish from within the works of Hanafi imams because context doesn't mean anything to them.

    so we can leave the permissible or mustahab for the avoidance of fitnah (agreed) but we can't give up on faraiz and wajibat. likewise we can't engage in haram either.

    so why hasn't Muzaffar Shah spoken about actual mourning (haram) - wearing black just like rawafid, darkening channel logos on tv, if i'm not mistaken some real or perceived Sunnis even put up black flags in karachi?

    so giving in to the bullying of the tafdilis and rawafid is sadde dharay3? Owais Raza can get a clean exit due to his celebrity status, but what about the Sunni kids in madrasas, the average imama wearing muballigh on the streets, the less educated who can't give daleels, and so on?

    now what about the other fitnah of the wahabis and the devbandis who already accuse us of being diet shias. "Barelvis and shias" is a common phrase used by devbandis and wahabis.

    people will start talking nonsense about Ala Hazrat to the less educated common guy and spread fitnah and accusing us of being nasbis? Muzaffar Shah of all people doesn't know that wahabis and devbandis accuse Ala Hazrat of being rafidi-leaning?

    as for sadde dharay3 itself - why doesn't he speak against so much ignorance spread in the name of "Sunni" gatherings - disco naatkhwani with money showered, mixed gathering Milads, improper purdah by desi women in general, israf and tabdhir at Urs's and various events, mazars of Awliya being places of con businesses

    why doesn't he say that the permissible and the mustahab can be avoided to keep people safe from haram in such cases too? i remember when Mufti Akmal spoke against improper practices at Milad and gave some good recommendations, this same Muzaffar Shah screamed accusations of him being a wahabi and said "Milad aur ma3moolaat ke khilaf bolne wale ko cheer ke rakh denge"

    where was he when his buddy iran shah was making a mockery of actual Sunni 3aqaid?
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  12. Khanah

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    Surely not getting married in muharram creates more fasad as it creates an incorrect perception in the minds of the public- rather, the public should be educated as opposed to letting them delve deeper into ignorance.

    Is the avoidance of marriage during muharram not an evil bidah? Creating a prohibition where one does not exist in Sharia in order to imitate the shia?
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  13. shahnawazgm

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    Someone needs to tell him to stop saying bad things about deobandis as however incorrect the deobandis are and however jayiz it is refuting them it results in fasad in current times, and hence should be left out!

    We can keep continuing this logic. A few years down the line we will have rafizi ideologies embedded in the shariah that were never part of them! This is what happens when ignorants deliver deeni speeches!
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  14. sherkhan

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    Syed Muzaffar Shah castigating Owais Qadri for arranging marriage in Muharram.

    His point being that however jayiz nikah in Muharram may be, it results in fasad & badgumani in current times and hence should be left out.

    Strange reasoning, especially given Owais' clarifications. Wish he had shown similar spine in face of more shame-faced, divisive fitna engendered by Irfan Shah Mashhadi.

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  15. Waqar786

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    The old English phrase: 'kill with kindness' is apt here in terms of Owais Qadri's clarification. Even to Hanif's supporters (the few that are left) he must look like an idiot.
  16. shahnawazgm

    shahnawazgm Veteran

    I was about to post similar, but you beat me to it. Why did Owais Qadri Sahib need to go in defensive mode stating under normal circumstances he wouldn't have done it as it would cause fitnah!

    Rather people need to be educated and ulema need to do more to curb these rawafid ideologies being brought to sunni masses. 10th Muharram is a blessed day and the shahadat of Imam Ali maqam happened to be on this blessed day. There is no harm if a Muslim gets married this day with the intention of gaining baraqah of this blessed day.

    We should be going against rawafid ideologies, not supporting them!
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  17. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    Would it be called over-reacting if now to curb the influence of the rawafid on Sunnis, people deliberately promoted marriages in Muharram?

    Owais Raza too in his defense says he doesn't prefer to do such ceremonies in Muharram due to fear of fitnah and he only did the walima of his son due to getting caught out in circumstances, but what about the counter-fitnah which already exists- the spread of rafidism? Couldn't refraining 'due to fear of fitnah' be also considered as giving in to the bullying of the rawafid?

    Besides, marriage is a Sunnah and an act of worship, as hadith says:

    النكاح سنتي فمن رغب عن سنتي فليس مني

    What are people's thoughts here?
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  18. sherkhan

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    Owais Qadri's defence:

    Refutation of rafidi Hanif:

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  19. Aqdas

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    Issue 59

    27 Muharram 1336 AH

    What do honourable scholars and esteemed muftis say concerning performing marriage in Muharram and in particular, the night of 9th Muharram. Is it permitted or not. Clarify and be rewarded.


    It is permitted. And Allah Knows best.

    Fatawa #Ridawiyyah, 23:193

    Issue 90

    7 Rabi al-Akhir 1334 AH

    Is marriage in Muharram al-Haram and Safar al-Muzaffar prohibited or not? If so, why?


    Marriage is not prohibited in any month. And Allah Knows best.

    Fatawa #Ridawiyyah, 11:265

    Issue 175

    11 Muharram 1339 AH

    Some Sunnis avoid getting married in Muharram. Is this permitted or not?


    This is mourning and mourning is forbidden.

    Fatawa #Ridawiyyah, 24:488
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  20. غلام رسول

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