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    Sayyid Shah Abu'l Husayn Ahmad Nūri writes:

    'It is not permitted to mourn a death and not beauty oneself for more than three days apart from a wife who is ordered to mourn her husband for four months and ten days and not beautify herself in this period.

    This is why it is prohibited to mourn Imam Husayn in Muharram as is the practice of ignorants in these places, that for ten days and sometimes forty days, they forsake beautifying themselves and refrain from getting married and other celebrations. It is prohibited as it is an evil innovation of the rawāfid.

    Yes, in these days, with the intention of reward for Imam Husayn - salutations and peace on his grandfather and him - it is good and recommended to give charity (when the intention is not ostentation). Similarly, to listen to his biography from reliable reports. It is also permitted and recommended to show sorrow for his difficulties. But not to purposely foment anguish, fake ululation, beating the chest, scratching the face and to abstain from bathing, cutting hair and changing clothes. And to not eat betal leaves or food. And for women to break their bangles and wear red or black clothing - for all these things are forbidden (harām), innovation (bidah) and severely prohibited in shariah. Yes, if upon hearing these difficulties and tribulations, one cries naturally, this brings blessings and mercy.'

    - Sirāj al-Áwārif, Light 27, p.214

    Apart from other matters, this excerpt from Sayyid Shah Abu'l Husayn Nuri also shows that not marrying in Muharram is an evil innovation of the rawafid.

    Orators like Hanif Qureshi who repeatedly and cunningly attempt to bring rafidi beliefs into Ahl al-Sunnah, what will they say about this friend of Allah, sayyid elder, from the family of #Alahazrat's shaykh?

    Is he also from the enemies of ahl al-bayt for permitting marriages in Muharram and declaring the opposite to be rifd?

    Allah allow Ahl al-Sunnah to follow in the footsteps of their elders and safeguard them from the evil of the scholars who are bewitched by rafidism.
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    thanks @sherkhan for posting that. those interested can see what the Ghunyah has to say about 3ashura from page 532 onwards until 538 -

    Ghunyatut Talibeen attributed to Sayyiduna Ghawth e A3zam says 3ashura is rendered equivalent to a day of Eid due to its many blessings; and that Imam Husayn radi Allahu 3anhu's shahadat on this day is because of his esteemed status and closeness to Allah which only boosts his rewards immensely! See how Sunnis think (no wonder rawafid can't stand Ghawth e A3zam's mention, wal 3eyadhu billah)

    jahil mutlaq neefa says 3ashura is not a day for applying surma. Ghunyatut Talibeen of Ghawth e A3zam radi Allahu 3anhu describes the fazail for it!

    pg 532 - Ghunyah.jpg pg 533 - Ghunyah.jpg pg 537 - Ghunyah.jpg pg 538 - Ghunyah.jpg
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    pakistan is heavily shia infested. all news anchors are wearing black today including purported Sunnis. what's the point of darkening the logo of supposedly Sunni channels like ARY? it's diet matam all over.
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    It is stated in al-Ghunya li-Talibi al-Haqq that "if it were permissible to observe the day of shahadat of Imam al-Husain ibn Ali (radiAllahu anhuma) as the day of tragic loss [musiba], it would actually make more sense to choose Monday for such observance, since it was on a Monday that Allah (azza wajal) took away our Prophet Muhammad (sallAllahu alayhi wa aalihi wasallam). It was likewise on a Monday that Sayyiduna Abu Bakr (radiAllahu anhu), the Champion of Truth [as-Siddiq], was taken away.... The loss of Allah's Messenger (sallAllahu alayhi wa aalihi wasallam) and the loss of Abu Bakr (radiAllahu anhu) are more prodigious than the loss of anyone else, yet people have agreed on the honorable status of Monday, on the excellent merit of observing it as a day of fasting, and that good deeds performed thereon are presented for review on high.... by the same token, the day of Ashura should not be observed as the day of tragic misfortune."
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    Issue 175

    11 Muharram 1339 AH

    What do the scholars of religion say concerning:

    1. In the first ten days of Muharram, some Sunnis do not cook chapattis in the day nor sweep the floor. They say they will only cook chapattis after burying the taziyah (miniature mausoleums).

    2. They do not change clothes in these ten days.

    3. They do not get married in Muharram.

    4. Apart from Imam Hasan and Imam Husayn, they do not make fatihah for anyone else. Is this permitted or not?


    The first three matters are mourning and mourning is prohibited (harām) and the fourth issue is ignorance. Fatihah can be made for any saint and any Muslim on any day, in any month.

    Fatawa Ridawiyyah, 24:488
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    he's not loyal to the shias too. he's a beghayrat opportunist who's found a niche market among the tafdilis and rawafid. his rabble rousing reminds me of tahir of the 90s. just wait and watch. he's gonna be a new tahir on the block.

    it just occurred to me - perhaps some neem-rafidi can say, it's not about death per se, but martyrdom at the hands of tyrants. there are only 355 days in the year (lunar) and technically every day of the year, there would be some great and beloved sahabi or wali who passed away.

    even if we go by the logic of 'martyrdom at the hands of tyrants' deserving special marking of mourning, then what about Sayyiduna Hamza's martyrdom radi Allahu 3anhu, or Sayyiduna Usman or Ali or Hasan, and more, radi Allahu 3anhum?

    he's a full blown rafidi mardood.

    in the video you linked, he clearly said yeh din to aansu bahane ka hai. that's just pushing a 'diet matam'. (plus bringing in the topic of pani band to induce matam and mourning is typical rafidi style)

    the way he dragged Owais's kids into it and said "majboori thi, beti bhaag rahi thi?" and insinuating "behayai" is utterly disgusting and shameful, but shame doesn't matter to those selling rafdiyat. human scum like him is only interested in being supposedly smart and one-upping on the other guy through ignorant ramblings and pot-stirring that they think is very sophisticated and smart.

    the saddest part is trash like this brings in Ala Hazrat's name as a prop and for emotional blackmail, and a good majority of Sunni ulema of Pakistan sit and watch silently. there should have been a hard response from the high and mighty Sunnis of Pakistan and a fatwa against him as gumrah and gumrahgar.

    i have long expressed my wish to somehow find a way to prevent this rafidi and tahiri type of scum from reciting Salame Raza and misguiding innocent Sunnis into their satanic ways!

    yes, and that tashabbuh topic is contextual too. wearing black in a place like kerala (no shias afaik) is not the same thing as wearing black in Muharram in a place like lucknow or hyderabad. for someone working in downtown chicago, it doesn't matter if he wears a black suit to work.

    Pakistani Sunni ulema are terribly reluctant to refute or take to task people like him, tahir, and many others for whatever reason (illa ma sha Allah some scholars in some instances). i once called this neefa a jahil on a Sunni group on whatsapp (for presenting stupid evidence on some matter), and i was told this statement should be made by a senior scholar and not me, because apparently this neefa is quite a sharp scholar and has even studied under Shah Turabul Haq sahib rahimahullah, so we must be very careful when we talk about him lest it backfire on us. i was baffled and promptly left.
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    FR, Volume 24.

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    Brother, there's no such thing as half-shiah, it's more of him being a wolf in sheep's clothing. Lets call him a Shiah, at what level Allah knows best!
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    Can half-shiah Hanif give me proof that Owais Qadri did this out of hatred for ahl al-bayt? Did he open his heart and check?

    Can he give me evidence from Quran and sunnah that weddings in Muharram aren't permitted?

    Can he write a fatwa stating the ruling on a person who holds a wedding in Muharram. Is it haram, makruh tahrimi, isa'ah, makruh tanzihi, khilaf al-awla or what? Please state the evidence too.

    The clothing issue is to do with resemblance of deviants. Tashabbuh. Holding weddings in Muharram is not specific to any deviant sect so this is a disanalogy.
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    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    same case in Algeria - https://www.


    didn't any of the high and mighty Sunni scholars and peers call their bluff, refute them, and send them home?
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    Owais Qadri held his daughter's wedding in the last few days. Half-shiah attacked him for it.
  14. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    Strange. Afaik, the preferred time to get married is in Shawwal, and unpreferred just before or during Ramadan, and it has more to do with a new couple romancing. In Ramadan, there would be limits on them due to fasting timings.
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    That was my point and I didn't want to argue about it.

    Talking about Sayyiduna Mu3awiyah is one thing. (Would be a great way to expose hidden rawafid)

    The same reverence is not shown for the days of shahadat of Sayyiduna Ali or Hasan. Radi Allahu 3anhum. How many people know the days of their shahadat and with equal reverence avoid marriages or other such things on those days?

    In fact marriage aside, this is mentioned in many books of 3aqidah including Bahare Shariat book 1. Even among Ahle Bayt, the rawafid don't show the same equal reverence for Imams Hasan and Husayn. How could they? Too much mention of Imam Hasan would eventually cause reverence for Sayyiduna Mu3awiyah too!
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    Can't the mawlana's same argument be used for the death of any number is sahaba? What if we started banning nikah in whichever month Hazrat Muawiyah passed away- and then complain that those who do nikah in that month are guilty of rifd or on the other hand, we can say of course it's permissible but what about love in the heart which would prevent you from doing it etc etc. Why is only muharram taken into account if not due to Shia influence around the topic itself?

    A lot of people don't even know the reason why we fast on ashura.

    Of course, there are all sorts of other random superstitions regarding nikah that people have. Can't do it between the two eids etc. The only way to break the superstition is not to give it any heed and do things as you already planned to otherwise you just feed the ignorant
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    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    Other Sunni cultures mark 3Ashura without any talk of rifd or nasibism.

    The Turks have a special dish they make which us named Ashure, after the day

    Turkish writeup on the importance of Muharram and 3ashura - (turn on translator and see)

    how to make Ashure -

    in Morocco (Maliki Sunnis) 3ashura is marked by making special foods, and children's games, carnivals etc.

  18. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    Yes and i would like to state the corollary too - if natural course of things brings it (nikah) in Muharram, then to specifically avoid it is taking a sliver out of the rawafid's matam (at least for some people). We love, respect and revere the Ahle Bayt but "official" mourning in Ahlus Sunnah is only three days immediately following the event of death.

    What happened?

    the issue never was of permissibility or validity. (fwiw, i doubt even if rawafid themselves have a fatwa of impermissibility on it as far as fiqh is concerned)

    it's about this:

    1. is it irreverent and bad adab to do it? (nasibism)
    2. or is it rifd to withhold specifically for this reason?

    (my personal perspective is to let things run their natural course. still dunno Ala Hazrat's statement on it)

    this fitnah thing is what i don't get it with desi culture. fitnah swings both ways. isn't avoidance of nikah also falling into rafidi fitnah in modern Pakistan? wouldn't avoiding it also be fitnah of strengthening a bid3ah or mubtadi3is or at least incorrect fiqhi ruling?

    when that Jalali issue happened, everyone quickly advised he should retract and apologize to avoid fitnah. what abt those attacking him, why weren't they told the usage of the word khata ijtihadi was not just not a big deal, but actually in line with the rulings of imams of aqidah?
  19. Aqdas

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    My point was, if it happens to fall in Muharram, and one did not purposely do this to dishonour Mawla Husayn, then no Sunni should be attacked as being a nasibi.

    This is what half-shiah have done to Owais Qadri recently.
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    Sheikh Ilyas Attar stated that while it's not impermissible to marry in Muharram/Ashura, it is advisable to avoid it if there is a chance of fitnah.

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