Nikah in Muharram

Discussion in 'Bibliography' started by Alf, Aug 30, 2021.

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  1. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    Maybe someone can clarify if Ala Hazrat disliked nikah conducted specifically on 10th Muharram.

    i once got on one mawlana's bad books for a while for suggesting it's fine. (he wasn't a tafzili, may Allah have mercy on him)

    his response was 'technically of course it's fine from a bare bones fiqh perspective. it's just as fine as when someone's father's janaza is placed in front of him, and he happily does ijab and qubool with his lady love. technically it's fine. not a mufti on earth can call the nikah invalid. lekin izzat, ishq, aur adab ka taqaza bhi samajh gaye honge aap'

    i tried to bring in the same rafidi and half shia point and he just said 'Imam Shafi3i said if loving Ahle Bayt is rifd then I'm the biggest rafidi. we don't denounce sahaba and we don't do matam. we just revere the Ahle Bayt and that reverence has some moral diktats'

    i didn't want to argue with him as he was a family friend. but lot of Sunnis think nikah on 10th Muharram is not a good thing, basically khilafe ishq and khilafe adab for Ahle Bayt, and some attribute this opinion to Ala Hazrat.

    if someone knows Ala Hazrat's opinion for sure, please do advise.
  2. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    Half-shiah who prohibit marriage in Muharram, have they also asked Irfan Shah sahib why he celebrated independence day?

    Maybe he should have avoided it this year as 14th August fell in Muharram...

    Prohibiting something which the shariah doesn't is akin to adding to the shariah.

    Personal preference is one thing. If one's disposition dislikes conducting nikah in Muharram, this is fine. But to cast aspersions on Sunni Muslims for doing something permissible is nothing less than adding to the religion.

    The most half-shiah should say is, 'it isn't something I would have done but whoever does do it, it is forbidden to ostracise them.'

    Also, what about Dhu'l Hijjah - when Mawla Uthman was martyred?

    What about Ramadan - when Mawla Ali was martyred?

    What about Shawwal when Amir Hamzah was martyred?

    What about Rabi al-Awwal when Imam Hasan was martyred?

    How many months will half-shiah ban?
  3. Haroon

    Haroon Guest


    some people also say that it is not permissable to do it in the first 10 days of muharram, specifically because of the events of karbala. Does Imam Ahmed Rida Khan (ra) also say that it is permissable specifically in the first 10 days?
  4. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    Some people often disagree to marrying in certain months, such as Muharram. Imam Ahmad Rida rahimahullah writes in his Malfuzat (al-Malfuz) that Nikah is permitted in all months.

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