Paris Attack

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by TruthWinner, Dec 17, 2023.

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    if we assume that:

    1. the attack was not another inside/cia/mossad job like 9/11
    2. that al-qaeda/ISIS are not west-propped pieces for a game of global chess, atleast not intentionally working for the imperialists


    I find it hard to believe that the attacks were from anyone affiliated to any takfiri ideology like al-qaeda et al. and if they were then they were not meant to 'avenge' the Prophet (peace be upon him) but for entirely different motives - perhaps punish the charlies for mocking the takfiri's attire or beards - and in the former case al-qaeda is simply taking credit for something it did not/would not do just to earn muslims' sympathy and/or present themselves as champions for the muslims' cause - and the media's believing them because everyone wants to believe it and it's a great motivator for the public to fall in line with imminent political/tactical schemes.

    is it not possible that some ushshaq-e-rasul (peace be upon him), unable to take the insults any more, committed the act and went into hiding letting the liars trade credit and blames?
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    charlie hebdo, go to hell. (including all your employees, financiers and admirers).
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    Charlie Hebdo has published new cartoons of our prophet ( sal allahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam) . We need to see which call 'shuyookh', ' Muftis', 'Qadis' and 'Think Tank' will release their statements condemning this. No, we don't need what these shuyookh say in their private gathering. It is a time they must release a simple statement in press/public condemning and criticizing this act.
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    the problem is deep here. the west is proud of its ugly and decadent values, it scoffs at anyone who criticise it, they are willing to wage wars and kill millions to defend their 'values'. those who perpetrate such crimes - baby-killers like obama or bush are feted, given honour etc.

    unlike our 'scholars' who are supposed to be guides; and unfortunately, who do not have the moral courage to call filth for what it is; being politically correct is more important than principle for them. otherwise, the west will look at you as some backward troglodyte. i say, i won't spit on your hedonistic culture and gutter values, nor for your titles or commendation/acceptance - because i don't mind saying 'one billion frenchmen are wrong'. to hell with blasphemers and may they roast in hell forever (which they will anyway). i wrote another post at that time, which i think should be shared:

    ---i wrote earlier:

    the fact that people are glossing over (as sherkhan noted) is that, attacks are not on any other journalist or newspaper, newsmag etc. except those who blaspheme against the prophet. SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam. the question is: is it that important for europe/west to blaspheme for their 'freedom of speech'? leave the Prophet SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam and do what you like. why deliberately offend muslims? why can't they leave islam, the Prophet SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam (actually all prophets including sayyiduna yisa and sayyiduna musa Salawatullahi `alayhim).

    apparently, they want to insult muslims freely and expect 1.6 billion muslims to NOT be offended and rather, cheer their 'freedom'. [as mentioned in that other article - 'i am not charlie']

    i wish the blasphemers at charlie-hebdo were not killed by terrorists. rather, i wish they would be walking by a zoo and a couple of wild-cats got loose and ripped the guts out of those criminals, who were gunned down and killed by vigilantes. [unfortunate for muslim interests; good riddance to the filth anyhow].

    those are my wishes for blasphemers everywhere - may they be swallowed by anacondas and chewed alive by alligators; may they be stung by the most vicious and poisonous snakes and scorpions - may they accidentally swallow rat poison and die - may those scoundrels be afflicted with the most painful forms of cancer, may they be afflicted by AIDS, ebola and any other painful, untreatable disease and may they suffer for years in asylums and hospitals before they die and are eventually dispatched to hell.

    may the blasphemers at charlie-hebdo be roasted in hellfire and may their admirers die natural or accidental deaths and join them in an eternal punishment. in-sha'Allah, in the hereafter, i will surely peek in and say: "did you get what you were promised?"

    [please don't object my right to free speech and the right to be irreverent; that is according to YOUR values].
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  7. AbdalQadir

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    this is a common practice of these sellouts like yaqoubi, hanson, jifry and others

    they very conveniently and sneakily replace the word "Muslim" by "a person"

    mark hanson has done it all over the place, especially when he talks about "anathematizing a person" and then lists out the rules for takfeer of someone from Ahlul Qiblah (see his 'who are the disbelievers?')

    a Muslim street sweeper's shoes are more valuable than yaqoubi's face!
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    Shaykh Yaqoubi needs to learn political rhetoric without looking silly.

    Shaykh Yaqoubi misquoted the hadith. The hadith doesn't say the life of a human is worth more than the Kabah but it says the the life of a Muslim. Secondly the cartoonists and editor who were killed were guilty of blasphemy. In recent times Shaykh Yaqoubi has sold out on many issues. Things seem worse now from the Dante issue.

    I just read his Absurd tweets:

    Who on earth told Yaqoubi Sahib that they are innocent of insulting? His Cali pay master?

    Shah Sahib should not misquote hadith to please the West. And he needs to make clear that the cartoonists and editor were guilty of blasphemy.

    Shah Sahib has sold out the priciples of Shaykh Badr alDin Hasani and others. He wants to appease the West. He reminds me of the Sharif of Makkah who traited the Ottomans and sold out to the British
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    Anyone who insults the Messenger of Allah (SallAllahu alayhi wasallam) in a demeaning way his blood is hadr (fiqh term for unprotected).

    Whether such a person is killed outside of courts and a Muslim country the jurists would have to look at the maslahah and mafsadah. But if a person happens to kill a clear insulter he is not taken to task for anything.

    Scholars should look out for the future implications of any fatwa or statements.
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    554736125081038849 is not a valid tweet id
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    at some places he appears to push his white west rules narrative, but then he's speaking from his side. nonetheless, he has done an excellent job of pointing out the obvious. compare that to the philosophical tosh that is the common word and the moronic statements of Muslim "leaders" living in fools secular paradise!
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    nouman's message is mixed with some fallacies (as expected)

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    Can anyone point me to a booklet or post which sets out the Sharia position on blasphemy and discusses the penalty for blasphemy.
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    i believe it was not appropriate and fair to disparage all neutrals. i would like to take back that horrible statement.

    i should give Husn adh Dhann to neutrals, and keep a good opinion of those who are Sunni. it is our job to show them the truth of deviant beliefs like the contingent immposibility of falsehood in Allah's Speech.
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    great calamities are to befall the ummah when we put down the sword and stop the rightful jihad. read the hadith regarding al-wahn.

    we have on the one hand the khawarij who don't know what jihad is.

    on the other hand we have the sellouts who deny jihad completely and only define it as something to do against your own nafs. then there are other shayateen who say that jihad can only be done in self defense but there is no concept of offensive jihad in Islam. these are mostly the puppet leaders, the government payroll wahabis and the charlatan sidis.

    the whole world was cheering the afghan mujahideen and jihad when the jihad was done fi sabeeli amreeka, against the ussr. yet when the shoe's on the other foot, it hurts them.

    in hindsight, as far as recent history is concerned, it was a great mistake for the Muslims to support america's war against the ussr. Muslims should have gotten together and split the east and west bloc strategic alliances between themselves, and let capitalism and communism keep each other in check. some Muslim nations on this side and some on that side. wouldn't have been exactly Islamic politics according to fiqh, but at least we could have tried and sustained the divide between the kuffar to keep some of their attention away from ourselves. but then, it's only 24 years since communism fell. in the grand scheme of things in world history, 24 years is merely a blink of an eye. you never know what's just round the corner!

    let us pray to Allah that these zaalimeen fall into a war among themselves yet again. i hope, power-wise, russia makes a comeback and china and north korea gain more power and influence against the west. it would be cool to see them peddle the ufo theories all over again to cover their covert operations, and people arguing for and against it on 60 minutes!

    i hope exponentially more that Muslims' just power returns and these godless kuffar become Muslims.
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