Sayyidah e Kayinat

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  1. abu Hasan

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    we have never objected to the use of sayyidatu nisa'a al-aalamin or sayyidatu nisaa' ahl al-jannah or afDalun nisaa fi'l kawn / ka'inat etc. as these titles are indeed befitting the Noble Lady (may Allah ta'ala forgive us and our parents and forefathers for her sake) and as i have noted present in the hadith.

    sayyidatu'l ka'inat, however doesn't seem proper; but if someone insists on using it, then it is up to him. it does not become right if you say it loudly or shout out someone.

    and only a closet rafizi will make this to be an issue of aqidah.
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    Saw this in a Telegram channel:

    Apologies, just checked the beginning of the thread where it appears Nabeel brought the same Hadith and saw AH’s comments thereafter.
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    So when Riyaz Shah says don't say Alahazrat because that should be sahabah, these people don't say a word. But when it's kayinat which has istighraq, they throw a rafzi fit.

    Closet shiah have become very frustrated. You can see it. Because Sunni ulama have exposed them.
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    Rafzi Haroon Jamil is saying Mawla Ali is greater mufti than RasulAllah ﷺ?
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  7. abu Hasan

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    mufti sahib should avoid using it. we are not bound to defend his opinion or follow him. clearly, he is mistaken.
  8. abu Hasan

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    perhaps, they did not think and they just began using a novel term as it has become popular.

    give me a quote from alahazrat or his khulafa and i will retract. but for others, i will not be convinced until there is compelling proof from aql and naql and comprehensive refutation of the objections that i have raised.

    as for alahazrat and his khulafa, it is not that we have blind belief; we acknowledge that they too were non-prophet humans and a possibility of error or mistake exists. however, experience has showed us that they had encyclopedic knowledge, they were highly cautious in remaining close to the earlier ulama and the salaf, and had superior language skills - in urdu, arabic and persian. and their level of accuracy is very high. apart from other personal merits as taqwa and scrupulousness.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
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  9. abu Hasan

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    ghawth e aazam
    imam e azam
    shaykhul akbar
    mufti e azam

    are a'azam and understood in the context of a subset of people, of whom, the above are 'greatest'.

    however, adding 'kainat' would be all-inclusive and hence undesirable and impermissible; to wit:

    ghawth e aazam - e - ka'inat
    imam e aazam - e - ka'inat
    shaykhu'l akbar e ka'inat
    mufti e azam e ka'inat

    would all be impermissible, just as sayyidah e ka'inat.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
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  10. IbnTarim

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    Today, a confused individual associated with the Rafidah, who attends their self-harm gatherings, shared this on Facebook, and the comments on the post are from Tafzilis who have infiltrated Sunni gatherings.

  11. Unbeknown

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    do you have the jurrat to write to Bareilly and ask them put a fatwa on one who says:
    1. using 'Sayyidah e Kaainaat" for sayyidah paak should be avoided
    2. unless it can be proven that previous ulama - major scholars of ahlussunnah - big luminaries that is - have used it in their books
    3. one should use "sayyidatu nisaa al aalameen" instead as it is present in hadith
    go ahead - get a damning fatwa for us

    we are waiting ...
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  12. Unbeknown

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    the same fatwa clearly says that jalali sab hasn't committed any crime - whatsoever - which means that irfan sab, muzaffar sab and others are in great wrong. do you agree with the fatwa?

    Muzaffar saab even went so far as to openly disagree with the "markaz" - saying that he doesn't trade in chanas.

    so, muzaffar sab has already shown the "jurrat to put a fatwa against them and say they are wrong".

    so according to you, what does this make muzaffar sab - what level of crime?
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    According to my post, The markaz of Ahlus Sunnah Bareilly Sharif also refers to Hazrat Fatima as Sayyidah e Kainaat. Do you have the jurrat to put a fatwa against them and say they are wrong?
  14. abu Hasan

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  15. abu Hasan

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    let me remind you, that in that thread, i responded to you already but you left quoting some classy poetry.
    since i didn't have time to expound in english i listed my sources in farsi/urdu.

    the only thing that remained was th same exposition in english and now that you have reminded me, i will complete it soon as i can eke out some time. wa billahi't tawfiq.
  16. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    He who says salam to ahlul bid3ah has aided in the destruction of Islam.

    This guy is a supporter of rafidi's and minhajis.
  17. Nawazuddin

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    السلام علیکم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    Randomly checked this forum after a long time and guess what, you guys are mentioning my name as if someone arguing with you is me. All I can say is that والله it's not me. I remember, I was last here on a thread about tafdil and waiting for abu hasan to respond, to which he has not yet... I'm really busy and have no time. Anyway, take care. والسلام
  18. abu Hasan

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    if you are truly following "huq" then reply to my arguments or get a rejoinder.

    if sayyidah e ka'inat is permissible for sayyidah fatimah, then sayyid e ka'inat should be permissible for hazrat ali.

    why should it not be understood in context?

    or sayyidah fatimah should also be called sayyidatu waladi aadam - after all, it is much more restrictive (only bani-adam excluding angels and other creatures) than ka'inat!

    or as i asked already: raHmatu'l li'l `alamin following gangohi sahib's fatwa?
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  19. abu Hasan

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    sayyid muzaffar shah sahib is misinformed and those who carried tales to him should be blamed. besides, his arguments based on flawed premises have been refuted here.

    shame on those who deliberately misrepresent and lie to get opinions from ulama that seem to support their positions.
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  20. Abul Hasnayn

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