Sh Foudah on Perennialism

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    Yes, is he not a scholar according to you then?
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    is this the shaykh foudah that's touted as a scholar by the marifah boys?
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    هل عدنان إبراهيم كافر عند حضرتك ؟

    abu Hasan
    question: is adnan ibrahim kafir, according to you?

    answer: anyone who says that it is not binding upon the jews and christians to follow the shariah of sayyiduna Muhammad sallAllahu alayi wa sallam; whoever says such a thing is a kafir even if he claims to be a mujtahid and mujaddid.
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    دعوى من آثار الإلحاد يُعاد نشرها مفادها أنه لا قيمة للأديان
    جميع الأديان السماوية سواء
    فلا يجوز أن نكفر اليهودي والنصراني

    abu Hasan
    yesterday, a scholar told me about some "shaykh" who is advertised and (touted) as a scholar; and this "shaykh" in question (that is the one whom i was informed about) who said:

    "it is not permissible for us to call jews and christians as kafirs. that is not permissible by shariah to call them kafirs, because they are ahl kitab (people of the book)".

    (shaykh sayid: ) there are many verses in the qur'an such as "verily they have committed kufr.." [mayidah, 5:17, 5:72, 5:73] where [jews and christians] are explicitly ruled kafir.

    but the (heretic said): "no. they are ahl al-kitab"

    when he was confronted with all these verses where (jews and christians) are ruled kafir explicitly, he said: "by Allah, it is as if this is the first time i am hearing these verses."

    (shaykh sayid: ) this is obduracy. certainly this is being obdurate. because it is impossible for someone to say that he has heard about the takfir of jews and christians for the first time in the qur'an. and he is a shaykh, and (is widely known as) a great scholar.

    it is impossible; his claim is implausible.

    dear brothers, know that in this age, there is a campaign to promote, propagate and spread the idea - not just among muslims but worldwide and all cultures - a campaign from heretical ideologies, atheist ideas (aathar al-ilHad); and that idea is:

    in reality, there is no value for religions. and thus it follows that you, as a muslim cannot claim superiority or priority or that you are better than jews, christians or followers of any other religions. and that all of you are equal. a jew is no different than a muslim and all are equal like the teeth of a comb.

    and this ideology is being propagated widely. and therefore, if they want this idea to be spread among muslims, it is necessary for some of "muslims" to believe that it is not permissible to make takfir of jews and christians.

    [and they say:] "they are our brothers in religion. and all these religions rise from the abrahamic faith. and all of these three religions: islam, jewry and christianty go back to the abrahamic faith. and all of us are children of one patriarch. then why should we call each other as disbelievers?"

    these are ideas that are sought to be disseminated in the populace; and unfortunately, being circulated by many people. and many of them believe that it is not permissible to make takfir of jews and christians (J&C).

    brother, if i say that a christian is a disbeliever (kafir), does it mean that i seek to plunder his property, or murder him, or capture his wife? this is impermissible by shariah anyway.

    i call him a kafir because that is how it is ordained by my shariah and according to my religion. kufr is refusing this shariah - and he (the christian/jew) is a kafir because he refuses to acknowledge my shariah. and by necessity, he is a kafir.

    jews and christians are necessarily kafir (or that it is a fundamental article of faith; it is daruri precept).

    however, just because he is a kafir, that i should trouble him, or harm him or violate his rights. this is not permissible for us by our own shariah. and that it is necessary for us to be considerate and kind to them; necessary to respect them (respect as in mindful of their rights as humans) BUT it is also necessary for them to respect us and give us due consideration.

    the issues of consideration, and kindness and cordiality are sharayi masayil (meaning fiqh) not an issue of creed and faith.

    we are required to be polite to even those who do not believe in any religion; it is not permissible for us to swear at them or abuse them or attribute lies to them - these are not permissible at all.

    and these people imagine, that by doing so (avoiding takfir of J&C) they are spreading good morals and encourage good behaviour and cooperation and harmony in the society. and good civilizations thrive and flourish on mutual cooperation. so it is necessary to eliminate these ideas; and erase these wrong beliefs that only islam is truth and christianity is false etc. no. all of these are right and be in harmony all of you etc.

    [aH: obviously, this is not shaykh sayid's own opinion; he cites this to refute it.]

    this is the gist of the issue.

    brothers, if i say i am on the truth - my own religion makes it impermissible to harm or oppress or misappropriate or violate the rights of others; and not just jews and christians, even people of other religions. it is impermissible to harm even animals and damage even plants.

    Allahu Akbar.

    these people befuddle these separate issues and many people accept this (befuddled, confused opinion). and this campaign is being spread in arab and non-arab lands.

    our responsibility is to clarify these issues which are being planted in the populace in their confused form as one package.

    it is necessary for us to address these issues separately: this is truth, this is falsehood. but that does not mean that i should violate the right of someone who professes a false belief.

    [on a lighter note, he says: this has nothing to do with someone falling in love with a christian girl. as someone asked me in a seminar: is it permissible to love my christian wife? ya salam, why did you marry her in the first place? is loving a girl the same as faith? what has love got to do with creedal matters?]

    [disclaimer: quick translation amidst din of hyperactive kids. errors regretted.]
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    بدعة جديدة !!! - أ. سعيد فودة

    لا فرق كبير بين الديانة الإسلامية والنصرانية واليهوية
    فكلهم يرجعون للديانة الإبراهيمية
    بدعة جديدة ولكنها بدعة سيئة

    abu Hasan:

    unfortunately, also, there is a new bid'ah these days; not a good bid'ah, rather an evil bid'ah. that is they claim that all the three abrahimic faiths: jews, christians and muslims - go back to the fundamentals of sayyiduna ibrahim alayhis salam and all are sons of sayyiduna ibrahim alayhi's salam.

    and by this argument they try to convince people that due to this, the differences between the followers of these three faiths are not major or fundamental; rather, these differences are in secondary issues (far'yiyyah).

    all rise from one father - the patriarch - father of all prophets (after him) sayyiduna ibrahim alayhi's salam..

    this is another form of heresy - ilHaad* ; that is, by this description, he tries to pretend that it is he who is giving the correct explanation of islam and its reality, so he names himself with the attribution of islam (calls himself muslim) but deviates from the true meaning and description of islam.

    this is another form of ilHad. may appear at the outset that how can we term him kafir even though he does not term himself a kafir. and we know that not everyone who disbelieves in fundamentals of religion may necessarily say: "o people, be witness! i am a kafir"

    there are munafiqs, zindiqis, mulHids (various kinds of kafirs). many ulama use the description ilHad, not to mean muslims but rather the closet-heretics (baTinis) like ismayilis etc. that outside they claim to be muslims, but secretly profess beliefs which are contrary to fundamentals of islam. and they count themselves among muslims, and furthermore, they tell muslims that WE are the ones who explain the reality of islam.

    our ulama call these kind of (closet-heretics) as malaHidah (mulHids, mulHidin) not those who openly disbelieve and who are term
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    رداً على من حصر الكفر بـ "كفر العناد" فقط
    وما حكم من قصّر في البحث عن الدين الحقّ؟

    abu Hasan:
    summary: [without isti'ab, quick summary for those who don't understand arabic; feel free to correct me. i have edited this post just for correlation]

    some people say in our times that: a man doesn't become kafir until he knows that islam is truth and right; yet, he refuses to accept islam. that is a man internally KNOWS that islam is truth, yet refuses to accept and conceals what is in his inside.

    [shaykh sayid says:] esteemed audience, this is ONE type of kufr. which is known as disbelieving due to obstinacy (kufr `inad). for example, this is the type of kufr of iblis. or those people who learned that islam is truth, but adamantly opposed it. and this is ONE type of kufr.

    there are other types of kufr too.

    for example, when islam is presented to some people, they refuse it saying 'we don't need it, and it is not binding upon us; nor is it necessary for us to learn about your shariah or your proofs'.

    [shaykh sayid:] and in this case, when there is a possibility for their research and they don't, and remain ignorant of this message (of Islam). and their refusal to learn/research about the truth of this message is the reason why they remain in their folly (of being kafirs). this is also ANOTHER type of kufr.

    everyone who abstains/fails to ascertain the truth (of islam) by examining, learning (naZar) when there is a possibility for him/her to examine or learn is a kafir. disbeliever in Allah and disbeliever in islam - the religion revealed by Allah and brought by His Prophet sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam.

    therefore there are many KINDS of kufr. it is not permissible to restrict kufr only to the kind of kufr of obstinacy (kufr inad) [that is, those who KNOW that islam is truth, yet refuse it]

    this the most obvious form of kufr; and there are other types too. i have written a monograph on this. in-sha'Allah, soon we will have a dedicated seminar on this subject of 'kufr'.
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