Shahid Ali continues public spat with Shaykh Asrar

Discussion in 'Refutation' started by AR Ahmed, Jul 31, 2023.

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  1. AR Ahmed

    AR Ahmed Veteran

    I do ruju from this comment as well. Mufti Aslam Rida is a respected Sunni mufti from Abu Dhabi/Dubai
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  2. AR Ahmed

    AR Ahmed Veteran

    My ruju nama from ALL my articles and all posts about this issue on this forum

    Please, before you read this - note I still consider Shaykh Asrar a Sunni and a valuable asset to our community.

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  3. shahnawazgm

    shahnawazgm Veteran

    Shahid Ali sahib has brought Mufti Qasim into the equation only AFTER he approved of Shaykh Asrar not having done anything against Sunni aqaid.

    If Shahid Ali was so sincere he would not have waited until after Qasim sahib met and approved of Shaykh Asrar but would rather have raised any objections he had with mufti Qasim earlier. Unfortunately Shahid sahib is only further undermining his own credibility in the process. Its a shame as the efforts should have been against the true enemy!
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  4. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    In school we used to have a question format called: "Who said to whom?" - it consisted of a set of dialogues from stories and one had to write down names of people between whom the exchange took place (a completely pointless exercise no doubt. But, reasons).

    Now this is a new exercise: "Who sat with whom?"
    Kind of match-the-pairs. Sunni speakers to the left, to be matched with dodgy/controversial names on the right.

    If you are in the right, then you are wrong. But if you are on the left, you will be left.

    Those who are not on the list - well, they just need to work harder.
  5. Khanah

    Khanah Veteran

    Imam shahid actually mentioned this in his recent video i.e. That mufti qasim claims niaz siddiqui has repented etc. However, imam shahid said this isn't good enough as the repentance wasn't public.

    However... Shouldn't the claim of private repentance be enough to stop him slandering mufti qasim? Why insinuate that a clearly sunni mufti such as mufti qasim is a sulh kulli when he actually acknowledges the deviance of tahir and his associates and claims he only mixes with one such former associate because he's left tahir?

    Like... Why have the worst possible opinion about mufti qasim rather than giving him the benefit of the doubt?

    And then the fact he ignores all the points brought up against himself. If you care about the sunni awaam and don't want them to be misled etc... Explain your affiliation with jti and the like.
  6. Paradise Seeker

    Paradise Seeker Active Member

    I was at Ghamkol Shareef earlier and by chance Niaz Siddiqui did a speach. Does this now mean that people sharing a stage with him such as moulana mubashar, anis, sjaad etc, and everyone in attendance including myself are sulla kulli now.

    Maybe Shahid Ali and his cronies should define what a sulla kulli is.
  7. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    I don't know much about Niaz Siddiquei but I do know Mufti Qasim Zia sahib and trust him and I contacted him to commend him for his efforts in seeking to clarify matters around Shaykh Asrar and assured Mufti Qasim Zia sahib that he has our support against Shahids underhand insinuations against him. Mufti sahib thanked me and prayed that Allah guides Shahid and mentioned he only got involved in the Sulh with good intentions to bring Shahid and Shaykh Asrar together inorder to stop this escalating further. He mentioned there are no issues around him but Shahid wanted to create a scene so trumped up a issue by mentioning this Niaz Siddiquei fellow. Mufti sahib said he'd been the sole person who's been advising this individual privately to leave those (deviants) who he was affiliated with and to bring him to the path and beliefs of Ahle Sunnah and as a result Niaz Siddiquei has left everything now.
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  8. shahnawazgm

    shahnawazgm Veteran

    He should be first calling out his own ustad, Mufti Aslam, for being in a mehfil with Pir Abdul Qadir of Walthamstow at the stage. Also Mufti Aslam's own brother should be called out for inviting PAQ.

    Both need to do public Tawbah according to his own defined standards!
  9. Mubashar Luqman

    Mubashar Luqman New Member

    So Shahid sahib has called out Mufti Qasim Zia sb حفظ الله for being associated with Niaz Siddiqui.

    So why has he called Mufti Khurshid Sabri to his online event today? Has he forgotten that Khurshid Sabri sb shared a stage with Tahir Padri ? Does this make him a SK according to his own standards?

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  10. Hanafi Sunni

    Hanafi Sunni Veteran

  11. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    In relation to my question via message to Shahid sahib about why Mufti Zahid hadn't put his name to the Fatwa from Bareilly Sharif against Iran Shah I initially got no response from him. But during a later phone call between myself and him I pressed him on this question and the answer I received was that it's due to internal politics due to the Fatwa being issued from one faction of Muftis from Bareilly Sharif and Mufti Zahid being associated with another faction from there.

    Sounds a lot like the policies jahil Masjid committee presidents and members use to control their imams and congregations from mixing with other local Sunni Masjids and Ulama etc, usually to ensure the Chanda doesn't go anywhere else or any dodgy/confidential goings on don't leak out.
  12. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    According to Shahid sahib Mufti Zahid is actually the one who brought these matters pertaining to Shaykh Asrar to his attention. And also according to Shahid sahib Mufti Zahid raised his concerns over these matters and then there was a falling out between him and Shaykh Asrar over these matters.

    I agree Mufti Zahid should clearly state his position on all that is levied against Shaykh Asrar and also clarify on what I have stated here which was mentioned to me by Shahid sahib.
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  13. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    My bad, mods feel free to edit that part out.
  14. Khanah

    Khanah Veteran

    We can ask for people to make their stances clear but the only person who tried was shaykh asrar when he joined this forum.

    As for imam shahid, he doesn't answer any accusations against him or his teacher despite the very high likelihood he is aware of them. This is quite suspect tbh. At least make your own stances clear when pointing the finger elsewhere

    I'm also wondering whether imam shahid has any real impact and if we're giving him too much attention. He gets maybe a couple thousand views per video at most. Is he really causing strife amongst the wider sunni public or are we thinking this has more reach than it actually does?

    Maybe ignoring him really is the best strategy
  15. Surati

    Surati Well-Known Member

    that’s not what gaslighting means, but I get what you’re trying to say.

    Since Mufti Zahid’s name has come up a few times, he should then make his stance clear so everybody knows the truth.
  16. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    I've just stated what Shahid sahib mentioned to me in our conversations and the picture I got from it all, plus mufti Zahids name has come up far too many times now in messages, in the meeting between Shahid sahib and Shaykh Asrar and he was eluded to by Bilal in his posts. I have screenshots of those messages from Shahid sahib but have chosen not to post them at this time. Only he knows if he name dropped him for no reason or was being truthful.
  17. shahnawazgm

    shahnawazgm Veteran

    This is where we need to be very cautious as it is easy for members of a forum to jump on to another alim accusing him of something that he might not be responsible for. Could it be that Shahid Sahib might have spun this up himself naming somebody just randomly so that his claims seem valid? I am not questioning you brother, it might be true, Allah knows best, but we ought to exercise caution.
  18. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    Shahid sahib has repeatedly mentioned Mufti Zahid of Prestons name to me in our conversations months back when we were discussing this whole circus and even after the moment of madness clip he mentioned Mufti Zahid and that he's supporting him.

    The overall picture I got from my conversations with Shahid sahib was that Mufti Zahid pumped him up by gaslighting him to be the front man whilst he acts as a puppet master. Obviously Mufti Zahid and fans ain't going to like hearing this but it is what it is boys. Shahid sahib has told me on numerous occasions that Mufti Zahid told him this and that about Shaykh Asrar and basically put him onto this line of refuting Shaykh Asrar.

    I warned Shahid at that time to be careful of Mufti Zahid and questioned why Mufti Zahid hadn't signed the fatwa againt Iran Shah. Shahid Ali ignored my advice and my question and continued with wanting to take down Shaykh Asrar.
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  19. shahnawazgm

    shahnawazgm Veteran

    If he is so well versed in kalam then let him bring forth the evidence. With Shahid Sahib most likely spending most of his nights scanning through all of Shaykh Asrar's videos trying to find some ammunition for his purposes surely it could not have been missed by him!

    This episode is getting ridiculous and someone needs to advise Shahid Sahib to stop this once and for all!
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  20. Shadman

    Shadman Active Member

    Apparently one individual who's username called @birmingy knows about a "serious error" in Kalam made by Shaykh Asrar Rashid.

    He mentions in another thread:

    I wonder what the error may be.

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