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  1. kattarsunni

    kattarsunni Veteran

    In the same way when someone asks questions on aquida and manhaj, there is no need for condescending behavior.

    Shame we know there stances on usul of aquidah and yet dismiss it in practical terms.
  2. .:Amatullah:.

    .:Amatullah:. Active Member

    Maybe after seeing such a list you will appreciate what I was saying. For some issues, as simple as the number of ruwat needed for khabar to be mutawatir, there are differences. I asked for books/manuscripts of books, by Sharaf saab, Hazarvi saab, Sardar Ahmad Al-Mufti Al-A'azam, etc to know their stances on some usul related topics. THAT WAS ALL. There was no need for ANYONE to make witty and quite condescending remarks. Understanding pragmatics and the illocutionary force of words would go a long way when combined with properly reading things.

    Salaam to all and Allah reward you for your replies.
  3. .:Amatullah:.

    .:Amatullah:. Active Member

    For the classical works all one has to do is walk into Dar Al-Makkah! As for researched pieces of work from our sub continent end, then in the UK its hard to find anything. There is a text on Ilm Ghayb and Sihah Sitta by an Attari and I have managed to find Mufti Akhtar's ta'liqat on Sahih Al-Bukhari. I was told by a friend that Dawat e Islami is soon to publish Ala Hazrat's marginalia on Bukhari? How true is this? There is a manuscript form of it in Sultan Bahu Trust Library but not really readable.
  4. .:Amatullah:.

    .:Amatullah:. Active Member

    BarakAllahu feek. Not what I asked for but the gesture is appreciated.
  5. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    sometimes, properly reading things will also help.

    sub'HanAllah. if you want to fly a plane you shouldn't go investigating driving schools.

    you should first define your problem and then look for solutions. instead of shopping for solutions and try to see which one fits your particular problem.

    i am not talking about the capability of ulama in the subcontinent, but specialisation requires arabic and if it is arabic, there are numerous works on usul in arabic already.

    1. if you want to learn about basic mustalah, then your question of 'subcontinent-ulama' makes sense.

    2. if you are a researcher, then what stops you from referring to an-nukat ala kitab ibn as-SalaH by shaykh al-islam ibn Hajar and imam zarkashi?

    regardless, if you haven't read al-haad al-kaaf of alahazrat, you haven't seen anything.
  6. .:Amatullah:.

    .:Amatullah:. Active Member

    Asking brothers here for links/names/pdfs does not mean I have not asked my teachers. Also, I would appreciate it if you could name these commentaries and/or provide links. Otherwise I will google the names if you list them.

  7. .:Amatullah:.

    .:Amatullah:. Active Member

    Not to prove a point at all. Sometimes we should take things as they are and not over read them.

    I have come across many works written by non-sunnis dealing with specific issues as opposed to mustalah hadith in general. Including topics like weak ahadith in Bukhari, the type of ilm (Qat'i or Nadhari) inferred by khabar ahad/ khabar ahad in the sahihayn etc.

    These issues are differed on by major Imams. Answers may be attained by carrying out research and checking the numerous classical works in this discipline. But I prefer (call it narrow mindedness if you may) to know what our reliable akabir have said about an issue, then check the source books rather than carry out independent research and reach a conclusion by myself. Its like a safety net. This was the ONLY reason I wanted books on mustalah hadith by the likes of our teachers; Abdul Hakim Qadiri, Abdul Qayyum Hazarvi etc.

    If no one knows of any then it is best to say so instead of making assumptions.

    There MUST be works by the scholars from sub-continent but it seems no one here is aware of them. BarakAllahu fikum to all who have helped me out.
  8. kattarsunni

    kattarsunni Veteran

    The brother should ask the teachers he has studied with.

    There are many Arabic commentaries on 'Nuzhat' and 'Nukhbat' written by Sunni Ulama of the sub continent. These are published throughout the continent.
  9. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    in the translated version of ijaazatu'l matinah, there are a few pages in the back that have brief discussion of hadith terms.

    in the preface of the urdu translation of SaHiH al-bukhari by mawlana abdu'l Hakim akhtar shahjahnpuri.

    preface of the urdu translation of SaHiH Muslim by ghulam rasul sayidi

    preface of the urdu translation of Jamiy Tirmidhi by mawlana abdu'l Hakim akhtar shahjahanpuri (perhaps duplicate of the the first)

    jamiyu'l hadis is a collection of masayil, hadith etc culled from fatawa riDawiyh

    is it to prove a point or is it to learn? if you can read arabic, why not tadrib ar-rawi or dozens of other books?
  10. .:Amatullah:.

    .:Amatullah:. Active Member

    BarakAllahu feek.

    I do have this work; are there any commentaries on this text other than that of Al-Madinah Al-Ilmiyyah?

    There is also Zafar Al-Amani. Any other works? Anything by more recent ulema?
  11. Najibullah

    Najibullah New Member

    Muqaddima fi Usul il-Hadith by Shaykh Abdul Haqq Muhaddith ad-Dehlawi rahimahullah. It is a brief text in Arabic containing mainly definitions of various terminologies of ilm ul-hadith.
  12. .:Amatullah:.

    .:Amatullah:. Active Member

    Assalamu Alaykum

    Can anyone list some books on mustalah hadith by Ulema from sub-continent (other than Ala Hazrat's rasa'il in the fatawa); either independent works in urdu and arabic, or commentaries on classical manuals. Even publications containing their footnotes and marginalia will be appreciated.


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