Fadak and khatā

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    Does the word khatā by itself imply ghustakh when used for non-masūm creation?
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    Kanzul Ulama Hadrat Allamah Jalali has had some backlash on this issue. Allamah Jalali did not do gustakhi otherwise we'd have to go after Mawlana Ghulam Rasul Sa`idi for basically saying the same thing. See here:

    But perhaps the words Allamah Jalali used could have been better chosen (thus the backlash) and thus the need for wazahat. However, a shari` ruju and tawbah is not really needed IMHO.

    Mawlana Qasim Zia al Qadiri's answer:
  3. AbdalQadir

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    Ashraf Asif sahib released this video yesterday wherein he showed the passage of Sayyid Mihr Ali Shah sahib rahimahullah's book with the word khata in it.

    he said his critics have 24 hours to seriously explain in their own words the passage authored by Mihr Ali Shah sahib and how what he said is any different.

    if anyone knows of any video released today, please share (as he said, after a 24 hour wait, he will himself take those critics to task in light of the words of Mihr Ali Shah sahib and other Sunni scholars)

    all in all, this fiasco is the result of Sunnis giving leeway to jahil naatkhwans and pirs who are full on rafidis or tafdilis. this is what happens when the stage and the microphone are handed over to just any Sunni-pretender! let this be a lesson to all of us - to firstly learn the aqidah and usul of Sunniyat ourselves, and then to teach it to those around us, and to never compromise or show leniency to anyone who deviates from this even 1%, otherwise our children if not us will be the victims of such emotional blackmails from the hidden enemies of Sunnis

    he is right that it's a sad state of affairs when people (scholars and muftis) who call themselves Sunnis, don't know the abc's of Sunniyat and are working towards the agenda of the rafidis
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    Mufti Asif Jalali's actual words and some man trying to refute:

    Some Sunnis asking for ruju:

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