Fadak and khatā

Discussion in 'Aqidah/Kalam' started by AR Ahmed, Apr 4, 2023.

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    I believe that the shaykh was not given the full context, and was asked about using the word khata for Sayyidatun Nisa Fatimah raDiyAllahu anha casually; otherwise, in the second video, he clearly explains the correct opinion regarding khata and ismah.
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    Mawlana Shahid Imran Jalali's tahqiqi reply - including an explanation of Sayyidi Shaykh Abd al-Aziz hafizahullah's actual view on ismah and Fadak

    Note - the word mukhti that was mentioned in Sayyidi's original answer would be translated as khatakar not as on khata which is not what 'Allamah Jalali sahib madazillahu said. Sayyidi hafizahullah was misinformed by these kha'in people who asked him this question.
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    Stupid comparison.

    Imam Yusuf al-Nabhani writes:
    يجوز عقلا وشرعا وقوع التعدي من بعض الصحابة على بعض أهل البيت يجوز التعدي من بعض أهل البيت على بعض الصحابة، كما أنه يجوز الخطأ على هؤلاء وهؤلاء بمقتضى البشرية وعدم العصمة
    Al-Asalib al-Badi'a

    Chal, nabeel afzal, zara himmat karo aur imam Nabhani رضى الله عنه par fatwa laga

    i'm waiting.....
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    Can you please point out the exact phrase where takfir is done?

    Or was it an indirect inference?

    I had trouble understanding the audio.

    جزاك الله خيرا
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    Shahid should not attack Sh Asrar for criticising on khata issue as Dr Jalali is unreliable by having done severe takfir of Allamah Khadim Rizwi and comparing Allama Khadim to Tahir Qadri. Then afterwards he prays Allama Khadim's funeral without a retraction. Sh Asrar's comments were balanced and he criticised Irfan Shah for Unwarranted takfir too, a point ignored by Shahid and Aslam Bradfordi.

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    JazakAllah Sidi @Noori for attaching this.
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    @shahnawazgm Jazakallah Sidi for letting me know. Has the 'Alaamiya' with the aqeeda points and attestations been made public. In the video Mufti Sahib is reading from his phone so is there a link to this document?
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    AFAIK they haven't released a video. It is just an attestation to the points of aqueeda mentioned.
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    @Sunni Jaag @shahnawazgm sidis do you have a link to the meeting in Jamia Naeemia? Did the organisers release a public video?
  13. Waqar786

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    @Sunni Jaag Do you where I could find the original video of this meeting?
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    ulama of India mentioned here

  15. Waqar786

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    Really need to draw a line under the matter. The issue has been clarified so time to move on for all parties.
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    100 Major Ulema of Pakistan endorse Dr Jalali view.
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    The rules of the munazara are being set. The two parties have met and Munawwar Shah Bukhari is the facilitator for the debate.

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    Syed Munawwar Bukhari is better advised to return to the UK and concentrate on their Hajj/Umrah Travel business.

    Shah Sahib returning to the UK is a moot point as in recent years, they have spent the majority of their time in Pakistan.
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    Second part has now come up.

    The point I raised earlier was the lack of fear in swearing on Allah and the Quran. You can see in this clip that Munawwar Shah swears on the Quran that all the "Sunnis" in the world are with Irfan Shah.

    It is not a light matter swearing on the Quran and its a big disrespect. Is Munawwar Shah trying to imply that the vast majority of Sunnis who know that the Irfani tola are wrong and sided with tafzilis are actually not sunni any more? I believe this is what he is implying!

    We know the old saying "akhsar jhoota baat baat mein qasm khata hai"!

    Zero daleels, just emotional qasms....

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    Maybe at the very start and Maulana Inran shahid alludes to this, Shah sahib was willing to sort this out quietly. However, things changed when they reached Pakistan. There are conflicting reports from both camps about why a meeting between Jalali Sahib and Shah Sahib did not materialise.

    Syed Munawwar Bukhari and co are now in a very difficult position as the Sunni public has favoured Jalali Sahib. Seems like a futile final stand as they look to quietly retreat back to the UK.

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