Huzoor Taajush Shariah on Their Picture Being Taken

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Aqib alQadri, May 11, 2015.

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    "yes you used different words but
    the message your post #91 was giving was that Shah sahab has been conned into / tricked into / duped into / suckered into / cheated into / whatever into appearing on camera OR"

    sorry but you just cant put so many words into my mouth and then bail out by saying:

    "i'm not interested in semantics and comprehension on the forum anymore"

    words have meanings and I will never use such words unless I mean them.

    "and their videos being put on Madani channel without their consent"

    yes this is the point that I stand by.
  2. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    yes you used different words but

    the message your post #91 was giving was that Shah sahab has been conned into / tricked into / duped into / suckered into / cheated into / whatever into appearing on camera OR

    that either he (and other scholars like him) or the situation was abused (taken advantage of) and that all this is unethical and unIslamic.

    re-read your post.

    you mentioned Shah sahab and his stance, then talked about the disparity between word and action of some scholars, then mentioned cameras shoved at scholars and their videos being put on Madani channel without their consent. and then you say

    in my opinion, you were trying to get a certain message across but you failed in it.

    you told me in post #94

    and yet ask me in #98 where you said that

    i'm not interested in semantics and comprehension on the forum anymore, so no point dragging this any further. if you weren't giving that message, sorry but it sure appeared like you were trying to say that scholars are being conned (an act that is unethical and Islamic) into videos by the likes of Madani channel. if you were, then you need to bring in the relevant videos where the situation was abused or the scholar was exploited/conned/cheated/etc.
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    and I don't know what YOU are referring to by using the words 'duped' into. I will answer your post only after you show in which statement I said or hinted or insinuated that they were 'duped'.

    and the same goes for the following phrases:

    1. he was NOT duped or cheated
    2. that certainly doesn't amount to "not willingly consent" or being duped or cheated
  4. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    as far as Shah Sahab's specific video is concerned, in response to your remark

    his personal boundaries were NOT violated

    he was NOT duped or cheated or put in a corner or taken advantage of (unless the Madani reps lied to him and told him the cameras are off, or that they will only air the audio voice)

    and yes indeed this is allowed Islamically as Shah Sahab's consent is quite apparent in the video itself (and many other videos not shot by DI)

    i don't know which video you're referring to when you talk about people being duped into giving their views on DI, but this certainly isn't it.
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  5. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    this is the video in question. he is properly responding to the Madani reps by actually taking the microphone. that certainly doesn't amount to "not willingly consent" or being duped or cheated (unless the Madani reps said that they are asking for voice only for radio, or lied that the cameras are off). it is consent proper, willingly and knowingly, 150% (kamil hosh-o-hawas mein)

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  6. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    i am talking about the disparity itself

    his mawqif in words is indeed different to his action in deed

    unless he believes that videos can be done in extenuating circumstances for betterment of the awam (like the interview i linked) or to avoid fitnah for the larger good (like when he visits the US and people take his videos of his speeches*) - similar to the issue of photography for passports and id's etc.

    for the record, i think Shah sahab is an upright scholar. i think he believes it to be haram from a fiqh perspective but he is also realistic and knows that it can't be avoided ALWAYS, and i think this is the message he is conveying.

    in this bit, i am talking about this issue independently from DI posting his video/s on Madani channel

    * it would be stupid to bring up the video issue and drive people away in a western country where fitnah is rife and people need basics of imaniyat and very basic avoidance of fitnah like not marrying hindus, staying away from zina, alcohol etc.

    he didn't say that in the audio you linked.

    he said one person (probably a Madani channel rep) came to speak to him at the commissioner karachi's house when he was there for a meeting and asked his views on Milad Sharif, and he gave his views. this does not amount to "wanting to appear on Madani channel" or any other channel, and indeed he is right in saying that. only a fool would say that he wants to appear on Madani channel or wants to host his own show or something based on one view he gave to a reporter.

    again, i think what he is trying to say is that he believes it to be forbidden BUT also knows that he can't escape it at all times and places and so gives discretionary consent at times and places, as is apparent from his numerous other videos not shot by DI.

    he is a scholar with great respect in pakistan and if he as much as said "yeh camera meri taraf se hataiye, meri movie nahin banaiye" i don't think anyone would have dared to still shoot his movie.
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    please re-read my posts. I have clearly stated:

    a. the disparity between some scholars' words and actions on video/photos (for example mawalana farooq...
    b. they might not want to give their views on DI at all or at that point in time. Mawlana Waqar did not.

    Sayyid sahib has said that he did not willingly consent to his video being put on mc.

    that has nothing to do with whether he appears on videos elsewhere or not. His own statement carries more weight than anyone else.
  8. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    see here. you will find a lot of videos where it is 150% apparent that it's not some poor commoner shooting from his camera phone, but rather a properly shot video with the full consent of speaker and the camera staring in his face

    are all the videos here tricky situations?
  9. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    is this shoving a camera at his face point blank without his consent? it's a professionally done interview on a tv channel

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    This came as a surprise to me - sayyid turab ul haqq says his mawqif with regards to video is same as that of bareilly-shraeef (provided his statement is unedited):

    This also explains the disparity between some scholars' words and actions on video/photos (for example mawalana farooq rizvi sahab whose videos are available in the 'resources' section).

    It is completely unethical on part of those who shove cameras at scholars and then put them on madani channel without their consent. The scholar does not refuse to speak point blank out of consideration and avoiding fitnah. This is exactly what happened with Mawlana Waqar Ahmed Azizi sahab. He was forced to speak because of the tricky situation. The video is available on youtube and we can see how carefully he spoke.

    These people should learn to respect the scholars' personal boundaries and not take advantage of a public mehfil or their connections with the host to force people to give their 'views on dawateislami' then go ahead and post it all over the internet and channel. Is this even allowed islamically?

    This is what I had written in response to a question in pm. I am posting it here just to make my views on the subject clear.

    First of all brother, Yes I am a murid of hazrat biHamdillah but I am not a learned person so my personal opinion carries little weight. Besides, I am a shafi'i and so I need not follow any opinion from a hanfi mufti and as per the shafis video-graphy is jaiz, though even in the shafi madhhab the fatwa is that it is best (closer to taqwa) to avoid it.

    I presume that you are a hanafi so for you the situation is a little tricky. One thing I can say is that differing with one's pir in fiqhi matters does not make one a lesser murid so long as this difference is based upon solid sharai evidences and is due to some unavoidable circumstances/needs. We have many examples of this in the lives of great scholars and awliya of the past.

    Since quite a few hanafi scholars have given the fatwa of jawaz I think that it is valid for a hanafi to follow the opinion of those scholars in case of need such as 'ilm-e-deen. I do not think that azhari miyan or Allamah Zia ul Mustafa sahib have said that all these scholars are fussaaq. Ask your friend to show you a direct statement from either of them in this regard. I am almost certain that he can't.

    But if you feel uncomfortable going against the ruling of Hazrat then by all means avoid video-graphy and in fact this is the preferred opinion in both the hanafi and shafi madhhabs and is undoubtedly the safest path to take.

    All of this depends on what you are looking for and where you are located. If you are looking for short bayaans and things like that and do not have access to any sunni scholar or group which avoids video then you are hard pressed. You will have to do with whatever audio bayans are available online.

    But if you are looking for deep knowledge of deen then your situation is not that difficult. That is because deep knowledge which can be called a 'study' can anyways not be gained from bayans and one day seminars. For this you actually have to select a book or a few books and go to any upright scholar who is accessible to you and study it with him on a regular basis- dialy, weekly, monthly etc.
    Or if you are capable then you can even read sunni books on your own - and they can be a substitute for bayans.

    That is how deep and authentic knowledge is gained. Bayans are limited in their scope and are for those people who have no time to go to scholars. They have their importance too but if you cannot find a group which suits your fiqhi preferences then personal study is the best way to go.
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  12. Reflecting the True Meaning of Iman Kufr and Takfeer by Shaykh Muhammad Akhtar Rida al Azhari may Allah Ta'ala protect him.

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    URS-E-ALAHAZRAT -- Part 2

    it is near the end.
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    Its not bid'a because a spade is a spade.

    "It is also incredible stupidity to say that it is only contigently impossible (mustaheeel 'araadi) for Allah to lie, for it were not absolutely impossible that Allah should lie, then how would one know that it is mutaheel 'araadi??? Mustaheel 'araadi is when something is possible, like the existence of any created thing, but Allah tells us that it will not be, such as a mukallaf kaafir entering Paradise. That is, it is rationally possible for a kaafir to enter Paradise, but contingently impossible, because Allah has told us that this will never happen, as this is His decree. So if it was not absoultely impossible that Allah should lie, then how would they know that his information about him not lying was correct? This is nothing less than zandaqah, extremem kufr, it is to put doubt in religion as a whole, let alone contradicting that Allah's kalaam is not created"
  15. tahiri minhaji supporters agree and pray behind the innovators. if you didnt know the filth that they try to throw on ala hazrats paak daman pristine character has been refuted by allama abd ul hakeem sharf qadri alaih rehmah in his al barailvia ka tahqiqi o tanqidi jaiza

    and by many other ulama e ahl e sunnat wa jamaat

    please read the books of the ala hazrat imam e ahle sunnat ash shah imam ahmad raza khan barelvi alaih rehmah and act according to them.

    hazrat e maulana allama professor dr kokab noorani okarvi mentioned in his speech that dr tahir ul qadri said infront of him that "ala hazrat ka fatwa drust tha magar qabil e amal nahin" , astaghfirullah now if you have people like that claiming to be followers and sunni that explains the state that we are in.

    sort your own house out first, that should be your priority
  16. hayaa

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    I think a bigger masla than Hazrats photo being taken is people calling his greatgrand father kafir like in the link i pasted. Has he written or spoken about that?
  17. Power point presentation of the Islamic University established by Shaykh al Islam Taaj ush Shariah Mufti Akhtar Rida al Azhari al Qadiri hafizahullahu Ta'ala, Jamiat al Rida (Jamiat ur Raza) Bareilly Sharif, Hind.

    The files could not be uploaded.
  18. The ruling on Qawwali with musical instruments by A'ala Hadrat Shaykh al Islam al Mujaddid al Aazam Imam Ahmad Rida al Qadiri al Barkaati rahimahullahu Ta'ala

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  19. A related question: what is the quality and standard of mufti sahib's work? I know his followers will say it is unequalled in it's brilliance but since I don't know Arabic I can't tell if his work is good or not. What do the Arabs think?
    Also does anyone know where the shaykh's alleged reply to shaykh Nuh has gotten? I mufti sahib's English good enough to do justice to the task?
    Maybe he should write it in Arabic and get one of his English native speaking murids to translate? Sorry to say I've heard the English of many of the subcontinental scholars and it leaves a lot to be desired .

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