Sayyiduna Ameer Muawiyah رضي الله ﺗﻌﺎﻟﯽٰ عنه

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  1. It is enough of a proof if the Imam of this stature in Fiqh and Hadith quotes this.
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    when one stubbornly becomes the follower of a zindiq like tahir, this kind of idiotic questions can be expected.

    i think he has mistaken the opinion about yazid for that of his father.

    you can read any number of aqidah texts and that clearly say that we love all the SaHabah. amir mu'awiyah IS a sahabi and therefore, we should love them as companions. as for what happened among the SaHabah themselves, we know that mawla ali raDiyallahu anhu was in the right

    this is the result of staying with a madaari for a long time. abu lahab was a kafir, amir mu'awiyah is a muslim and a sahabi. you may not understand this simple difference which any muslim would know - but you and your madaari peer see no difference, so your confusion is expected. you should ask the madaari the difference between abu Talib and amir mu'awiyah and give it in writing. i won't be surprised if he says or swears more false oaths - besharam swore an oath the qur'an in public and on TV and was promptly belied!

    because imam Hasan raDiyallahu anhu handed him the khilafah and accepted him as khalifah. learn some history please. this is the point which many tafzilis miss - indeed, hazrat mu'awiyah was deemed a rebel when he was fighting against mawla ali, but after the sulH with imam Hasan in 41 AH, muslims buried the differences and became one again. the sayyid made peace between two groups of muslims. this is hadith of bukhari #7109:

    bukhari, 7109.jpg

    this would be similar to mentioning noble SaHabah who were imprisoned in badr prior to their becoming muslims; but after their becoming muslims, if a man keeps repeating their indiscretion before they were muslims, it only shows the dirt of his own insides and we should not mention that.

    sub'HanAllah. in the hadith, it says: "if one conceals the flaws of his brothers, Allah ta'ala will conceal his flaws" and if indeed, the SaHabah - being human and not sinless prophets - made errors, we should keep quiet. for the mere reason that they attained the suHbah of RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam and no amount of worship, piety, effort and achievement will equal that one attribute.


    remember this whenever you defend your murtad shaykh - what if he did so and so. when he became a murtad, showing his 'achievements' are of no use.

    what does this mean? are you implying that amir mu'awiyah raDiyallahu anhu was al-iyadhu billah, a murtad? i know that you are shameless scoundrel, but people should protest against this scoundrel and ask him to do tawbah publicly for implying that hazrat mu'awiyah was a murtadd. al-iyadhu billah.

    these are scoundrels who have excuses for cross-worshippers and wax so eloquently on how to be nice etc. but sub'HanAllah, when talking about the SaHabah of the Prophet sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam, they cannot recall that hypocritical 'adab' they preach concerning kuffar. as they are shameless luka'a, you can expect little decency.

    the problem is that the stupid mind of this minhaji scoundrel cannot comprehend the simple fact, that being SaHabi for a minute is enough for us to keep quiet about that SaHabi and his indiscretions, if any. brothers should demand this minhaji to repent from his insinuation that hazrat mu'awiyah raDiyallahu anhu was, al-iyadhu billah, a murtadd.

    na'udhu billah. na'staghfirullah. nas'alu Allaha al-`afiyah.
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    Is this dajjal trying to apply the sukoot that Imam-e-Azam (RA) did for yazeed paleed against the great sahabi Hazrat Ameer Muawiya (RA)? This minhaji jahil cannot even mention the great sahabi's name with respect!

    It has always been the way of the Ahle Sunnat to love each and every companion of our Master Swallalahu Alaihi Wasallam, including Hazrat Ameer Muawiya (RA). What more proof do we need when the Holy Prophet (SAWS) himself declared his love for Hazrat Ameer Muawiya!

    [Narrated Sayyidah Umme Habeeba (RA), Majma' az-Zawaid Vol. 9, Page 441, Hadith 15923]
    Verily Allah and his Prophet love Muawiya.

    It is typical of a munafiq to go against Allah's Rasool!

    The nasibi line has always been a shia favourite, to such an extent that they probably cannot even phrase a sentence without it when speaking to a sunni. Rather what he said actually meant that he is a person who has left the folds of the Ahle Sunnat due to his shia leanings. His master, the big dajjal, Dr Tahir ul Padri is in fact declared a Murtad. His master also openly declared and believes that Sunni and Shia are two sides to the same coin (of Islam)... Nauzubillah!

    The same wife, the mother of the Mu-mineen, Sayyidah Umme Habeeba, whom Allah's Beloved Prophet himself declared his love for!

    All the remaining things are the typical bakwas that has already been responded to in detail by the Ahle Sunnat scholars.

    Like Ala Hazrat (RA) mentioned - those who speak ill of Hazrat Muawiya (RA) are from amongst the dogs of hell.

    Very soon InshAllah they will all realize the extent of their punishment for disrespecting the great sahabi!
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    What are the learned brothers thoughts?

    Dr.Umar (graduate of minhaj uni):

    Our way is to remain silent on Amir Muawiyah unless remaining silent would undermine the truth...

    But it has never been the way of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah to declare love for Amir Muawiyah (!)

    This is nothing but Nasibi influence among ASWJ. The titles given to him are all meaningless.

    - Brother of Wife of The Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
    * What does that mean ? What about Abu Lahab ?? Was he not the Uncle of The Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ?

    - Ameer ul Momineen?? He revelled against the just Ameer ul Momineen Imam Ali as
    How can you call him Ameer ul Momineen??

    - Kaatib e Wahi ? So what ? There were Katibeen e Wahi that did Kitabat for more than 15 years and yet they became Murtad.
    The 2 years that he did (let's assume) give him immunity for all that he did ...?

    If we can't promote the truth than at least do not twist the truth or fabricate ...
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  7. FaqirHaider

    FaqirHaider اللَه المقدر والعالم شؤون لا تكثر لهمك ما قدر يكون

    Hazrat Imam Ali (رضى الله عنه , قدس الله سره )
    Has been givin spiritual authority and responsibilities for taken care of the world.

    A High Maqam indeed , he is the Master of the 40 Spiritual Ways.

    Hazrat Imam Abu Bakr Siddique (رضى الله عنه , قدس الله سره ) is the master of the Naqshbandi way; thier spiritual responsibilites have not been disclosed

    Hazrat Umar ibn Khattab (رضى الله عنه , قدس الله سره )
    Hazrat Uthmam al Ghani (رضى الله عنه , قدس الله سره )

    both also had a silsilah which became obsolete later in time ; and their spiritual duties are also not disclosed (from my little knowledge of the subject).

    We have to leave these historical polemics , if we wish to have true nisbat will the Hazraats (عليهم زضوان). Follow the mainstream opinion of Ahlus Sunnah, which is the the Shaykhain are indeed Afzal. This will not infringe in anyway onces attachment to the Distinguished Hazraat. For instance one may have a stringer nisbat with Sayyiduna Imam Ali, than Sayyiduna Imam Abu Bakr , or Vice-Versa, but one cannot claim that because of this spiritual/experiantial proximity of that , now The Prior is superior to the ladder.

    Nizamuddin if you really do Love Hazrat Ali ( رضى الله عنه , قدس الله سره ) and if you believe he was given access to drink from the fountain Wisdom in the City of Knowledge (ﷺ ), then you would not dwelve into these debates and accept things for what they are; and keep your views private.
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    Well done and well spotted! You deserve a pat on the back. Not long now to become mufakkir
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    Yes, I saw that smuggling by Mawlana Farashwi. Misquoting al-Baqilani.
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    I saw the first 30 min of that tauba on ummah channel (rather Muslim Ummah Channel) live yesterday. If anyone has the recording can they please post it?

    Right at the start I saw arrogance from Muzammil Shah before they gave him the tauba to read out on tv (which he had signed beforehand). Kept on insisting that he was only cursing yazeed paleed and he always agreed with the contents of the tauba. He had to be calmed down a bit at the start.

    I was reading his body language all along, especially when Farashvi sahib was mentioning that there is also an ijma on Shaykhain being more afzal (hard to change years of his disagreement of "ijma"!).

    Allah Taala knows best what is within the hearts so best to leave it here for the time being.

    One thing that I would like to add is for people to stop putting these people on a pedestal anymore. They should in fact be embarassed with themselves and voluntarily step down from their "peeri and faqiri". In fact embarassment is the true sign of tauba, so rather than continuing the band wagon of taking "common folk" under their wing as mureeds rather better spend their time at the feet of the ulema-e-Haq as mureeds themselves learning the true deen.
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    Looks like sunni pressure and reluctancey on his behalf.... lets hope it was genuine insha'Allah... but this guy has a track record
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    Alhumdulillah, Sayyid Muzzamil Shah made public tawba for his comments about Sayyiduna Ameer Muawiyah (radi'Allahu anh).
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    Hasnain Bukhari with "last but not least, pir sayyid muzammil"
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    The quote: Once bitten, twice shy comes to mind the ex old guard of molvi abdul qadir should be shunned, they don't benefit the Ahle Sunnah... as brother shahnawazgm said "These people will change colour faster than a chameleon"
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    You have mistranslated this by adding Sayyiduna Mu'awiya raDyAllahu anhu blessed name the second time at the end. Clearly Sayyiduna 'Ammar bin Yasir raDyAllahu 'anhu is emphasizing the QAUM of Sayyiduna Mu'awiya and the QAUM of Sayyiduna 'Ali karamAllahu wajhu. This is also clear that there were rebels who wanted Muslims to fight among the Syrians.

    No where can i see Sayyiduna 'Ammar bin Yasir raDyAllahu 'anhu reprimanding Sayyiduna Mu'awiya raDyAllahu 'anhu as a fasiq, baghi, rebel that must be fought. Nor can i see him implicating Sayyidah 'Ayesha raDyAllahu 'anha and other Sahaba al Kiraam including Sayyiduna Talha and Sayyiduna Zubayr riDwanAllahu ajma'een[/QUOTE]
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    Imam abu bakr al-jassas al-hanafi (d. 370 ) in his ahkam al-quran volume 3, page 400 says:

    "Ali Ibn Abi talib fought the rebels with the sword and with him were great sahaba and people of badr and he was on the right with fighting them and no one thinks otherwise except for the rebel party and their supporters and the Prophet(saww) told Ammar that you will be killed by the rebels and this hadith is mutawatir"


    Of course, no Sunni will ever say Imam 'Ali karamALlahu wajhu was mistaken in this part of Islamic history.
  17. Wadood

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    4. Prominent aqidah text of ahlesunnat taught in darse nizami: sharah al-mawaqif by Imam Sayyid Shareef al-Jurjani

    والذى عليه الجمهور من الامة وهو ان المخطئ قتلة عثمان و محاربو علي فانهما امامان فيحرم القتل و المخالفة قطعا الا ان بعضهم كلقاضي ابي بكر ذهب الى ان هذه التخطية لاتبلغ حد التفسيق و منهم من ذهب الى التفسيق كلشيعة وكثيرمن اصحابنا

    "Upon which the majority of the Ummah are is that those who killed Usman and fought with Ali were in error because they were both rightful imams and it is certainly haram to kill and oppose them. Some like qazi abu bakr considered their error as not reaching fisq but those who considered this as fisq are the shiah and MOST of our scholars."


    Imam Sayyid Jurjani is mentioning about most of our Sunni scholars who held such an opinion. And what is that opinion? That the rebels in both the incidents [ and who were hiding in both the armies ] were fasiq. No where does it say that Sayyiduna Mu'awiya raDyALlahu 'anhu was a fasiq. astaghfiruAllah ul 'Azeem. That is a stretch that you are implying.

    This quote is clear. There were baghis within both Sayyiduna 'Ali karamAllahu wajhu army and in the army of Sayyiduna Mu'awiya raDyAllahu 'anhu. Those who martyred Sayyiduna 'Uthman raDyAllahu 'anhu were hiding in the armies of Maula 'Ali karamAllahu wajhu. Against them Sayyida 'Ayesha raDyAlllahu 'anha asked for justice and rose up at Jamal.
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    Does it make any difference even if they denounce? Are we forgetting that we are talking about the same Zahid Shah who not long ago did Gustaakhi in the shaan of Nabi Adam Alaihi Salaam. These people will change colour faster than a chameleon so their stance no longer matters. The only thing that comes from them is fitna.

    May Allah protect the ummah from their likes
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    Brother @Nawazuddin . shawkani is not an AhleSunnat scholar and neither is he an imam. He is a former Zaydi Tafzili shi'a turned salafi. you are speaking like the current wave of twelver propaganda spreading over Khaleej, 'Iraq, Lebanon, and across the twelver shiite world. Seems like copy and paste.

    It is not black and white as you are making it out to be. Sayyiduna Mu'awiya raDyAllahu 'anhu was not fighting Imam'Ali raDyAllahu 'anhu, but the unjust elements in Imam 'Ali's army. Imam 'Ali did not want fitnah to happen and was on the right for not letting fitnah to happen. But the unjust elements in Sayyiduna Mu'awiya and the unjust elements in Sayyiduna Maula Ali's army wanted fitnah to happen. That is the reason why Sayyiduna Ammar said who is right and whose ijtihad was mistaken.

    Brother @Nawazuddin, are you saying Sayyidah 'Ayehsa raDyAllahu anha was a Baghi / rebel too ? Did Maula 'Ali karamAllahu wajhu consider her a Baghi ?

    There were Baghis within the army of Sayyiduna Mu'awiya raDyAllahu anhu, and there were also baghis within the army of Maula 'Ali karamAllahu wajhu, and they wanted the Muslims to fight. Maula 'Ali karamAllahu wajhu was right in stopping the Muslims to fight, and Sayyiduna Mu'awiya ijithad was mistaken in calling for justice for the martyrdom of Syyiduna Uthman raDyAllahu 'anhu, which was done by rebels hiding inside Maula 'Ali karamAllahu wajhu army.

    Sayyiduna 'Ammar raDyAllahu 'anhu was indeed martyred by rebels, but these rebels were hiding in the army of Sayyiduna Mu'awiya raDyAllahu 'anhu. Who knows. They could be even the ones hiding in the army of Maula 'Ali karamAllahu wajhu.

    The shiite twelvers, seveners, fivers (zaydis of yemen - and it started with them originally as they are the earliest shiite sect ), have this confusion that exists currently to such a big extent.
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