Fadak and khatā

Discussion in 'Aqidah/Kalam' started by AR Ahmed, Apr 4, 2023.

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    For a change nothing about the tafzilis, but this video has surfaced that is pro Dr Jalali. Didn't see the complete bayan but stopped it as soon as they started to make a comparison between Dr Jalali sahib and Imam Rabbani!

    Well as a start you cannot make a comparison between Dr Jalali sahib being jailed and the efforts of Imam Rabbani (ra) in countering Akbar's fitna. The latter was a mujaddid whereas Dr Jalali won't even come a million miles close to him.

    We are not pro Jalali (I hadn't even heard much about him before this tafzili fitna) but rather we are pro shariah and we should always stay within the boundaries!

    Any forms of excessive exaggeration of personalities ought to be stopped.

  3. Waqar786

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    Also according to Shah Sahib the fatwa has been put on and the issue has been dealt with. If this is correct (evidently not), then why is the need to keep bringing it up and holding 'conferences' about it. It shows one of two things, they are desperately trying to keep 'support' on board or they have been 'assigned' this task, so just carrying out instructions.

    If Shah Sahib and co were/are really sincere, they should be putting all their efforts or at least the same amount of effort in refutung the issue in France. Demand an apology from Macron and refer to him as a 'Walad ul Haraam'.
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    All these points are moot until first Shah Sahib and co prove that what Jalali sahib said was gustakhi. Apparently, according to the student of Jalali sahib, Shah Sahib's camp are appealing to the agencies to not to release Jalali Sahib and that he should be punished.
    Like the student said, Shah Sahib and co should appear in court and give their evidences. in my opinion, the court should order them to appear and if it is proven that it was just false propaganda, then Shah Sahib and co should be adequately punished.
    However, oppression has a limit and a time will come that the oppressors and charlatans will get their due.
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    i wanted to mention that I tried to find the quote of what sayyid irfan shah sahib was saying (re: sabb of Hazrat Sayyida Fatima radhiyAllahu anha being kufr kalami and eqiuvalent of Sabb of Huzur ﷺ )

    I could only find one reference from Faydh al-qadir Sharh jami` al-saghir vol 4 (juz al rabi`) p. 421 and even that the author says that Imam ibn Hajar says regarding this qawl that "fihi nazar" indicating the ulama disagree with this


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  6. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    oh yeah, if anyone sees it, please post irfan shah's video screaming punjabi gaallan at macron.

    as for khadim rizvi saab, what's his latest bayan?
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    Khadim Rizvi sahib had led the march against the Dutch Devils last time and apparently, Jalali sahib is still the chair of of the Labbayk movement - whose willing to stand in their shoes now?

    The defenders of ahle-bayt - where are they?
  8. Unbeknown

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    listening to his speeches and tall claims - feels so much like déjà vu - najisul padri all over again.
  9. Brother Barry

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    The latest on Irfani Mia's embracing the dark side.
    Is it all born out of pure hatred or is there someone in the shadows pulling his strings.

    Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice.
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    Here we see Irfan Shah himself had a totally different opinion on Fadak back in 2017 where he even acknowledged that Sayyidah Fatima Zahra (ra) was angry initially when she got refused by Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (ra) when she asked for fadak. And now after joining forces with tafzilis and rafizis he argues that she did not even ask for Fadak and tries to disprove the sanads! And on another note without mentioning the term 'khata' he does seemingly acknowledge the same as well!

    It must have been tough for 'poor' Nabeel to keep track of his "peers" opinions over time, no wonder all the blunders in the process of defending his master!

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    Nabeel's blunders
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    By going against the jamaat Irfan Shah is just further losing respect in the eyes of the masses.

    There was another video posted on YouTube about how empty one of his latest mehfils was which shows that people are recognising him gradually.

    He has not yet reached the level of PAQ but he is definitely following his footsteps in quoting names of previous big ulema in front of the lay public fooling them into believing that he follows their creed!
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    now irfan shah only knows how to drop names, he has chosen to go down the tafzili, rafizi routs, he has forgotten that;

    انما الاعمال بالخواتیم

    i don't know how chaman zaman would defend irfan shah after his latest blunders, and we yet have to see which camp he sits with now. he wrote a book in defense of Sayyiduna Muawiyyah raDiyAllahu anh, i don't know if he will reject/refute himself or irfan shah.
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    Looks like there is a bigger game being played here

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  16. Waqar786

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    That's a fair point.
  17. Sunni Jaag

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    I believe Allah TaAllah wanted to expose these pseudo peers for who they actually are and this Jalali episode was the means for this purpose.

    This is the good that has come out of this and it is actually causing a lot of people to learn the principles of deen through this.

    Irfan Shah and his groups fallacies are continually being exposed and it has been raising awareness in many people.
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  19. Noori

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    no, it is the opposite, jalali sahab's release is not as important as refuting these jali khao peers.

    also, don't think that jalali sahab's team won't be doing anything to get him released asap, but there is a lot of lobbying behind it, and agencies have their motives too. he will be released one-day inshaAllah, but the disease these khao peers are spreading in common people may continue for a long time and difficult to cure, so it requires serious treatment and exposing the depth of knowledge irfan shah sahab is touted for.
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    This before and after is really hurting Shah Sahib. Seems like this tro and fro has got some legs yet but if I were Jalali sahib's team, I would just leave them to it. Just focus on getting Jalali Sahib released

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