Mufakkir e Rawafid of Walthamstow

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    Happy Birthday to Mufakkir Sahib

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  2. AbdalQadir

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    lol, in that second video, the only thing left for mufakkir e miraasian was to break down and cry!
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    mufakkir ph.d is saying he has 100 endorsements from muftees including neefa from the vegetable market

    mufakkir goes he did his ph.d after the age of 70 and then a ll.m. he goes why would i say things that earn the wrath of Allah after doing a ph.d! this is all said in the last two minutes.

    mufakkir also goes in his gujarkhani lingo that swearing in a debate shows one has no proof

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  4. Ghulam

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    mufakkir graduated from a early age when he didn't have a beard and people started mentioning him in books, his students started debating

    mufakkir also talks about a fight he had at school

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    mufakkir was born in 1935 and partition was in 1947, which means he was 12 years old at the time of partition. assuming that 'graduation' is not a relative term such as 'graduated from kindergarten' and it means graduate level studies, mufakkir sahib can claim to be youngest graduate of a reputed university at age 12.
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    Mumkin hai kai tum jisko samajthe ho Baharaan,
    Auron kee nigahon mai wo mausam ho khizaan ka!

    mufakkir's bio he now has a ph.d from Madinah University. not sure which university his second ph.d is from. he is also a graduate of Fathehpur lol

    'At a very young age, he graduated from the great Institution in Fatehpur, Old Delhi (Before partition of Pakistān' he should write a travelogue like dalrymple

    Hudūr Mufakkir-e-Islām (The Great Thinker Of Islam) Pir Syed Dr. ‘Abd al-Qādir Shāh al-Jilānī (hafīdha hullāh) was born on the 14th of December 1935 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He was born to the great scholar of the time Pir Syed Walāyat Shāh al-Jilānī (‘alaīhi al-rahma).

    Hudūr Mufakkir al-Islām’s Genealogy is linked to Sultan al-Awliyâ Ghawth al-Azām Shaykh Syed ‘Abd al-Qādir Shāh al-Jilānī (radhī Allāhu ‘anh) by 22 links. The eldest son of Hudūr Ghawth al-Azām, Hudūr Shāh ‘Abd al-Wahāb (radhī Allāhu ‘anh) is from whose lineage Hudūr Mufakkir al-Islām is linked with. Mufakkir al-Islām is from a Hasanī Jilānī Family, and Mufakkir al-Islām is from a family where both mother and father are Sayyid’s (Urdu Term: Najīb ut-Tarifain Syed).

    Before the Birth of Hudūr Mufakkir al-Islām, Hudūr Ghawth al-Azām (radhī Allāhu ‘anh) came in the dream of His Father Sayyid Walāyat Shāh al-Jilānī (‘alaīhi al-rahma) and gave him glad tidings about the birth of a boy. He then gave order (in the dream) that the boy should be named same as me (‘Abd al-Qādir Shāh al-Jilānī), hence Hudūr Mufakkir al-Islām’s name is the same as Ghawth al-Azām. Hudūr Mufakkir al-Islām’s mother did name him Husaīn however the name is not used for Hudūr.

    Hudūr Mufakkir al-Islām is not given the title “Mufakkir al-Islām (Thinker of Islām)” for no reason. His great knowledge of Islām which still leaves people in awe was the reason why scholars entitled him as the Thinker of Islam. Hudūr Mufakkir al-Islām have done a PhD from Madina University and a LLB from Punjab University. He is a great Mūfassir of the Qur’ān, a Mūhaddith and Fāqih (Jurist). He is a master in Islāmic Normative Sciences such as: Ilm al-Tafsīr, Uthool al-Tafsīr, Philosophy (Mantiq), Etymology (Sarf) , Syntax (Nahv), Grammar, Eloquence (Balāghat), Belief (Aqīda), History (Tarīkh). He has a great command in Arabic, English, Pashto, Persian, Punjabi & Urdu and can address his point in all of these languages and talk to his students and Murīds in any of the above languages. This is the reason why the world knows him as Mufakkir al-Islām. Hudūr Mufakkir al-Islām once narrated that those who started of as his teachers became students of him in the future. At a very young age, he graduated from the great Institution in Fatehpur, Old Delhi (Before partition of Pakistān). Many great scholars have graduated from there including the great Mujaddid (Reviver) Sayyidinā Pīr Mehr `Alī Shāh (qadas Allāhu sirrahu al-`azīz). He also studied under the teacher of Kāmara, who was un-matched in the fields of linguistic sciences such as Syntax (Sarf) , Etymology (Nahv) & Eloquence (Balāghat) (The age of the Teacher was 120 yrs. old when Hudūr Mufakkir al-Islām studied with them). He also studied under the great teacher of Budho, Ustlādh al-Arab wal-Ajam Mawlānā Muhammad Dīn Sahib (álayhi al-rahma), who is the teacher of many great Scholars. The speciality of Hudūr Mufakkir al-Islām is that he studied each science under teachers who were masters of the science, hence making Hudūr Mufakkir al-Islām’s knowledge much greater than the average scholar.

    Hudūr Mufakkir al-Islām set the foundations for the Central Association of Ahl al-Sunnah wa Jama’at UK & Europe in the late 1970s, which is the largest platform of Ahl al-Sunnah wa Jama’ah scholars in Europe. Hudūr Mufakkir al-Islām also started the ‘Darul Uloom Qādria Jilānīa’ institution, which has many bases around the world. Hudūr Mufakkir al-Islām also leads the Largest Annual Mawlid un-Nabī Procession in London (Walthamstow) which attracts tens of thousands of devotees of RasūlAllāh (sall Allāhu ‘alaīhi wa ālihi wa sallam) and hundreds of Scholars from around the world every year.

    The Great Thinker Of Islam Pir Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani - SunniTV

    They lead Jummah Salāh at Dār ul-Uloom Qādria Jilānīa, 12 East Avenue, London. In Pakistan, Hudūr Mufakkir al-Islām lead Jummah Salāh at the Jāmia Masjid of Tench Bhatta, Rawalpindi.

    Hudūr Mufakkir al-Islām is from a family which is known widely for their great spiritual present and power. There are many incidents of Hudūr Mufakkir al-Islām where he has performed Karamāts (Miracles).

    May Allāh keep us in the blessed shadows of Hudūr Mufakkir al-Islām. Āmīn.
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    I have received a message from a mureed of Pir Abdul Qadir with the references Muffakir uses to insult Sayiduna Imam Muhammad Bin Hanifya, these were also used by Mufti Ghulam Rasul Jamatti in his book Hasb O Nasab. Pir Abdul Qadir ain't keen on Hafiz Ibn Katheer and usually has a go at him for being a student of Ibne Taymiyyah, yet has firm belief on all this took from his books:

    Aslamialikkum here are references that are even more damaging to our cause. Supporting praising is worse than taking money and giving bayah.
    As you can see there are many accounts:

    Ansaabul ashraaf 5/17 Al Maktaba al shamilah)

    Hafidh Ibn Katheer has related in Al Bedayah wan nehayah (11/653)

    Ibn Katheer 11/642 Markazul buhooth)

    .[Al-Bidayah wa Al-Nihayah for IbnKatheer,vol.8,p.236]

    Ibn Kathir himself writes in ‘al Bidayah’ Volume 8 page 1169 “Dhikr Yazeed bin Muawiya”:

    Al Bidayah Wal Nihayah (Urdu), Vol 8 Page 1169, Nafees Academy Karachi

    فيروي البلاذري أن محمد بن علي بن أبي طالب - المعروف بابن الحنفية - دخل يوماً على يزيد بن معاوية بدمشق ليودعه بعد أن قضى عنده فترة من الوقت ، فقال له يزيد ، و كان له مكرماً : يا أبا القاسم ، إن كنت رأيت مني خُلُقاً تنكره نَزَعت عنه ، و أتيت الذي تُشير به علي ؟ فقال : والله لو رأيت منكراً ما وسعني إلاّ أن أنهاك عنه ، وأخبرك بالحق لله فيه ، لما أخذ الله على أهل العلم عن أن يبينوه للناس ولا يكتموه ، وما رأيت منك إلاّ خيراً .( أنساب الأشراف للبلاذري 5/17 المكتبة الشاملة)

    Allamah Baladhry narrates that Muhammad bin Ali bin Abi Talib-famously known as Ibnul Hanafiyyah- once came to bid farewell to Yazeed when departing from Damascus after spending some time with him. Yazeed said to him (and he always honoured him): “Oh Abul Qasim, if you had seen any bad quality in me (inform me so that) I can reform. And I can practice on the advice you give me.” Ibnul Hanafiyyah responded: By the oath of Allah, if I saw any evil in you it would be incumbent on me to prohibit you and inform you of the truth for the pleasure of Allah because Allah has made it binding on the people of knowledge to speak the truth and not conceal it. However, I NEVER SAW ANY EVIL IN YOU. (Ansaabul ashraaf 5/17 Al Maktaba al shamilah)

    In the above narrations, the brother of Husain (R.A), Ibnul Hanafiyyah (R.A), testifies that he never saw Yazeed perpetrating any evil. In another narration he denies that Yazeed ever drank wine, omitted prayers or exceeded the laws of the Quraan. Ibnul Hanafiyyah (R.A) also talks of Yazeed’s perpetuity on salaah, his love for good, his thirst for knowledge and attachment to the sunnah.

    نقل الحافظ ابن كثير في البداية والنهاية (11: 654) أن عبد الله بن مطيع مشى هو وأصحابه إلى محمد بن علي بن أبي طالب ( المعروف بابن الحنفية ) فأرادوه على خلع يزيد ، فأبى عليهم ، فقال ابن مطيع : إن يزيد يشرب الخمر ، ويترك الصلاة ، ويتعدى حكم الكتاب . فقال لهم : ما رأيت منه ما تذكرون ، وقد حضرته ، وأقمت عنده ، فرأيته مواظبا على الصلاة ، متحريا للخير ، يسأل عن الفقه ، ملازما للسنة . قالوا : فإن ذلك كان منه تصنعا لك . فقال : وما الذي خاف مني أو رجا حتى يظهر إلى الخشوع ؟ أفأطلعكم على ما تذكرون من شرب الخمر ؟ فلئن كان أطلعكم على ذلك إنكم لشركاؤه ، وإن لم يكن أطلعكم فما يحل لكم أن تشهدوا بما لم تعلموا . قالوا : إنه عندنا لحق وإن لم نكن رأيناه . فقال لهم أبى الله ذلك على أهل الشهادة فقال : إِلَّا مَنْ شَهِدَ بِالْحَقِّ وَهُمْ يَعْلَمُونَ ( الزخرف : 86 ) ، ولست من أمركم في شيء . قالوا : فلعلك تكره أن يتولى الأمر غيرك ، فنحن نوليك أمرنا . قال : ما أستحل القتال على ما تريدونني عليه تابعا ولا متبوعا . قالوا ؟ فقد قاتلت مع أبيك ؟ قال : جيئوني بمثل أبي أقاتل على مثل ما قاتل عليه . فقالوا : فمر ابنيك ؟ أبا القاسم والقاسم بالقتال معنا . قال : لو أمرتهما قاتلت . قالوا : فقم معنا مقاما يحض الناس فيه على القتال . قال : سبحان الله . آمر الناس بما لا أفعله ولا أرضاه ؟ إذن ما نصحت لله في عباده . قالوا : إذن نكرهك . قال : إذن آمر الناس بتقوى الله ، وألا يرضوا المخلوق بسخط الخالق ( وخرج إلى مكة ) .

    Hafidh Ibn Katheer has related in Al Bedayah wan nehayah (11/653) that Muhammad bin Mutee and his companions came to Muhammad bin Ali bin Abi Talib (famously known as Ibnul Hanifiyyah) and desired that he removes Yazeed (from the post of a leader). Ibnul Hanafiyyah blatantly refused. Ibnul Mutee remarked: “Verily Yazeed consumes wine, omits prayers and trespasses the laws of the Quran.” Ibnul Hanafiyyah responded: “I never found him to be how you mention. Instead I stayed by him and found him PUNCTUAL ON PRAYERS, PURSUING GOOD, ASKING MATTERS OF DEEN AND STEADFAST ON THE SUNNAH.” To this they said: “He did this only to impress you” Ibnul Hanafiyyah answered: “What was there for him to fear or have hope in me that he had to show so much humility? Should I inform you of the reality of your accusation that he used to drink wine? If I inform you, you (would realize) you are his partners. If I don’t inform you it would not be permissible for you to bear testimony on what you don’t know.” They said: “This news (of Yazeed’s evil) is true, even though we did not see him personally (carry out any of those evils).”Ibnul Hanafiyyah (R.A) responded: “Allah does not accept that from those bearing testimony.” Then he recited the verse ‘…except those who bear testimony to the truth knowingly.’ And said: “Therefore I have nothing to do with what you say.” Thereupon Ibn Mutee and his companions remarked: “Perhaps you dislike someone besides yourself to be the leader. We would make you our leader.” Ibnul Haniffiya replied: I do not regard it permissible for me to fight for what you want from me-not as a leader nor as a follower.” “But you fought with your father” They interjected. “Bring me the likes of my father so I can fight for what he fought.” Responded Ibnul Haniffiya. “So command your sons Aba Qasim and Qasim to fight with us.” They instructed. Ibnul Haniffiya responded: “If I were to command them I should fight myself.” They said: “At least support us so that people can be encouraged to fight.” Ibnul Hanafiyyah shouted: “Subhanallah! Should I command people with something I won’t do and I am not even pleased with? In that case I won’t be faithful to Allah with regards to His servants.” “In that case we’ll force you.” They threatened. Ibnul Haniffiya retorted “In that case I’ll command people to fear Allah and not please the creation at the cost of the anger of the Creator.” And then he left for Makkah.

    These narrations show the love and respect Yazeed had for the Ahl al-bait. The family of Husain (R.A) are the ones that exonerated Yazeed from the evil’s that were attributed to him.

    Yazeed was also outstanding in his knowledge. Hazrat Ibn Abbas (R.A) praised him for this.

    روى المدائني أن ابن عباس وفد إلى معاوية بعد وفاة الحسن بن علي ، فدخل يزيد على ابن عباس وجلس منه مجلس المعزي ، فلما نهض يزيد من عنده قال ابن عباس : إذا ذهب بنو حرب ذهب علماء الناس ( ابن كثير 11: 642 مركز البحوث) .

    Madaeeny (R.A) relates that Ibn Abbaas (R.A) came to Muawiyyah (R.A) after the demise of Hasan bin Ali (R.A). Thereafter Yazeed entered and sat next to Ibn Abbaas (R.A) to console him. When Yazeed got up, Ibn Abbaas remarked: “When the Banu Harb departs, the Ulama of the people depart.” (Ibn Katheer 11/642 Markazul buhooth)

    “It is also a lie that Yazeed was an alcohol drinking person”. We will let Muhammad bin Ali bin Abi Talib to answer this claim because Muhammad knew Yazeed the best because he lived with him for a while. Ibn Katheer says in Al-Bidayah: (When the people of Al-Medina returned from Yazeed, Abdullah bin Mutee’a and his companions walked to Muhammad bin Al-Hanafiyah. They wanted Muhammad to agree to dismiss Yazeed, but Muhammad refused. Ibn Mutee’a said: “Yazeed drinks alcohol, does not pray, and ignores the rule of the Book.” Muhammad answered them: “I never saw what you are saying about him. I came to him, and stayed with him for a while and I saw him taking care of his prayers, looking for goodness, asking about jurisprudence, and clinging to the Sunnah….[Al-Bidayah wa Al-Nihayah for IbnKatheer,vol.8,p.236]


    Interesting the very same text al Bidaya from where Abu Sulaiman had sought to extol the virtues of his Imam Yazeed, also contains comments of Ibn Kathir proving that he was indeed a drunkard. Ibn Kathir is the Wahabi’s biggest historian and a student of Ibn Taymiyya himself. As far as Wahabis are concerned, his words are written in gold. Yet Ibn Kathir himself writes in ‘al Bidayah’ Volume 8 page 1169 “Dhikr Yazeed bin Muawiya”:

    “Traditions inform us that Yazeed loved worldly vices, would drink, listen to music, kept the company of boys with no facial hair [civil expression for paedophilia with boys, a form of homosexuality], played drums, kept dogs [civil expression for bestiality], making frogs, bears and monkeys fight. Every morning he would be intoxicated and would bind monkeys to a horse saddle and make the horse run”.
    Al Bidayah Wal Nihayah (Urdu), Vol 8 Page 1169, Nafees Academy Karachi
  8. AbdalQadir

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    :) wish it was. but it was inconsequential.

    i know what you mean and i too wish it happens, and nothing is impossible for Allah.

    the Prophet 3alaihis salam, has said that a slave commits deeds that are fire-worthy until he does something paradise-worthy and meets his end and becomes a dweller of paradise (paraphrased).

    i'm just going by his defiance and ground realities here.
  9. Wadood

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    But before that happens, i pray that he repents publicly, and informs his followers the truth, which for him is possible in one small speech that can go viral through their website.

    Looking at his multi-millions of followers and admirers in Pakistan [ their state of mind ] it is most likely that they will all do tawba and leave bad aqeeda. They keep up with him in speeches and lectures.
  10. Ghulam

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    Mufakkir Ph.D talks about his mates jumping in the fire with him lets pray they do not hold the same beliefs as him as they will be in the fire with him then.

    Allama Baig says that Mufakkir has told the 'murids' not to insult Sahaba ...
  11. Muhammad Ali

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    No better way to leave the country Brother Abdul Qadir then to fake a illness. His protest was a huge flop and since Imran Khan took the limelight this might of been the only way out. Let's see how long he takes to return.
  12. chisti-raza

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    :) AQ, intentional play here?
  13. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    apparently the dajjal is ill with heart problems and in houston now for treatment. his end may be near but he still hasn't given up on his arrogance, megalomania, and delusions!

    we pray to Allah to give him a very painful end very soon for lying against His Beloved Prophet, 3alaihis salam, and for trying to teach Muslims kufr & shirk.
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    Agreed Brother Aqdas. Just one thing Brother Ghulam mentioned Molvi Zahid Shah name in his post, he is a supporter of Tahir Minhaji and has also the same views as Pir Abdul Qadir, he has been contacted and he said my views are the same I have my own research to back it up, it's only a personal dispute they had and also a disagreement on Tahir Minhaji.
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  15. Aqdas

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    that suggests minhaj is a sunni organisation and we all know it most certainly isn't. their leader needs to read the kalimah again.
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  16. abu Hasan

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    that is known as comeuppance. pir abdul qadir shah still has time to repent, publicly do tawbah for attacking SaHabah or speaking ill of them. and to air his bara'at from the zindiq tahir jhangvi.
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    Today we have this so called Sayyid who is left on his own, all his Molvi followers have left him and ain't welcome anywhere in Pakistan.

    Then we have Sayyid Irfan Shah Sahib who has managed to Unite all major Sunni Scholars and organisations in Pakistan. One of the biggest ever Sunni events to take place in Pakistan at Minar E Pakistan (Izzat E Rasool Sallalaho Alaihi Wa Sallam) on 6th Decemeber. Will be relayed live from
    3pm I'll share a link later. Apart from Minhajis all Sunni organisations and major Sunni Scholars will be present from all over Pakistan. No Minhaji supporters will be their either.
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  18. Wadood

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    Shaykh Sayyid Irfan Shah is a blessing for the UK, and should be promoted by all indian/pakistani/bengali mosques

    tahir riaz's love for mufakkir was dunya based. else he would not have insulted mufakkir by talking about his dirty laundry

    tahir riaz has a dirty filthy mind

    both of these people suffer from personality disorders
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  19. Muhammad Ali

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    Jazak Allah Brother AbuHasan for your excellent informative reply.

    Pir Abdul Qadir nearly every speech he does is full of attacks on Sahaba and Ahlulbayt he has lost the plot.

    He has attacked Sayiduna Usman again for supporting Marwan Bin Hakam, giving them Fadak which they never gave to Sayidah Fatimah he says.

    Also has hinted that Syed Khizar Shah his own mate ain't a Syed!

    Sayyid Irfan Shah Sahib have really exposed him, Shah Sahib would always say he ain't a Sunni give him sometime and he will open up and that's all he did. Shah Sahib did the same with Tahir Minhaji, then Tahir Minhaji came out in public and attacked Sayiduna Amir E Muawiyyah RA. In one of Mufti Ashraf ul Qadri Sahib lectures they mention that Tahir Minhaji is opening up due to constant refutations from Shah Sahib. I can now see Shah Sahib's logic works, that you carry on bashing them until they open up!
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  20. Ghulam

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    Shaykh ul Alam Pir Alauddin Siddiqui needs to come to UK and say 'pir Abdul qadir Walthamstow waale shia haiN, un ki bay'at haram hai' again! This time he needs to be supported by his good friend Mufakkir e Islam, Lisan ul Asr Allama Qamar uz Zaman Azmi and his fellow Kashmiri Pirs; Mahbub ul Ulama; Allama Pir Habib ur Rahman Mahbubi, Muballigh e Islam; Pir Mahruf Husayn Shah and his Ustad bhai Allama Sayyid Zahid Husayn Shah Rizvi and countless others. Sayyid Pir Munawar Husayn Jamati really needs to wake up and ditch Ph.D like his grandfather would have done!
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