Mufakkir e Rawafid of Walthamstow

Discussion in 'Bickering' started by Noori, Mar 19, 2017.

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  1. agent-x

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    Here you go brother Abu Hasan

  2. Mohammed Wasim

    Mohammed Wasim AhistaChal

    How did e17s mufakkir fare in his conference today??
  3. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    if you have been accessing the forum using firefox, and haven't cleared the cache, do this:

    go to c:\> users > [username] > appdata > local > mozilla > firefox > profiles > [some name] > cache

    and there will be a number of entries. sort them by size. the bigger sizes are usually videos. copy that file to another location and rename it as WHATEVER.flv (the cache file doesn't have extension; just add .flv) and open the file using either a browser or a media player like VLC.

    let us know if any of you have PAQS videos.
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  4. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    warning to all those who insult our elders and delude themselves that they are better than them. like the proverbial scorpion, even in his hour of need, this man cannot rise above petty slander. he attacks mawla ali and his son imam muhammad ibn hanafiyyah.

    his humiliation was expected and if he has some sense, the time for tawbah still remains.

    wa billahi't tawfiq.
  5. Mohammed Wasim

    Mohammed Wasim AhistaChal

    Mufakir e Islam Sab is going through a rough patch. All his cronies have left him and he is drowning
  6. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    a bunch of eunuchs paqs and his "men" are.

    if you say something, either have the courage to stand by it, or retract it.

    just pulling it down from youtube won't do any good.

    i think paqs and his boys got scared of being sued for paqs' racist comments against black people.
  7. Haqbahu

    Haqbahu Veteran

    The videos have been made private.
    Did anybody save them?
  8. kattarsunni

    kattarsunni Veteran

  9. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    PAQS mureeds or shall I say henchmen are definitely without any kind of scrooples, Im sure you remember when that innocence of muslims movie rollay kicked off.. well at the time there was a protest held outside the Israeli & American embassies... It was organised by PAQS & CO.. we didn't know this and a group of us went down to London for it, when I seen PAQS turning up I turned my back to him as he walked past expecting me to put my hand out so he could grace it with his slime no doubt.

    Anyway he was on this little stage rambling on and then Shazad bhai presenter of Ummah Channel turned up with a camera crew & Aqeel Jalali saab to do a speech on the stage.. PAQS saw them approaching and quickly ended his speech made a dua and told the crowd its all finished now go home.. everyone dispersed. This was done to not give Aqeel Jalali saab a chance to speak.

    But what happened 5 minutes later was the real shameful act of thuggery, Aqeel Jalali & shazad bhai were stood near the road and interviewing people on their views about the movie etc.. all the suddenly this scruffy chubby guy kinda leaned in towards Aqeel Jalali saab and said he wanted to ask him something, jalali saab couldn't quite hear him so leaned forward and the guy sucker punched him with 1-2 shots then legged it... brothers from our town encircled Jalali saab to protect him as a crowd of PAQS thugs shouted abuse at him and said say something now you so & so, you run your mouth on Ummah channel but you're not so brave now.. that sort of thing but in mirpuri lingo.

    It just shows they will attack Alims without a second thought if the said Alim is against their Mufakir e Shaytani
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  10. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    i know tahir and nazim (now with kabbani as the head honcho after his death) are/were gangsters funded by the enemies of Islam. just thought mufakkir is a smaller fish, at least in the uk. but you're right, now petty politicians and pakistani media poke fun at tahir as a rotten politician, which makes the ulama's jobs a lot easier. tahirul qadri

    i look forward to the day when some british pakistani stand up does a sketch on mufakkir, with that twisted english sarcasm. or maybe they can pay a tribute to him in citizen khan. just inform mufakkir before hand, and tell him it will be a full 10 minutes. do a skit on him for 2 minutes and then run commercials for 8 minutes. people might not get a chuckle right then, but when they see him in town the next day, it might make for a jolly good scene!

    as an aside, i was impressed at his usage of the word "metamorphosis"! very british-uni-phd like! he puts like likes of jinnah and nehru to shame!
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  11. chisti-raza

    chisti-raza Veteran

    This has become from the tenets of 'aqida for ahlul bid'a. Good catch! You will be shocked at how bad this has become.

  12. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

    As it was against the law and he spat his dummy after getting only 7 minutes ... Qaid e Inqilab organised a little party for him to prevent Mufakkir chucking the toys out of the pram

  13. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

    Mufakkir e17 President - Trimizi stuck around and was on stage with Meena from Behra, Fiaz from Jhang and others whilst padri uttered all that filth and invited to kufr and shirk.
  14. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    at 25.50 he clearly says: "we don't think tahir qadri is a bad man" his beef is with those who left him standing on the street!
    cheap politicians with cheaper mentality and even petty objectives.

  15. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

    It all started a few years ago in Wembley

    This was after the Pakistan debate.
  16. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

    he laments about money it is about money after all. (he probably joined padri for the money too.)

    he says he appointed him (baig??) the khateeb... and questions was he qualified for it? so why did he appoint him?

    for padri.. he now "sees" that it is a political jamaat, but still cannot see the kufriyyat??
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  17. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    Yes. I think it started after last years conference that they did with tahir in Birmingham while paqs was in Pakistan. Paqs did speak via video link at the same conference but the connection kept breaking and paqs then complained that why did tahir get 2-3 hours?
  18. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    you up-wallah don't know how mafia works?

    in syria, they torture your family if they want to get to you. similarly, PAQ and his thugs will go out to hurt their families back home.
    a close friend told me about this and the reluctance of ulama to speak out against tahir padri.

    in fact, a cartload of goons landed in our city with hockey sticks threatening people who spoke out agains tahir padri when he visited india.

    don't you see, even MQM doesn't whimper against this gang.
    but as all mafia stories go - back-stabbing will get the better of these goons and they will all perish. fitting end to enemies of ahl al-sunnah.
  19. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    ghulam, aqdas, barry, other brothers from the uk - get your rolodex of lawyers out and see if you can sue this guy. you might not be able to get him deported as he probably might have a red passport or be an asylum seeking refugee or something, but at least sue him till his last penny.

    shouldn't be too hard to sue someone who makes such overtly racist and ugly comments at black people or other people's looks.

    i've been saying it for a long time, online, and offline. Sunnis should sue deviants where ever they can - for using their names without consent, as some morons have done on their websites, for making racist comments, for lying, for falsifying facts, events, etc.

    hurt these people on their wallets
  20. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    pir abdul qadir shah (PAQS) says: 'tahir is truthful' and says the verse of the qur'an "be together with the truthful..." means to support tahir.

    even when tahir is caught lying on camera numerous times and exposed by petty politicians! astaghfirullah.

    he speaks like a rafidi: i am the son of ghaws e azam, you recite the kalimah of my grandfather...

    while it is true that saadat kiram are the progeny of our master sallAllahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam, it doesn't give them exclusive rights to islam - nor does it behoove a sayyid to say to others that 'we are owners of this religion, you are servants'. al-iyadhu billah.

    in the first video - this ugly old fraud disrespects mawla ali and his son; (not to mention, his step-mother). this man is an out and out rafidi and he has exposed himself.

    the idiot does not know that such accusations will stretch back to imam husain's children too. al-iyadhu billah (we have utmost respect to the mothers of ahl-al bayt and the noble ladies who were in the families of imams such as mawla ali and imam husayn, notwithstanding rantings of madmen of our time)


    what a fraud. sunni muslims in UK should kick out this man from their masjids, do not give him a single penny and keep away from his poisonous majalis.
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