Mufakkir e Rawafid of Walthamstow

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  1. Aqdas

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    this is very important. everyone agrees that anyone who disparages and insults saHabah is a rafidi. it's been proven time and again that PAQS does exactly that. so the time has come for ulama e ahl e sunnat in the UK to rule him a rafidi/shia and promote the fact.

    a pir once said: pir Abdul qadir Walthamstow waale shia haiN, un ki bay'at haram hai.

    if someone insults your dad, you cut ties with him. here, this old man is insulting saHabah! any unfortunate man who talks negatively about ayisha, mu'awiya, umar, uthman, zubayr et al - or any saHabi ridwanAllahu 'alayhim ajma'in - is not a sunni and should be kicked out of sunni masjids.

    can you see? tafdil is the first step to rafidism. this is a wake up call to all of PAQS's old mates: believe in tafdil al-shaykhayn, otherwise it will inevitably lead you to much worse.
  2. abu Hasan

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    mufakkir of walthamstow passing unkind remarks on zubayr ibn al-awwam

    nobody can tell whether mufakkir will go to heaven or hell - but remember that zubayr raDiyallahu anhu is given glad tidings of paradise. it is permissible to say that he is a jannati.

    whatever mufakkir E17 did for sunniyat, long and short - sayyiduna zubayr was the first person in islam to draw a sword (for the sake of islam). and when ibn jurmuz martyred him after jamal, sayyiduna ali refused to meet the killer and said: "give him tidings of hell".

    and in another report when the killer brought the sword of sayyiduna zubayr to mawla ali, he said: 'this is a sword that was raised to protect RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam'.

    sayyiduna zubayr was the son of sayyidah Safiyyah, the paternal aunt of RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam and thus a cousin of mawla ali as well raDiyallahu anhum.

    obviously, a purported descendant of mawla ali 1350-years-later knows more, or has more authority to talk of sayyiduna zubayr than hazrat ali. after all, this 1350-years-later descendant also has comments on the choice of mawla ali or give character certificate for his sons or brothers. apparently, this 1350-years-later person can pass judgement on sayyiduna ali himself!
  3. abu Hasan

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    same old contradictions. that one should not mention the disputes of SaHabah because it damages their image; but abdul qadir has divine permission to say what he likes.

    similarly, the hadith "i and you are the fathers of this nation" means "i, you and abdul qadir jilani of walthamstow and his son" that is PAQS interpretation. so it is not just mawla ali, but all sayyids are included in this hadith.

    the problem with the 'great scholar' is that he doesn't understand basic arguments; it is like a kid wearing pink glasses looking at a white sheet of paper and declare that the paper is pink - in fact everything in the world is pink.

    in imam raghib's mufradat, it is indeed, the first narration. but this is to explain that the 'ab' is mentioned as a teacher. if you read further down, imam raghib says so: "ab - father, is used for a teacher".

    what is interesting is that in the same entry, it is said that the uncle is also a father. if PAQS is indeed a sayyid, imam muHammad ibn Hanafiyyah is his uncle - and by this notice of mufradat, can be termed his father. and thus PAQS attacks his father. don't try to pick on my logic: if PAQS can stretch "i and you" to include all the sayyids, why shouldn't a great imam like muHammad ibn Hanafiyyah be left out?

    as for the fazayil of mawla ali - alHamdulillah, we are sunnis and we are pleased to repeat his fazayil and will not fight a shiyi or a rafizi just because he praises ali. aqDakum ali - ali's judgement amongst you is the best. sayyiduna faruq would defer to mawla ali's judgement and say: "if it were not for abu'l Hasan, we would perish".

    about the comment on sayyiduna aqil, PAQS says in the words of mawla ali: "is meiN koyi shak nahin ke tu mera saga bhai hai. haqdar bhi zarur hai. lekin baqi sab ko choR ke akela tu haqdar to nahin hai na. meri jaddi virasat hoti to aapas mein main aur tu baaNt'lete; magar ye jaddi virasat nahin hai na. ye qawmi amanat hai."

    reflect on this speech of mawla ali (according to PAQ) and draw parallels: you are not the only sayyid - there are other sayyids too. this knowledge of deen is not your personal property. this is the amanat of the nation.

    PAQ says: sayyiduna aqil said: 'i will go to your opponent's party'

    21.50: 'i and fatimah are in penury. i go to sleep on dates, just as fatimah does..'

    so according to PAQS, sayyidah fatimah was sharing his poverty when sayyiduna aqeel went to join amir muawiyah's group (@28.35)

    24.12: friends suggested to sayyiduna abu bakr: 'a lot of your time is spent in doing this business; we will give you salary, you stop this business and focus on khilafat work'

    26.00: 'wherever the see a chance to make a few more bucks, they run to that group. this is the habit of miraasis, not that of ahl al-Haq.'
    now obviously, PAQ has to go down to a base level to attack ansab; but, together, he implies that sayyiduna aqeel is a miraasi?

    around 29.00 he attacks ameer mu'awiyah and sayyiduna aqeel: "he gave 1.5 lakh rupees and bought his conscience (zameer ko khareed liya)" and thereafter he could never say that i am also in the aal al-bayt.

    @29.49: he mentions mir jafar (PAQ probably does not know that "meer" was a title akin to shah or sayyid; and mir jafar was a sayyid) and says none of his grandchildren can ever claim in bengal that he is the son of mir jafar. PAQ should learn the history of pakistan first.

    the first president of pakistan is the grandson of mir jafar.

    @30.15 he mentions mir sadiq and his treachery with tipu sultan. PAQs as usual has no knowledge of geography either. mysore and hyderabad are two different kingdoms, though both are deccan. khayr.

    mir sadiq was also apparently a sayyid. Allah ta'ala knows best. but PAQs probably knows whether he is a miraasi or had miraasi blood.

    (disclaimer: i have absolutely nothing against the lineages, and i abhor/detest ridiculing people for their ancestry. the most honourable near Allah are the most pious.)

    @31.30 he attacks imam muhammad ibn Hanafiyyah and his mother. if PAQ is a real sayyid, then he is calling his own mother as a 'laundi' (slavegirl). so the offensiveness is double for a sayyid to say such things.

    absolutely disgusting. jahalat pe jahalat.

    first let him prove that imam muhammad ibn Hanafiyyah made ba'yah with yazeed or took money from him. this jahil peer claims that nobody claims descent from him. imam abdu'l Wahhab sha'arani among the most well known ulama in latter times is a hanafiy (meaning alawiy descended from imam muhammad ibn Hanafiyyah).

    this whole issue that imam muhammad ibn Hanafiyyah was against imam Husayn (raDiyallahu anhuma) is a fantasy - that has come out from the crackpot senile idiot's own ravings. we ask him to give us proof where he did ba'yah with yazeed and opposed imam Husayn.

    @33.50: he says: "zubayr was eager to be known as someone as brave as mawla ali" and therefore went to makkah and incited sayyidah ayishah (raDiyallahu anhaa) to go against mawla ali [the rest of the talk is truncated]

    this man abdul qadir is a rafidi doing taqiyyah and harbours delusions that he is the only remaining son of ali/hasan/husayn (raDiyallahu anhum).

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
  4. Muhammad Ali

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    Brother Abu Hasan please do watch the video if you get the time it will be good to read your views. As for Mufti Abbass Rizvi he has given speeches many times with him and he has attended gatherings which were organised by Pir Abdul Qadir Sahib so he has been careful in his reply.

    By the way any idea when Pir Abdul Qadir Sahibs books second chapter is to be released? He ain't talking about it now, maybe Molvi Zahid Shah isn't going to help him now. Just to add Molvi Zahid Shah is a lot worse then him and has been contacted he said my views are the same as Pir Abdul Qadir, just a personal dispute.
  5. abu Hasan

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    mufti abbas rizvi sahib doesn't know that PAQ is paper tiger. and the so-called 'ilmi' medals are given by friends and relatives.

    baarhaa janab ki ilmi liyaqat chaurahey pe aa chuki hai
  6. Muhammad Ali

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    Mufti Abbas Rizvi & Mufti Abubakar Siddique Shazzali of QTV on Pir Abdul Qadir Sahib.

    Attached Files:

  7. Haqbahu

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    from 19.00-26.30, he attacks Sayyiduna Aqeel b. Abi Talib; he uses this to attack Nisar Baig.
    then he continues on 28:50 about Sayyiduna Amir Muawiyyah.
    from 31:00 he begins again about Sayyiduna Aqeel b. Abi Talib, and then about Sayyiduna Muhammad b. Hanafiyyah.
    at the end he talks about Sayyiduna Zubayr.
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  8. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    my apologies. do they have self-service laundromats in gujarkhan/pindi? maybe all his life, his fanboys have been handwashing his dirty laundry, and this is the first time he's had to do his own laundry.
  9. Ghulam

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    the shia is from gujarkhan/pindi not mirpur
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  10. AbdalQadir

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    you better save it on your hard drive and some file sharing site as well.

    the man is seriously a dirty rafidi and nothing more. laa hawla walaa quwwata illaa billaah.

    he's so phenomenally ticked off, even tahir-riaz of yanobody had to issue a public request to him - see here

    the miskeen has issues with mufakkir washing his dirty laundry in public and lashing out at some random pendus in the uk. yet he has no issues with the rafidi's routine disparaging of sahaba, ahlul bayt, and scholars.

    from that same yanobody thread, another idiot feels mufakkir phd's dirty laundry shouldn't have been uncovered on youtube

    do they have any self-service laundromats in mirpur? maybe mufakkir can go there. he does seem to have some valid concerns for where pakistan is headed.
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  11. Muhammad Ali

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    This video was uploaded a week ago by a Pir Abdul Qadir follower in two parts. Luckily I managed to download the longer first part on my phone, by the time that was done both videos were private hence I couldn't download the second part. After a week gone by this video is still in private and not released.

    In this Pir Abdul Qadir attacks Sayiduna Ali's Brother Sayiduna Aqeel Ibne Abi Talib, Sayiduna Imam Hanfiyah, Sayiduna Anir E Muawiyyah & Sayiduna Zubair. Also has ago at Molvi Nisar Baig again, must watch video!
  12. Ghulam

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    Video is back up. Someone needs to save the part of phd insulting Mawla Ali and his family
  13. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

  14. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

    a step ahead of rafidis??

    the rafidis put conditions for Caliphate to say "Alvi"; Mufakkir wants to narrow it down further by adding "Fatimi"
  15. Aqdas

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    a brother has been telling me about imam MuHammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah and as ever, paqs is blatantly wrong!

    the imam was a model of chivalry and nobility and episodes proving the same are present in many books.
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  16. AbdalQadir

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    is there any riwayah regarding this in Sunni books even if remotely related, or maudu3?... and then mufakkire shaytan might have spiced it up - similar to tahir's & jifry's bunch corrupting of the hadith and lying regarding the najran delegation incident and then pretty much saying that christians can hold mass in Masjid-e-Nabawi (wal 3eyadhu billah)

    i'm just trying to get my head around

    a) if mufakkire shaytan simply pulled that accusation out of thin air or
    b) if he actually corrupted and lied against an existing narration in Sunni books or
    c) if he pulled that evil accusation out of a shia book

    he'd still be an extremely evil man. but the reason for my question is:

    if it's

    a) - then for all intents and purposes, mufakkir is a psycho, a clinically insane person who belongs in the nuthouse and shouldn't be let walking free in society

    b) - he's a closet rafidi working to an agenda - at best! at worst, he's just a bigger evil than that and a hypocrite working for the open kuffar, trying his best to corrupt deen

    c) - he's an open rafidi
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  17. abu Hasan

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    the same bakwas abdul qadir made recently. that imam muhammad ibn hanafiyyah made bay'ah with yazeed and yazidis proclaimed that he was mahdi. and for this, he criticises the mother of imam muhammad, insinuating against her - and claiming that the betrayal (he didn't say it expressly) was on account of his mother, in spite of being the son of ali.

    only a man with very low standards can say such a thing. just imagine what you would think of a person if he spoke ill of abdul qadir's wife. regardless of his mean-ness, it is not polite, nor chivalrous (muru'ah) to speak about another man's wife.

    but here is a man, known for lies and slander - phenomenal jahil - who passes snide remarks on the lady of amir al-mu'minin ali raDiyallahu anhu! besides, if pir abdul qadir is a real sayyid, she would be his step-mother!

    how low can you get?

    imam muHammad ibn Hanafiyyah is among the most prominent tabiyis - after all, he was mawla ali's son! and among those who have narrated from him, is his nephew's son - imam muHammad baqir (son of ali zayn al-abidin ibn Husayn; raDiyallahu `anhum ajma`yin).

    he is a hashimi (being the son of a hashimi - mawla `ali).
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  18. AbdalQadir

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    re the video in post #40, the voice isn't exactly very clear.
  19. Muhammad Ali

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    Dispute is personal nothing to do with Aqeedah, the ones that left him still hold the same Aqeedah.
  20. Muhammad Ali

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    Sayyid Irfan Shah Mashadi Kazmi on Pir Abdul Qadir Insulting Hazrat Ali RadiyAllahu Anhu Blessed Son:

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