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  1. Abdullah Ahmed

    Abdullah Ahmed Veteran

    well firstly, the haq is always apparent and obvious once a person comes across it, and then it’s up that person to sincerely recognize and accept it.

    (if you noticed the podcast with Shadee and Shaykh Asrar. Whenever Sh Asrar made points in refutation of wahabis and proving Sunniyat, YQ got uncomfortable and silent. It was obvious from his face that he recognized the truth but didn’t want to accept it just like the Jews know the truth but avoid it for their own desires).

    Secondly, it obviously didn’t happen over night.
    There were many phases I went through.

    And with the advent of social media and YouTube there was the ability to access information beyond the influence of my immediate circle.

    There were many questions that needed answering that I went on to explore and research their answers, such as:

    -why so many different groups

    -what makes my group special


    -and the numerous contradictions within Wahabi beliefs

    -The concept of doing takfir of the ummah and considering the majority mushrik


    and then studying history and understanding post colonialism agendas etc

    Among many other factors
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  2. Adham12

    Adham12 Active Member

    Just curious, how did you end up following Sunni Barelvis at the end of it all, if you were influenced by NAK from the get go?
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  3. Ashari Matuiridi

    Ashari Matuiridi New Member

    A side question here, is the guy Dilly Hussain from 5Pillars a sunni? He seems to agree with the points Shaykh Asrar makes in the podcasts but if anyone knows let us know.

    And secondly what is up with the non wahhabi yet ibn taymiyyan hanbalis..

    How can anyone even call ibn taymiyyah their favourite scholar or look up to him despite the likes of ibn Qudama Al Maqdisi being an option?

    And there is nothing from the creed or even methodology of ibn taymiyyah that is even slightly appealing after knowing about Ash'arism.

    Allah guides whomever He Willls...
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  4. Abdullah Ahmed

    Abdullah Ahmed Veteran

    As someone who comes from the other side and spent time with many deviant groups (Almaghreb, Madkhalis, deobandis/tablighis) to the extent that I was one of the first few students of NAK when he initially started his Arabic teaching back in 2006. (Even if you were to ask him today about me, he will remember me. And I have no problem openly condemning him even though he was one of my teachers in the past). and as someone who in the past considered the “Barelwis” as the last people I would ever associate with, I would have to majorly disagree.

    it’s not necessary for the Barelwis to be “put on the map” for them to be successful and for benefit to come to them. It’s about the sincerity of those seeking the truth to weed out the wrong groups and eventually come to the haq.

    If I (as deviant as I was) was able to come this far to the haq, then I don’t believe anyone really has an excuse. Ultimately guidance is from Allah anyways.

    there is no need to dilute Sunniyat by associating with deviants. It actually makes us that much weaker and encourages people to go towards Batil and think Batil is okay (since so and so Sunni Scholar is doing it) as brother Aqdas has already mentioned.

    There are plenty of resources available, including many in the English language (such as those written by Mawlana Abu Hasan) that clarify many of the controversial matters for those sincerely seeking the truth

    Wallahu Alam
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  5. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    And surely this is why Shaykh Asrar did it. But he can do the same without Yasir being there. Just Dr Shadee and Shaykh Asrar should be fine.

    When Barelwis see Shaykh Asrar accomodating Yasir, what's the perception they're left with? That we can have unity with his type. But we can't.

    Shaykh Asrar needs to have his own monthly podcast with his own capable students and deliver the unadulterated Barelwi manhaj.

    In trying to bring in the 10% he could end up confusing the 90%. Concentrate on Sunnis, the rest can see your work and come in if they want.

    Right now, the 90% is being diluted. Work on that.
  6. Abdullah Ahmed

    Abdullah Ahmed Veteran

    I agree with you to a very limited extent.

    Perhaps, it would be helpful if you could please enlighten us, by enumerating in a list format, these various benefits that you refer to.

    جزاك الله خيرا
  7. Khanah

    Khanah Veteran

    I actually don't disagree with expanding our circle in principle as yes, the true barelwi scholarship is definitely on haq but their influence is usually limited to those who were born barelwi. Which is basically 0 influence since most born barelwis have no real appetite for learning even the basics of the religion. Because our reputation amongst even the non barelwi sunni public is often that of people dancing around graves, going on the more widely watched podcasts and such isn't the worst idea to show our true face and combat broader issues at the same time.

    The biggest hurdle to this is who else is on these podcasts though. No point being on there with YQ when in reality, you have to refute his fitna and kufr. And when you do your duty in this regard, often times you won't be invited onto these podcasts in the first place. So whilst it's a nice sentiment to widen the circle, I don't see how it can be done without selling out to a degree yourself.

    Best to knuckle down, teach as wide an array of people as possible, write your books and translations, do your lectures and the expansion of the circle will occur by producing an educated barelwi public and scholarship who can produce their own high quality content that people will trust and engage with.
  8. Hassan_0123

    Hassan_0123 HhhhhhhM_786

    Shaykh Asrar expanding out the 'Barelvi' circle and being a representative for them by going on podcasts like these, going on 5 pillars, talking to Muhammad Hijab etc... is providing so much benefit to Barelvis but sadly people don't realise.
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  9. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    We don't need unity with wahabis.

    The UK is plagued with sulh kullism. Even supposedly learned people have stopped caring about who they associate with. Molwis happily share stages with Tahir ul, Minhajis, tafdilis, closet shiah. Awaam merrily promote devs and sulh kullis on SM. Sellouts still go to Irfan Shah.

    Where's the true Sunni identity gone? If it wasn't for Barelwis in the UK, I think the serious matter of dissociation from deviants would have been fully sidelined by now.

    The UK needs a cleanup. Where's the leadership to do that?
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  10. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    There can't be unity with wahabis, devbandis, shiah, et al. Because the differences are in the daruriyyat.

    So as we've done since the beginning, everyone should do their own thing. Have your own "masjids", madrasahs, events, etc. No mixing.

    Saeed Asad sahib wanted unity with devs. But what did that look like:

    1. Devs stop calling us mushrik
    2. Devs stop calling us bidyis
    3. Devs abandon the passages of dev4.

    But then that's a Sunni! So unity is only achievable if deviants become Sunni.

    We just have to carry on as we have been. Learn to live side by side, without any violence. We keep out of each others' way and if there's ever an issue that affects us all and we have to share a platform, that can be accommodated.

    Apart from that, unity isn't possible, by definition.
  11. Aurangzeb

    Aurangzeb New Member

    Ah the transformation of YQ, the salafi poster boy back in the day, the best of Madinah education and best of western education. Hope he takes up that offer to visit Shaykh Asrar in Birmingham. I know Shaykh has also met with the Bro Hajji fella and Hijab recently and let's see if he meets with Haqiqatjou too. Shaykh is going his own way, regularly appearing alongside HT too.
  12. Khanah

    Khanah Veteran

    Forget whether he is outside of sunni Islam- I consider him to be outside of Islam, full stop. Here he is denying that belief in eternal hellfire is part of the necessities of the religion, which every 5 year old can even tell you:


    Here he claims the one who believes the sunnah has not been preserved is not a kaafir:


    Whereas belief that the sunnah hasn't been preserved is also a rejection of the necessary elements of the religion.

    I'm sure shaykh asrar doesn't sit on YouTube watching YQ lectures all day so he would be unaware of this and probably believes YQ is a taymiyyan type of wahabbi which has become more popular these days (those who reject ibn Abdul Wahhab but have the aqeedah of ibn taymiyyah overall and may even follow a madhab, such as Muhammad Hijab who is a hanbali muqallid or bro hajji who claims to be a hanafi muqallid).

    Whether shaykh asrar should have joined this podcast, I don't know, but he clearly called out albani, ibn uthaymeen, and the likes and didn't accept the sulh kullism proposed by YQ but it's also true that he didn't call out YQ specifically apart from the general 'we have differences which we can talk about in the future'.
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  13. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    are you a follower/student/mureed of sh. asrar?
  14. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    yasir qadhi is a liberal stooge. at some point in the past he was an unabashed wahabi. he slowly migrated to liberalist viewpoints - based on the few clips i have seen of late - and even shamelessly tried to sow doubts about the qur'an. he does not speak about mawlid doesn't mean he deems it permissible. a lot of these talk show hosts do not advertise their personal beliefs for fear of alienating those with opposing views.

    he was never IN the ahl al-sunnah. he was a vocal wahabi - as he has admitted himself. so if the state has changed, he must come clean about it. he has to say that i reject every wahabi/salafi position in the past and i adhere to the sunni positions of say imam abdul aziz dihlawi, imam ahmad sirhindi and imam abdul haqq dihlawi. if he follows a madh'hab, he must state whether he is a hanafi or shafiyi.

    why should *I* compromise on my beliefs on what *I* consider right and the truth just to make someone happy? who cares about yasir qadhi?

    if someone asks me whether they should listen to him, i will tell them: NO. he is sweet poison. glib talker but can say anything - he is totally unreliable and we have no proof whatsoever that he renounced his previous beliefs.

    when one has an established history of promoting a certain belief system, unless they explicitly disavow that system, you cannot consider them as having abandoned that system merely upon their avoiding discussion of those beliefs.
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  15. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    Eternality of hellfire and triple talaq.

  16. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    He says it's haram. That which is a stepping stone to shirk.

    If brothers can check YouTube for Yasir's stern defence of iT and saying he's his favourite scholar of all.
  17. Uthman

    Uthman Active Member

    YQ does not say it’s shirk. He changed his position on that.

    Does that make him out of ahl as sunnah?
  18. Shadman

    Shadman Active Member

    Deeming it as shirk vs saying it is haram are different because the perspective changes.
  19. Abdullah Ahmed

    Abdullah Ahmed Veteran

    practice vs non-practice is not the same as acceptance vs rejection

    rejection entails considering it either haram or shirk which would then lead to considering the one who practices it as either fasiq or mushrik
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  20. Uthman

    Uthman Active Member

    does it take one out of ahl as sunnah if one doesn’t practice it?

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