Irfan Shah Mash'hadi in the Tafzili/Rafizi camp

Discussion in 'Aqidah/Kalam' started by Aqdas, Aug 26, 2022.

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  1. Sunni Jaag

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  2. Noori

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    actually, he meant "daleel".
  3. Waqar786

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  4. abu Hasan

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    which ta'wil?
  5. shahnawazgm

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    Remember he said that he will jump off Minar e Pakistan if any one of his statements could be proved wrong? Just watch this space, perhaps he will stick to his words and we might see the end of this debacle soon!
  6. Waqar786

    Waqar786 Veteran

    Then praised Imam sahib for doing ruju and used that against Jalali sahib too. As Jalali sahib is 'Shaytan's Chela' he is unable to do ruju.

    Of course he himself is a Syed so does not need to do ruju for using the word Khata for Syeda Ayesha.

    The senior sunni scholars need to put an end to this sideshow.

    Shah sahib has booked himself in for a conference at Minar e Pakistan on Saturday alongside Hanif Qureshi amongst others.
  7. Noori

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    shah sahab himself has replied to his ta'weel, that Data Sahab rahimahullah did not include those masail that Imam Abu Hanfih rahimahullah did ruju, meaning in those masail he thought his initial opinion was khata
  8. Waqar786

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    @abu Hasan What do you think of Shah Sahib's new tawil re. Imam Abu Hanifa?
  9. abu Hasan

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    momin khan momin ka ek sheyr yaad aagaya:

    kabhi hum mein tum meiN bhi chaah thi, kabhi hum se tum se bhi raah thi
    kabhi hum bhi tum bhi the aashnaa tumheN yaad ho ke na yaad ho


    look at the defeated face of irfan shah of today, and look at the irfan shah of yesterday. the swagger, the confidence, the peace on his face...

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  10. abu Hasan

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    shah sahib can utter galiyan for a sunni muslim aur unki adalat kharab nahin hoti.

    irfan shah is speaking tahir padri. iske kitne mile hain ye bhi bata den pata bhi chal jayega ke qimat kitni hai.

    liberallon ka badshah irfan shah irfan shah.

    la Hawla wa la quwwata illa billah.
  11. Waqar786

    Waqar786 Veteran

    This is Syed Irfan Shah's latest response as per that promo. It is actually something he mentioned before. He quotes Data Sahib about Imam Abu Hanifa and uses that tawil to indict Jalali Sahib. Jalali Sahib's students should visit him and take up his challenge. That will show if Shah Sahib is sincere.

  12. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    all this is to defend his own personality, all this rant can be applied to him as well. whatever shah sahab did/will do - no fatwa can be issued on him, but he can do takfir whoever he likes without any basis. awam ka deen tabah kar dia in peeron nay
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  13. Waqar786

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    Now Shah Sahib's people will say they did reach out to Jalali Sahib. In this clip Shah Sahib gives this advice to people who refute the Tafdhlis but then it is fair game to call Jalali sahib what ever.

    This is what really gets to me... why the double standards? Jalali Sahib is more on the principles of the maslak then most of Shah Sahib's current buddies.
  14. Waqar786

    Waqar786 Veteran

    Syed Irfan shah are simply not moving on. I've seen a promo for another talk on the fadak and khata issue. They should be forced by the public and agencies to go and sit with Jalali Sahib representatives and sort it out.

    When the public speak out against them , the response is that this is a scholarly issue and the 'jahil masses' should stay out of it. However, since day one they have been doing conferences where they label Jalali Sahib a gustakh and curse him.

    As Qari Zawadar said this one way traffic won't carry on for much longer. If you are sincere in your stance, go and sit with Jalali Sahib's supporters. After all you are more than okay to sit with your decade long enemies. Stop playing with the emotions of the sunnis and sort it out.

    I'd like to think on the back of this, their credibility in the uk amongst the Sunnis has probably been damaged.

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  15. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    quoted from the article:


    evolution happened. period. you can bring up all the objections about consciousness and why every one among us is different - when i say 'a book' or even the same 'book' our experiences vary. if we could evolve from mindless bacteria (how? we don't have sufficient evidence but it happens) into thinking ('sapiens') beings with complex organs - why are we so varied?

    but let us pretend evolution is a fact like there exists a sun in the sky. and call all others who demur as 'blind followers'.
  16. Unbeknown

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    This Article Won’t Change Your Mind - The facts on why facts alone can’t fight false beliefs.
  17. Brother Barry

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    I think for dimaghi tor par murda mureeds all's fair in love and war as they say.
  18. Waqar786

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    To quote shaykh Asrar, they are suffering from cognitive dissonance. They know there is an elephant in the room but seem incapable to deal with it.

    It is incumbent on Syed Irfan Shah and Syed Muzaffar Hussain Shah to clarify why is it okay to sit with individuals that they have been refuting for decades. Not just that but in the case of Syed Irfan Shah, they have made a while organisation (Haq Chaar Yaar) on the back if it. The sunni public need answers. On what basis should we accept that Riaz Shah and Hanif Qureshi are deserving of our respect, when previously they were deserving of being boycotted. What has changed?
    We deserve to know.
    Like we ask of Shaykh Yaqoubi, what has changed that the saudi government that they are now praise when previously they said the Najdis should retire to the desert.
    Same goes with Sh Hamza Yusuf... why after 9/11 is it no longer fashionable to speak out against tyranny and injustice?
    All we ask is why the change, the contradictions and double standards?
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  19. Ghulam Ali

    Ghulam Ali Well-Known Member

    deep down even these guys must be shocked at the latest developments.
  20. Ghulam Ali

    Ghulam Ali Well-Known Member

    they failed at the first stage to prove this. Doctor Jalali Sahib said put into writing whatever your issues are and we’ll deal with it. Still waiting

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