Irfan Shah Mash'hadi in the Tafzili/Rafizi camp

Discussion in 'Aqidah/Kalam' started by Aqdas, Aug 26, 2022.

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  1. Waqar786

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    In that conference there was other shocking statements. One individual who I've seen in a lot of Shah Sahib's gathering is a PMLN member. He said Salman Taseer was not a gustakh himself but he supported a gustakh, so his point is Dr Jalali Sahib is worse than Salman Taseer (Astagfirullah).
    This is where the hatred of Jalali sahib has taken them
  2. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    Looks like he was a taqiyyabaz rafidi all along ya phir peer Irfan saab ki ghayrat bughz ke hathon halal ho gayi hai.
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  4. Sunni Jaag

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  5. Ghulam Ali

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  6. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    I wanted to touch on this but forgot till @Brother Barry brought it up.

    That 'hurtung the feelings of Syeds' is just crocodile tears from commercial pirzadas and comparing apples to karelas:

    Jalali said Sayyidah committed ijtihadi khata citing Mihr Ali Shah Sahib.

    Irfan Shah and his cheerleaders called Jalali a waladuz zina and did qadhf of his parents.

    Are the two equally offensive?

    Try this with anyone, real or perceived Syed, or otherwise, anyone with a speck of common sense:

    "Your dad took a wrong turn at the roundabout." (Khata ijtihadi)

    "Your parents weren't married. You're a bastard!" (Qadhf)

    Are they equally offensive? Is the first one even remotely offensive?

    Anyone who hasn't lost his mind will see the difference between the two comments.
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  7. Brother Barry

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    They're both hypocrites and kiray k tattu who are motivated by hatred, greed and the need to seem relevant. The only difference between Raja Nabeel and them is that he's a British Kiray ka tattu and they're desi ones. None of them would know a principal even if it came and smacked them between the chops.

    They really couldn't care less about what the public think or feel, they'd need some shame in themselves for that feeling to arise in those diseased hearts of theirs.

    For a while I thought irfani mia might come to his senses and do a U-turn and retract from all his lies and ramblings but as times gone on that looks very unlikely since he's started enjoying doing tamasha and being pir tareeqat garbar e shariat.

    May Allah Almighty give him the ability to recognise and correct his errors before the curtain closes permanently on this freak show he's putting on.
  8. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

  9. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    stick to alahazrat.
    in sha'Allah you will be safe.

    wa billahi't tawfiq.
  10. Unbeknown

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    yes, a big chunk of sunnis will be led down the steep road to "credo quia absurdum" - like the pied piper took away the children of Hamelin and no one could do anything about it.

    but this ain't something coming out of the blues. the mindset has been in cultivation for decades and now the crop's being gathered.

    with every fitna we are faced with the same age old questions - whom to trust, when and why. When expertise is waning and what remains of it is swiftly getting corrupted - where do the non-experts go? Whom do they turn to? Especially if the nescience of these 'non-experts' is at a historical low.

    It's easy to say: ask the ulama - the *real* ulama - aye, and therein lies the rub. WE can't tell the real from the unreal, because we had never prepared ourselves for such a contingency.

    At such times I am reminded of:

    nas'al Allah ta'ala aafiyah
  11. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    yes, all other mujtahids and their followers are gustaakh and most of their aamaal are baatil - including Imam A'zam's senior students, like the Imams Muhammad and Abu Yusuf - for they too disagreed with him occasionally.

    And this includes Gawth-e-Paak (رضي الله عنه ) as well since he followed the ijtihaad of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal.

    as you said, free fall ...
  12. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    We can throw the same argument at them.

    Those who are the lapdogs of the Rawafid need to check their Shajra!

    Those shiite freaks assign the Syed label to anything. My friend once told me about a rafidi who was boasting about converting his wife from hindu to Syed!

    Besides, this is Irfan Shah's own line:

    'tu bada aya Syed. Mawla Ali se zyada Syed hai tu?'

    Anyways, Quran and Hadith are clear on this. No one is above the Shariah.



    And what are these people going to reply to the Prophet's own words

    فتنة الأحلاس ، هي فتنة هرب و حرب ، ثم فتنة السراء ، دخلها أو دخنها من تحت قدمي رجل من أهل بيتي ، يزعم أنه مني ، و ليس مني ، إنما و ليي المتقون ، ثم يصطلح الناس على رجل كورك على ضلع ، ثم فتنة الدهيماء لا تدع أحدا من هذه الأمة إلا لطمته لطمة ، فإذا قيل : انقطعت ، تمادت ، يصبح الرجل فيها مؤمنا ، و يمسي كافرا ، حتى يصير الناس إلى فسطاطين : فسطاط إيمان لا نفاق فيه ، و فسطاط نفاق لا إيمان فيه ، إذا كان ذاكم فانتظروا الدجال من اليوم أو غد
  13. Waqar786

    Waqar786 Veteran

    I second this @AbdalQadir and I think I have eluded to this in an earlier post. This is why we are getting these confusing and rambling talks from the likes of Shah Sahib. They make a point about the rank of Ahl ul Bayt and then like you said, make a point about syeds too.

    Then they are drilling home the point that syeds are superior because when it has become clear that they can't complete on a scholarly level, it's time to pay the Nasab card. Look at our grand parents, you don't even know who your forefathers are. Then the classic those syeds who are supporting Jalali's sahib view that they need to check their Shajara. This is a form of discrimination, and a lot of them, who pander to the west need to be called out on this.
    I understand Husn e dhan but as I have mentioned a few times, it can't be one way. It can't be okay for Shah Sahib and co to take Jalali Sahib to task and then threaten and insult those who pick out their own mistakes. Shah Sahib and co owe the sunni public an apology, for causing these divisions.
    Syed Munawwar repeated his line that Jalali Sahib cried that don't say anything to my mum but he had no shame to apologise for hating the feelings of syeds. However, I don't see him holding conferences and letting Shah Sahib loose on the French government that refused to apologise and condemn the cartoons. That was the honour of the Holy prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and the grandfather of the likes of Shah Sahib and Syed Munawwar. This silence and duplicitous policy is a bigger insult of the Ahl ul Bayt, and Sunnis won't stand for it.
  14. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    The cerebral theme in all of Irfan Shah's recent ramblings - paraphrased in my own words, just so we're not attacked by idiots - is this - 'Don't ever question us Syed pirzadas. We Syeds of today deserve nay demand just as much reverence as the lughwi-masum/istilahi-mahfuz Ahle Bayt mentioned in the verses of tatheer.'

    If you notice carefully, he uses the words 'Ahle Bayt' and 'Syeds' very synonymously AND also turns the context and implication on its head in the blink of an eye, from talking about the Ahle Bayt of prophetic times to the Syeds of our times. He talks about Sayyidah feeding poor people radi Allahu 3anha, and then very fluidly moves on to commanding his psycophant followers not to doubt the niyats of Syeds (of our times).

    Stupids like Nabeel Afzal will probably call us haters of Syeds and nasibis, but in fact it's a hallmark of the shiites that real or perceived Syeds have a clean chit from any violation of Shariah in any manner, they can always find tawils no matter how idiotic.

    Whatever Irfan Shah's aqidah is, he gets a perfect 10 for upholding and introducing a shiite mindset.

    The Irfan Shah of a few years back used to attack exactly this kind of pirs with words like 'tu bada aya Syed. Mawla Ali se zyada Syed hai tu?'

    People are being programmed and coached into becoming zombies blindly following real or fake Syeds, regardless of what they say or do or preach.

    The same tactic turbo charged Keller, Hanson, etc. common word agenda, when they had Habib Ali Jifry's and Habib Umar's blessings, and now Yaqoubi's, with of course the backing of Ghazi bin Talal and his family. In fact it was probably steered into the direction it went in, by these so called Syeds.
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  15. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    Oh! perhaps you missed that part in the video, irfan shah sahab stated - 'tamasha daikhnay main itna maza nahi aata, jitna tamasha karnay main aata hay', beyond any doubt, irfan shah has put all the ilm aside and has indulged in doing and enjoying tamasha. May Allah' Ta'la guide him, or he will destroy the iman of so many people.
  16. shahnawazgm

    shahnawazgm Veteran

    Just saw the clip, his response is once again without any reasoning and logic and he is definitely not fit to be even called a person of knowledge. One can even find logical reasoning in kafirs but at this moment based on what I am seeing I am inclined to believe that the guy has totally lost his sanity.

    Reminds me of the hadith that goes along the lines that during end of times people will flock to listen to the speeches of the ignorant!

    Just like we had Munawwar Shah Bukhari raising his hands in applause to Irfan Shah's terrible swearing, now we have the people of this mehfil doing wah wah when he says that he doesn't even need a daleel for the 'roti' incident.

    So that perhaps answers everyone on this forum - Irfan Shah absolutely does not need any daleels going forward. Just take whatever stuff that comes out of his mouth as the absolute truth!
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  17. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    irfan shah asks: "arsh ke ird gird jo hain woh kaun hain?"

    my question: "roti khane wale?"
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  18. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    In that same interview Irfan Shah says he needs daleels from Sahaba and khayrul quroon.

    If you think what he said in that clip is bad (re Data Sahab and Imame Aazam), see the video @Sunni Jaag posted where he supposedly refutes Farooq sahab re that rafidi narration about roti (bread) cooked by Sayyidah reaching the Arsh, listen from 32:30 until about 36:00 or 38:00 minutes... he's on his way to get his certified ijaza in batinism, this is the videoدربار-حسینی-فیض-رساں-بھنگالی-شریف-گوجرخانlive/401454130862157/
  19. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    the audio quality was very bad. please correct me if i have misunderstood irfan shah. if someone can post a transcript, that would be best.

    i will make amends if i have misunderstood his position/argument. in sha'Allah.
  20. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    until we entered the topsy-turvy world of pakistani/punjabi/bartanwi shia molwis, the matter of ismah was clearly explained.

    the words `aSaa عصىor dhanb or Dall, etc mentioned in the qur'an has to be interpreted favourably (ta'wil) to mean that it was an error of judgement (khata' ijtihadi). the words used shouldn't be deemed literal.

    life of a sunni was good.

    now we are handed this wisdom that even imam a'azam is protected from committing khaTa ijtihadi!

    so if we go back to the qur'an, here are a few verses. if irfan shah is a scholar and not a conman, he must be able to explain these verses. if he refuses or cannot, then he must acknowledge that he is not a scholar, not a muqtada and instead of spending time with rawafid, he will agree to aqidah lessons from a proper sunni scholar.

    1. surah taha, v121

    2. surah baqarah, v35

    3. surah hud v45-46

    4. surah qasas v16-16

    5. surah shu'ara v20

    6. surah Saad, v21-26

    7. surah al-anbiya v87

    8. surah al-tawbah v43

    9. surah fat'H v2

    10. surah abasa v 1-2

    how do you explain this?
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