So called 'naqshbandi Haqqani' affirming belief in the false prophet known as 'Drew Ali'

Discussion in 'Aqidah/Kalam' started by Inwardreflection, Mar 8, 2021.

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  1. MaturidiNahwi

    MaturidiNahwi New Member

    Also... we don't have any issue with Mawlana Ilyas Qadri Attari Razvi hafidhahullah. You're levelling accusations against us by grouping us with people, without even enquiring what our opinion is in regards to Mawlana Ilyas Qadri.....
    I love dawat e Islami, and I have many close friends who are apart of dawat e Islami, and students of their Jamia-tul-Madinah and I have immense support for them.

    Show me where I've been a takfiri? I am justified in doing takfir of escadaman07, and you have agreed with that.
    Show me the other takfeer. Also don't forget, you're sat behind the computer/phone too, calling me 'ugly', 'bastard' calling us 'hayenas', and the list goes on. And comparing the other people on this forum to 'khanzeers'... when you know you can't defend anything you result to ad-hominems...

    I struggle to believe your age is the age you've placed on your profile. If it is, then it's all these 'haqqani' delusions that have simply made you to be dis-ingenuous and deficient in basic reasoning and make you come across as an over-zealous, blind-following youth.

    You're the most imaginative on this thread. And the one with the least manners. What adab have you learnt from your tariqah? Neither do you have adab for aqeedah, or 'ilm, or for people.

    Your foolishness has been exposed. I warned you at the start, if anybody ends up presenting to me sullhe kulliyyat with haqqanis I will show them what haqqanis are. And I did. I answered to your objections, as have others too. The nails have been placed on the coffin, and you're banging out of frustration trying to get out.
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  2. Your just one Ugly Takfiri Khwarij sat behind a computer/phone. Whos read 1 kitaab from Maslak e Ala Hazrat and now hes an online Sheikh. Mawla Hasan is no different, hes actually a worse shaitaan than you

    Your a small group, and youl get stamped on at some point. Its just a matter of time. Khanzeers have more akal than you and your tiny group on SP. And in real life you, well you know what the Ottomons used to do to traitors in real life. Il leave the rest to your imagination
  3. MaturidiNahwi

    MaturidiNahwi New Member

    Where's the personal digs? I just pointed out that if you want to pull the adab card, have adab yourself. Then I went on to the discussion at hand.
  4. Noor11

    Noor11 New Member

    lads seriously I’m not even messing , calm down , wallah I’m not even messing you 3 sound like children . Stop getting personal and making things personal .
  5. MaturidiNahwi

    MaturidiNahwi New Member

    And your vocabulary isn't horrible? You inboxed me some pretty disgusting words, if you even understand the words that you said to me. And we haven't exposed that, for the sake of staying focused on the discussion.

    I guess all the haqqani supporters are getting weeded out...

    Osmanlinaqshbandirizvi, you, defending Lokman's ramble and kufr statement of 'multiple Adams' clearly shows you haven't read a book like the book of Islamic beliefs by Sadr ul Afaadil Sayyid Naeemuddeen Muraadabaadi. You can't even comprehend that there was only 1 Prophet Adam, and it's as simple as that, there's no justification for somebody saying there were many more Adams prior! Infact, such a belief, i.e saying there were multiple Adams prior to Prophet Adam (alayhis salaam) opens the door for people to start accepting darwinist-type ideologies.

    Muslims who are completely uneducated regarding beliefs and are drowned in sin, when you ask them what is your belief about the beginning of mankind they will say Prophet Adam (alayhis salaam) is the first man and prophet to be sent. Even they would be dismissive of this statement of saying there were multiple Adams prior to ours.

    Mawlana Abu Hasan doesn't do ta'reef of himself. You won't find him blowing his own trumpet. However, to even level the claim against the entire forum that they've read only one book, I don't think so. Have a look at the works he's written. They are available on this website. It's very clear only one versed in aqeedah, hadith, tafseer, sarf, nahw, balaaghah, tarikh and other subjects.

    Again, you're claiming that we're on our way to takfirism. I've only done takfir of 1 individual here, and that was escadaman07 who clearly believes in a false prophet and hence is upon a religion other than Islam. You yourself agreed with that takfir immediately, and rightfully so, just as you would also declare a qadiyani as a kafir without hesitation and without doubt.

    Despite the numerous mistakes that have been pointed out, even kufri mistakes, where is the takfir of ANY of the haqqani figureheads? Read through the forum. You can find a lengthy, over 200 page long refutation of Nuh Ha Meem Keller's kufr, the deobandi apologist. Yet you won't find takfir of him. Where's the takfir of any other haqqani here, on this forum? With my experience of multiple haqqanis who have spouted kufr, I still didn't label even one of them as a kafir on this forum. I have found Mawlana Abu Hasan to take precaution in doing takfir.
  6. Adham12

    Adham12 New Member

    Brothers need to calm down and keep personal information such as this out of public eye. It benefits no one and only violates privacy.

    This thread needs to be locked.
  7. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    But it's ok for him to use bad language towards me?... Didn't see you condemnation for that!

    Keep your bogus adab and Sufism to yourself. Everyone's a wobbler or Ghustaakh if they object to the strange stuff going on. You are a joke!
  8. Amazing Barry. Look how disgusting your vocabulary is towards a person with mental health disorder. Then you put up a personal message between you and him for all to see. Carry on showing what scums you are. And you are the same ones talking against the Awliya. So comical. So called Rizvis. Takfiri Khwarij
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  9. Brother, we have been advised by our Sunni Ulema and Sheikhs to avoid these kind of extremist wolves. For them its only their way. Everyone else is a fasiq or even a Kaffir unless we agree with them. Thes young lads are all Sheikhs after reading 1 kitab

    They havnt even spared Amir e Ahle sunnat of Dawat e Islami. These lot are on their way to Takfirism. They seem to have a screw lose. Unfortunately this is what happens when you disregard Taswauff, you become corrupted as stated by Imam Malik رحمة الله عليه. My advice is to not waste your time with these Khabis. We have countless ulema out there who are truly on the way of the pious predecessor's. These lot don't go beyond 15th century. There minds are sealed.

  10. This video sums you narcissist Ikhwanu Shaiyatins up.
  11. Noor11

    Noor11 New Member

    Good .

    You’ve answered it already .
  12. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    no. we won't slaughter the shariah for anyone.

    now tell us which excuse are you talking about?
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  13. Noor11

    Noor11 New Member

    He made people , he brought thousands and thousands into Islam . That’s his legacy .

    how you apply excuses for those scholars of the past , why can’t people find excuses for Sayyedi ?

    do you slaughter the shariah when you find excuses for the past Aulia ?

    anyways brother I have to go . It was nice taking to you brother . Remember us in your duas . As salamu Alaykum
  14. Noor11

    Noor11 New Member

    He made people , he brought thousands and thousands into Islam . That’s his legacy .

    how you apply excuses for those scholars of the past , why can’t people find excuses for Sayyedi ?

    do you slaughter the shariah when you find excuses for the past Aulia ?
  15. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    and slaughter the shariah for one man's sake?
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  16. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    every case is to be examined in its context. there is no such general ruling that "if an excuse is accepted for x, then accept every excuse for nazim qibrisi"

    while the scholars of yore passed away long ago and we have no way of verifying what happened, we trust reliable scholars.
    nazim qibrisi is a contemporary.

    as i have said, ta'wil is accepted to withhold from takfir. and if his followers want to praise him, it is their choice. but don't stuff it down our throat and don't try to present his views or ideas as THE right path.

    anything that is not compatible with the shariah is wrong. plain wrong. it is our duty to identify the right and the wrong and we will do it.
    i cannot help if it makes one million followers unhappy.

    perhaps. Allah knows best. and if it is so and accepted, he may get his reward. we are not blind in hatred.

    but there is also a hadith (as one haqqani murid in this thread appears to be fond of quoting hadith)

    muslim, 2651.png

    nas'alu ALlah al-afiyah
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  17. Noor11

    Noor11 New Member

    He made people , he brought thousands and thousands into Islam . That’s his legacy .

    how you apply excuses for those scholars of the past , why can’t people find excuses for Sayyedi ?
  18. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    but these books are still promoted and sold in the name of nazim!

    why don't all the big names in the tariqah hold a conference - joint or separate (owing to their infighting) - and declare in unison that none of the mercy oceans books or any of nazim's books are to be continued. pulp them. declare that they contain anti islamic ideas and hence haram to read them.

    those who knew and lived in the company of nazim qibrisi are still alive, aren't they? what stops them from absolving their shaykh?

    his videos are not hujjah. his books are not his own writing. anything that he has said that is objectionable (and objected in his lifetime) was not actually said.

    and if you do that, what remains of nazim's legacy?
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  19. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    you seem to be new here.
  20. Noor11

    Noor11 New Member

    Abu Hassan

    You know very well there’s many who are like that , not just from the Naqshbandi Way ,

    When deos insult RasulAllah SalAllahu Alayhi Wasalam they say nothing but when someone insults their shayookh they go mad .

    but you seem to be fixed on this only comes from the naqshbandis .

    Me personally , I am from tariqa , someone who insults prophet SalAllahu Alayhi Wasalam in front of me is not going to be standing or any of the blessed companions !
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