So called 'naqshbandi Haqqani' affirming belief in the false prophet known as 'Drew Ali'

Discussion in 'Aqidah/Kalam' started by Inwardreflection, Mar 8, 2021.

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  1. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    i understand that he was making a point. but not the language of adab. especially the manner in which he speaks of the womb etc.

    people spend their entire lives enamoured with celebrities and contemporaries. their view or concept of awliya or ulama is limited by their interactions - people they see around themselves for they have not been blessed to read the biographies of awliya, ulama, muhaddithin and even charlatans and frauds.

    but those who have spent years poring over biographies and histories won't be easily impressed with just a few sound bites.
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  2. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    i used to respect gibril haddad, but i discovered his hypocrisy and inability to side with the truth.

    the mild mannered, nice-talking gibril was harsh in his critique of palazzi (whom i don't endorse or support either) just because he attacked nazim, gibril's shaykh.

    however, with devbandis and other assorted heretics, he is oh-so nice and proper...even when they insulted RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam

    isn't it hypocrisy when you are all fire and brimstone when it comes to your shaykh's "honour" and behave like a drenched rabbit in a hole when it concerns the matter of sayyiduna RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam?

    gibril is a well-read man. a proper scholar. he should know better than keeping quiet about deos and tahir.
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  3. Noor11

    Noor11 New Member

    Abu Hassan

    My brother these where not post death , this was well known amongst mureeds , but there where those who never listened and most of them never do listen .

    Your saying to me I’m cultish “

    When I’ve never held down to one single shaykh , I’ve taken from those who even disagree with shaykh .

    the brothers I know who are mureeds of shaykh Muhammad go to other shayookhs and learn from them .
  4. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    all of these ta'wils are post the death of nazim. what a pathetic guide that he can say whatever comes to his mind and it is left for his disciples and followers to scramble to explain and interpret their shaykh's ramblings!

    nas'alu Allah al aafiyah
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  5. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    every person who does not follow the shariah or finds excuses to say that it does not applies to him is a slave of his own ego. slave of his hawaa. Allah will make him go astray. and seal his hearing and mind and place a veil on his eyes. Who can then guide him after such a decree?

    the key is one who follows the shariah is a slave of Allah.

    the one who ignores the shariah or contradicts it and tries to justify it as THE TRUTH is actually worshipping his own ego.

    pity you don't understand such a simple thing.
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  6. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    sunnis have been called rafizis by nasibis and nasibis by rafizis; jahmis by mushabbiha and mushabihha by jahmis.

    we only call upon people to adhere to the shariah - 15th century figures are not a standard against which you should measure yourself.

    which shariat?

    first of all you are lying.

    it is quite possible that these scholars were not aware - and if they praise EVEN after knowing all these aberrations, then know we are not blind and bound to accept everything they say. you may be a dumb idiot who cannot read books and learn about the shariah and depend on "photograph clicked with nazim" rulings. not us.

    we are able to research and think for ourselves. wa lillahi'l Hamd. that is a stupid argument to present on this site, where we have been frequently fact checking and critiquing left right and centre.


    narcissist was tahir padri whom nazim showered praises and etc etc. there is no excuse - if your argument holds firm with the yardstick of shariat, it is good for you. else, it is pure ego that you give fancy names of 'high level knowledge'.

    ask that lokman guy, how many of the below books has he read - if he cannot, don't waste my time. ask someone who can to talk to us.

    you have to. because ridawi baraylawi ulama cling to the shariah.

    remember that mindless devotion without knowledge is a sure path to hell. who gave you the authority to appoint "awliya ALlah"? and what proof do you have that i am 'jealous' of nazim? astaghfirullah!

    jealous of followers? because knowledge is not something i would go looking for. as for the vague and elusive "marifat that you don't find in books", i am a risk averse person who would rather stay on land in a small home than venture in stormy seas in the quest of "grand palaces floating on islands made up of pearls and rubies".

    the judging factor of whether a person is a waliy is the shariah.
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  7. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    Why so emotionally charged and foul mouthed?
    If you cannot provide answers to valid objections then don't get involved simple. You failed to understand the objections and then call others retard :confused:
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  8. AR Ahmed

    AR Ahmed Well-Known Member

    Fyi im not even a haqqani murid you stupid mental retard of a human being

    now piss off brother barry aka ibn
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  9. Noor11

    Noor11 New Member

    I will take a look in sha Allah
  10. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    He's provided some oddball answers himself that contradict other answers from him. Search the forum you'll see what I mean.
  11. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    But you didn't say nonsense, you said 'crap' and then edited your initial reply. Be the jahil cult member you are, don't try to pretend you're anything else. You failed miserably to understand emotional blackmail isn't going to be tolerated.
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  12. Noor11

    Noor11 New Member

    with regards to eshaykh

    I will say to brothers don’t take answers from there except those who are well versed and learned such as shaykh Gibril Hadad Hafizullah Ta Ala

    some of the others , like this brother called sened agiq who the hell are these
    Mans .
  13. Noor11

    Noor11 New Member

    With regards to mercy oceans , shaykh Mawlana RadiAllahu anh never wrote this book ,it was written by some reverts , I’ve read the book cover to cover it contradicts many of his sayings , he himself ordered mureeds to burn these books as some of the contain statements which he never said .

    In the books there’s statements like “ Allah lives inside Al Ka’ba “ would any shaykh ever say this or write this , when the shaykh spoke clearly against hulul and Allah indwelling inside his creation .
  14. AR Ahmed

    AR Ahmed Well-Known Member

    As i said- keep on spewing nonsense
  15. Noor11

    Noor11 New Member

    As salamu Alaykum brother ,

    We have emotional brothers , for someone to critique doesn’t meaning someone is a gustaakh of Aulia .

    I don’t consider anyone on this page to be a Gustakh of Aulia or anything else .

    “Why was Jesus running away from his persecutors if he was the Lord and had the Power of the Lord? Why was he trying to run away from his creatures? Lord means that He is the Creator. This means that he feared that his enemies would harm him. This is certainly not becoming of the Lord of Heavens.” Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani RadiAllahu Anh

    He is referring to how the Christians are viewing Jesus

    John 8:59, NIV: "At this, they picked up stones to stone him, but Jesus hid himself, slipping away from the temple grounds."

    if what you claim is to be true , JESUS IS GOD , why would he run from his enemies? would Your God Run away from his enemies?

    He is not referring to how The Muslims view Sayyidunah Easa Ibn Maryam Alayhi salam .

    The MasīH, son of Maryam, is no more than a Messenger. There have been messengers before him. His mother was very truthful. Both of them used to eat food. Look how We explain signs to them, then see how far they are turned away.

    Allah Jalla wa ala makes its clear , that he Sayyidunah Easa ibn Maryam Alayhi salam is no more than a Messenger

    “Both of them used to eat Food , look how we explain signs to them “

    What was the reason for Allah saying they both used to eat food .

    showing these two blessed individuals where mortals and they where doing actions of mortals .

    Sheikh is talking generally for kufaar who have no concept of purity.

    who claim their own Prophets slept with their own daughters na’udhubillah
  16. AR Ahmed

    AR Ahmed Well-Known Member

    keep on spewing nonsense
  17. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    Why do you constantly divert to him, the others mentioned are the issue. Is it that difficult to understand.

    'Get dealt with'...:cool:
    You must be the Badmaash Sufi faction then:D
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  18. 'Have you noted the one whose god is his ego? Consequently, God sends him astray, despite his knowledge, seals his hearing and his mind, and places a veil on his eyes. Who then can guide him, after such a decision by God? Would you not take heed?' [Quran 45:23]

    You should get your little group together and go to Cyrprus to Sheikhs Saydid Mehmet Adil al Haqqani (Hafizullah) and confront him about your claims. Guaranteed you would get dealt with before you even step into his garden by the Naqshbandi Haqqani Ulema.

    You think just because the Haqqani Ulema are not known they dont exist.

    Just like the wahabis, you squareheads need to see to believe. No spirituality, like the Wahabis. Wahabis also claim they are on Shariat Shariat Shariat. But due to their lack of understanding (Tasawuff) they are doomed. And you guy are on the way there.

    You hyenas have realy exposed yourselfs, and will continue to humiliate yourselfs until your agenda has run its course.
  19. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    If the guides in your order are just as ignorant as their followers then there is no hope in that kind of sufi order.
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  20. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    They invited you guys to attend their gathering in London in 2014 when Hajji Imran Attari was in the UK and included the invite in their news clips as they did with others they invited. That is hardly a endorsement of the antics highlighted in this post.

    There are old clips and pics of DI meeting and greeting and using big titles for Riaz Shah the dog of pindi. Are we going to now say they endorse him today?... Absolutely not! You're living in a bubble if you think the Ulama would agree with you if they were made fully aware of matters and the state of your guides and mureeds.

    You seem to have given quite a few pointless replies even though many messages ago you stated to the OP that it's your last message.
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